Asian Moms Dress Their Adult Children

Asian Moms Dress Their Adult Children

– Especially I don’t like this pants, and I hate your shoes, and I don’t like your hanging, you know, clothes here. You know, this hat doesn’t looks good, I like your hair without it. – Okay, so you hate everything. – Let me see it.
– No, no, no, no! (playful music) – He wear too tight front. – Very casual, like she’s ready to dance. – Pants, you know, I don’t like too baggy. – (Eugene) Drop crotch.
– (Min-Young) Drop crotch. It looks like somebody
coming out from the kitchen. – I wish you’d wear more skirts. – It shows your armpit, so I
hate it. (laughs) Oh, Eugene! – Not excited at all.
– I am, I am! (happy ukulele music) – [Ashly] Ooh.
– [Cookie] Oh that’s cute. – [Kane] Medium.
– [Lien] Medium. – [Eugene] Medium or small. – [Min-Young] Oh, small
is too tight for you. Because you, now, your size it went large. – Thanks. – What size is this?
– Extra large. – Yeah, looks much better than this shirt. – [Cookie] Pink, baby pink. – This is the extent of
the pink that I wear. – Large. Here.
– That’s, I’m not a large! – [Min-Young] No. I don’t want it. – This is your size,
right? The arm is good. – Yeah, I guess. – Oh, this is for work. Look for work. – [Cookie] Oh Snoopy! (laughs) – Oh my. (laughs) What are the odds? – My mom likes it ’cause it looks Chinese. – Yeah, because we are Chinese. – You like it? (Lien laughs) – Oh I love this one. I’m trying to read Shish kabob! (electric guitar music) – [Cookie] Orange is happy, orange is the new black! Yes, yes. (Cookie laughing)
(Ashly screaming) – Get me out of here! – [Min-Young] Now he looks
like my son. (laughs) – [Lien] Wow, you look handsome. – My mom wants to know
that I can play tennis, whenever I want. (laughs) – Feel like an insurance agent. – Cowboy, taxi, cab driver – Or like a cocaine dealer in the 80’s. – Eugene.
– Okay, fine. – And she just looks so cute. – Linen, no go running. – You see looks much better,
all the shape is good, not too baggy. – Because it’s, I like the
tennis, ’cause then, you know how Serena Williams is like
this, and then like, woo! – There’s a lot of excess clothing. – The blazer is too
baggy, don’t you think? – Oh no, it looks good. – Why four pockets? – Because Chinese style always like that. You know because four pockets, they mean, “Oh, I have a lot of money.” – My mom’s inner ego is this outfit. – As much as we disagree on clothes, if it comes down to it, I will wear whatever my mom wants me to wear, because she pushed me out of her, and that sucks more than me having to deal with this ugly ass jacket. – Hey they give you a lot, lucky money. Put four here, four here, and… Kane, cut short hair. – I got a mohawk and she didn’t like it. – Oh Kane, you like Mister
T, Mister T? (laughs)

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  1. I feel like eugenes outfit looks a lot something he would wear but that jacket is way to big… I wish I looked good in everything like eugene

  2. Those outfits the mom chose are actually really good haha. The one the girl wore is cute, but it doesn't look like it fits her personality or appearance well, but the outfit is cute. I actually prefer the mom's choice over the originals hahahaha

  3. Their children's style is original and cool. What they did was make them look like elementary school kids raiding their parents boxed.

  4. I also have a Korean mom and we have a complete opposite taste of clothing, so, if I was in this video, I would start to cry.

  5. wait wait – why does eugene's mom remind me of the rich evil ladies in those asian dramas
    and no
    not because she's korean you racist idiots

  6. When Min-Young wanted to run away from Eugene's armpits like he'd pulled his underwear down, I laughed loudly, but it's past midnight 😛 Then she hides his bare chest from the camera when we've seen him naked (albeit blurred) XD

  7. Linen looks like a gramp 😂😂😂
    Ps: how could Eugene look hot in any clothe? !?!?!?!

  8. OMG so true I'm Chinese American and my mom keeps saying I have to be 1000% perfect as if I am going on a celebrity show or something

  9. Omg it's so funny that Eugene's Mom was so concerned with him not having a shirt on, on camera but by now he has literally had no clothes at all on on camera 😂

  10. It you were a black women in your 30's from Lowell,Massachusetts and you didn't have common sense
    and you wear size medium in your clothes but wanted to try size small clothes with something you like.
    Some stores are confusing because other stores well a larger small or larger medium or larger large and so on it goes try other checkout other stores see your own experience with shopping . I don't get it you could get around.

  11. Boi Eugenes mom acts like my nanay

    Like I always wear jackets in the Philippines even if it’s hot (to me it’s cold af here in the Philippines) and my nanay be like (excuse my poor spelling of my native language) ANAK ANG INIT KAYA BAKIT KA KAILANGAN MAG PA JACKET PA TANGALIN MO YAN NA AT KING HINDI MO YAN TANGALIN WALA KANG CHOCOLATE GUSTO MO YAN HA and I’m like I’m sorry buts it’s cold don’t take my chocolate

    Technically my fault because The fan was facing me when I wear jackets now that I think about it

    Sorry nay love you

  12. 1:52 “you look like a China boss”
    Sorry auto correct you meant “you look like an old ass man”

    Edit: no offense

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