ASMR! Marshalls Haul! Tapping, Fabric Sounds, Scratching

ASMR! Marshalls Haul! Tapping, Fabric Sounds, Scratching

20 Replies to “ASMR! Marshalls Haul! Tapping, Fabric Sounds, Scratching”

  1. Lol I wish we could post pics in the comment section. I just bought a wet brush on my last trip to Marshall’s also lol.

  2. I bought the rose quartz one to. I put it in the freezer and set an alarm for 2 hours. I went back and it was gone. Its been gone for a week. I've asked my mom and my sister they both denied taking it. But I dont believe them.

  3. I hate to ask, but if possible could you please not have the baby in the background for non baby related videos? I know a lot of people love it, but for some of us it’s a bit of a reminder of things they’d rather not remember. I don’t want to sound rude so sorry if i do, but to me she looks so much like a bubs prepared for burial and all I can in this vid see is my niece during her wake. That way I know I can choose to just not watch those specific vids and can still enjoy your others without worrying about all the flashbacks.

  4. I was distracted by your adorable reborn in the background!! I have 2 myself 😊 Does she have a name yet?

  5. Love this! I was just going to say, with the facial roller make sure to disinfect it with some rubbing alcohol before and after you use it so you won’t be rubbing bacteria all over your skin.

  6. Omg please do more videos with the silicone scrubber at 4:38! I love the sound it makes; it gives me so many tingles!

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