ASEAN National Costumes – Southeast Asian Countries Traditional Costumes

ASEAN National Costumes – Southeast Asian Countries Traditional Costumes

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  1. Maybe most of the viewers are from Indonesia… They don't leave a comment maybe because y'all like Philiphina and Vietnam's traditional costume

  2. The comment is only i like philiphinese and vietnam clothes :'D i mean is okay you have your own opinion,oh and my favorite is all ^w^

  3. Philippines costume looks westerner. They wanted to be white need to see the natives costume before 300 year like others countries.

  4. sometimes i think the cultural clothes of our neighbors here in ph feel more like pajamas to me lol

  5. Philippines is very unique and elegant
    I would pick Philippines between Philippines and Vietnam cause Philippines is so simple but very pretty

  6. Philippines costume has been affected by European Culture. Vietnam and Singapore costume have been affected by CHinese Culture. Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar have been affected by Indian Culture. Indonesian and Malaysian no ìnormation

  7. I think Philippines have a lots of traditional clothings, we are very diversed country, we have a lot of tribes and each of tribes or provinces has their own traditional clothings. Like Ifugaos, In mindanao , etc. Love all the clothings in ASEAN! Taas Noo Pilpinas!

  8. Surprisingly philippines and vietnam are being favored? Not that im saying its wrong or anything but shook me, i didnt think people would be fond of r filipino outfits 0.o

  9. Soy filipino y me encantan nuestros trajes tradicionales porque son elegantes y se puede ver la influencia española pero con un toque filipino. Los materiales también son autóctonos como la fibra de abacá y piña. glanoroso!!! ♥️

  10. You can see how classy and elite the national costumes of the Philippines..while Vietnam is so quite daring and sexy style with a touch of Chinese

  11. Ao Dai 😍 I bought 2 (black & pink) as souvenirs from Vietnam. But I couldn't wear them as beautifully as Vietnamese women do cuz they are slim and I was a lil chubby then. 😥

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