AskAW 09 w/ Andrew Snavely – Short men clothes, Tailoring after weight loss, matching accessories

AskAW 09 w/ Andrew Snavely – Short men clothes, Tailoring after weight loss, matching accessories

hi I'm Ashley Weston I'm a celebrity menswear stylist so today I have a special guest Andrew from primer magazine calm why don't you tell everyone a little bit about yourself hey guys I'm Andrew from primer magazine calm let me do that again it was spinning everywhere hi I'm Ashley Weston I'm sorry sorry way way hey guys I'm Andrew from Pharma magazine comm since 2008 primer has been focusing on affordable style how to's and self development for everyday guys awesome well today's video is part of my ass kW series where will we now where we answer all of your questions about style dating grooming etiquette whatever questions you might have we will answer and if you have any questions leave it in the comment section below or visit this link all right you ready to get into it do it alright question number one Tristan said I've lost a significant amount of weight and now all of my club club clothes are hope this is a hard work for me to say clown digitally lavishly large on me Kenny Taylor make my clothes fit again or should I just buy all new ones so I'm very curious what you think what do you what would you say well first of all congratulations that's huge it'll affect your life in a lot of ways I've lost 50 pounds a couple years ago and we normally call that the Taylor tax so the the benefit is you lose weight the the problem is you have to get new clothes or tailor them you can tailor clothes but only to a certain degree my tailor told me anything lower than two sizes so like I had brought in a pair of 34 chinos down to like a 31 and it was okay but any beyond that you're starting to futz with proportions and you just have to it would be cost-effective if you just buy new chinos the only thing I differ on that point is just if you get your clothes tailored I max it out with one size so you can take anything from like a 32 down to a 30 in terms of your waist size for instance but anything more than I think that it completely throws off the proportions and construction of the actual garment so it almost is like your tailor is going to have to make something from scratch and it'll never quite look right and it's also gonna be extremely expensive to do so I say reward yourself for all the hard work with losing that weight and go out and buy new clothes number two Seth asked I watched your t-shirt video and I have a nice-looking tee with a pretty minimalist design does that hinder a look the same way a straight up graphic tee would yeah she has two questions but we'll do this one first okay I think a little bit of design depending on what it is you can do it I just picked up a t-shirt a pocket tee that is color blocks so it's three different colors and it's simple but it's not a graphic tee it's not ed hardy or something so yeah you definitely definitely want to stay with minimalism with any design on a t-shirt for sure yes I mean I always prefer solid colors I will tell every guy if you're gonna wear a t-shirt have it be a solid color however a slight design like stripes maybe dots that's it though I feel like that that could actually add a really nice stylish element to your outfit where you can really showcase your personality but graphic tees just anything with logos a bunch of jungle snip exactly it's just not not classy doesn't look great and it's very I find very juvenile yeah immature you can dress casually without wearing a graphic tee for sure Oh next question that set the house was two-parter okay this is about leather bags leather goods so my next question is with combining leathers of different colors and styles I recently picked up a briefcase in a navy tan leather colorway when I matched my wallet our way back would I match my wallet watch belt etc to the bag what would you do in my situation my personal opinion is I don't worry a lot about matching bags to what I'm wearing just because if you've bought one nice bag then your you would be limiting yourself to whatever matches with that I think you do want to match your your leathers that you're wearing to some degree you know black and brown is tough but you know you can make it happen sometimes I guess but even I mix Browns I'm not I'm not a big stickler for that so you know you can definitely mix a lighter brown with a darker brown or a more burgundy brown but it is tough you kind of have to just see how it looks when you put it on but there's for me there's no hard and fast rule like your watches have to be the same I've got one rule that you have to follow with this and that's always match your belt to your shoes yes yes I always find you have to do that that's like a rule that if you're wearing black shoes or brown shoes have a black or brown corresponding belt leather belt with that same with your watch I would say if you're wearing brown shoes if you have a black band watch then I would switch it out to a brown leather band I know that can be a pain in the ass it's just hard sometimes especially if you're watching can't no you can't switch the bands out that quickly but that's the general rules that I would have in terms of matching your wallet to your briefcase I mean you can i I'm like really anal about color I like everything to look seamless and sharp at all time so I would actually pick a if for that briefcase that you have which is Navy and tan I would choose a wallet that is either tan or Navy and that way it just kind of complements each other but for the other items your watch your belt match it to your shoes that's the only real sign huh yeah and I think I think a lot of people get caught up on the belt and shoes rule wear it happen again it's it's black and brown so it's not it's not they have to be the same color brown you know you belt may be a little darker or lighter than your shoes and that's okay our next question so Samuel asked this actually in my ass aw episode 80s I'm in the comm section he said is there such a thing as dressing up too much I often wear ties to class and work and to wear a sport jacket to church on Sundays is this acceptable well what I would say is first of all your personal style is your personal style so you should wear whatever makes you feel strongest and most confident and most like you and that's all that matters so you know if you're worried that your friends from eighth grade are gonna hassle you don't worry about that having said that dressing up does not always mean dressing well dressing well takes into consideration where you are and where you're going and and what the specifics of the event are so if you like wearing a tie to school or to class and and that works for you awesome but you're probably going to be more dressed up than a lot of other people sport coat for church absolutely I think that's fine I think that's classic I would like to see more of that honestly I think people are a little too casual and Church these days but that's a really good point dressing up does not necessarily mean you're dressing well I like that however I do tell my clients that I would rather you be slightly more dressed up then under drive absolutely so it's just one of those things where I want people to see a guy see my clients in a very strong leading man sharp outfit instead of something that might be read as like a little too underdressed a little too you know casual it just it's a different kind of first impression that you're giving someone however with that being said you have to be careful with it not being too gimmicky two-twenty style like you're wearing like these crazy bowties are some crazy like club collar you don't want to go over the top with dressing up and being super dressed up you want to keep it just very classic very minimal and that way you can really look great in a variety of situations without it really reading oh my gosh why are you wearing a tuxedo to this barbecue right and that's something to consider is you know we dress for ourselves but we also do it because of the image it projects of us to the world we do it intentionally to control that the key is just not to overdo it not to be so stuffy or so gimmicky that's the only thing yeah absolutely so the last question of today's episode is by Terry and he asked as a shorter man he's five six I find it difficult to find stuff that fits me and looks great I was hoping you can provide some general style tips for shorter men so Andy I don't know if you get this a lot I get a ton of emails and comments asking me how to dress if you're shorter do you need to wear a specific color or pattern or a type of shoe or like a taut like a certain kind of tie they always ask me like these types of questions and I have my thoughts on it but I'm curious do they ask this yeah absolutely I get those questions a lot and I think maybe the confusion is you know we've heard for a long time that if you're overweight don't wear certain patterns or colors and so you assume that if somehow that translates to being shorter and I don't think that's true I don't think you ever need to worry about dressing taller I don't think you can do that what you really need to worry about is the fit and the silhouette yeah is still correct I wouldn't worry about colors or patterns I mean I don't think stripes horizontally or vertically are going to make you look taller yeah I agree no it's not there's nothing to do color pattern choice the type of shoe you're wearing it doesn't influence whether it's gonna make you look shorter than you are or taller than you are or wider than you are skinnier than you are it's all about the cut of your clothing making sure that your jackets hit about mid crotch your jeans have a you know a slight break in them that's like all those little details of how your clothes are tailored and how they fit are what is going to make look you know proportional to your bot like in how all the clothes are gonna look proportional to yourself yeah I don't think I mean I know especially in our culture as a guy five-nine five-ten and you know there's definitely a desire to want to be taller than that but i don't think your clothes are going to accomplish that for you if you try to if they're too baggy because you're trying to make your your frame look bigger everyone's just gonna assume you're closer to baggy they're not gonna think you look bigger it does the opposite to meets you look skinny you look skinnier yeah like big collar vism there's a great website by a friend of mine Brock it's called the modest man – man calm and he focuses all on shorter style and brands that make specific items for shorter guys and I would definitely check that out yes so I think though we can both agree that don't worry about the colors and patterns worry about the fits of your clothing all right so we are done that concludes today's episode Andrew thank you so much for being on here and I hope you have fun or social screwed if you guys haven't already definitely check out Andrew site which is primer this video is part of my ass KW series where I answer all of your questions about style grooming etiquette dating whatever questions you have I will answer if you have any questions leave it in the comment section below or check out this link alright guys thanks again for watching I'll see you the next one I feel like this ballgame you're the song no have you ever seen the original supreme some kind of Superman we are done with today's episode in Annie so if you guys have not already definitely check check check out check out andrew site I am modest Manning – Art of Manliness calm modest we head back home to see Jessa okay got this definitely check out Andrew site which is I have all these other websites in my head because I think about Artem she definitely check out Andrew site Jim use at your site which is primer so again this video is

23 Replies to “AskAW 09 w/ Andrew Snavely – Short men clothes, Tailoring after weight loss, matching accessories”

  1. Hey Ashley,

    I'm 6'3" and weight 320lbs (former semi-pro football player) im not built like most big guys so the "Big section" of pants never fits me the way it should. Believe it or not, so far the best fitting pants Ive found are from Old Navy. Unfortunately, they've discontinued the style that was the most flattering to my lower half. Any tips on the best places to buy chinos/jeans that fit well? Or should I be getting my pants tailored?

    Thanks for reading!

  2. Hello Ashley, thanks for your useful channel. I have a question regarding shoes. I have a pair of laceless shoes which look like this 1) 2)
    What are these shoes called? When is it appropriate to wear these shoes and when not to wear these shoes? What suits/clothes should be worn with these shoes?
    Thanks for your help Ashley.

  3. I'm from Canada and winter is coming (yes the game of thrones reference was intended). What are some stylish winter boots that you recommend? Keep in mind we get about 30cm of snow weekly up here during winter.

  4. hey ashley!

    i need your help! im going to a wedding reception but i dont know what to wear. i dont want to wear a full suit but i just dont know how formal or casual i should be. any tips would be nice [email protected]

  5. @ 10:02 I disagree. A height challenged man should avoid contrast around the midsection and also avoid thick horizontal patterns. When there is contrast and clutter, it cuts down the body.

  6. Hey Ashley, Thank you for the great content!

    Could you please recommend what would be best suited to wear above Polo Shirts underneath jackets in winter time? Does a normal V-neck sweater work well, or anything else?

  7. Congratulations to you too, Andrew! Fifty pounds is also what I lost, so I'm glad to know I'm in good company. Thanks again for the great advice, Ashley! I've since donated my clownishly large clothes and re-purchased most of my wardrobe according to the guidelines on your website and summer essentials ebook. I'm looking much sharper now and am forever in your debt. -Tristan

  8. AW, Out of topic but dont know where to ask you. Which white shoe you prefer out of addidas stansmith and lacoste straight set?
    Thank u

  9. Hi, I really enjoy your videos. What do you think about t-shirts and suits/blazers? To dye or not to dye gray hair? Long hair at the office? And all the previous ones at the same time.
    Christian, 31.

  10. Oh my god, i did always wear white tie at school! Now I finally know, why everybody was making fun of me! πŸ˜€

  11. one of the key factors to fashion is "you have to be fit in order to make your clothing look good". If you are not in shape nothing you wear will look like you hoped it would be.

  12. Great video Ashley! Congrats! Can`t wait for the autumn essentials. When are they coming up? Maybe do a video on chukkas/boots.

  13. My rule for Leather color for brown belt and brown shoes is:
    Dark Pants: Dark brown belt.
    Light Pants: Light Brown belt.
    If the shoes are any kind of brown I'm completely fine.
    I don't want my belt to cut me in half.

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