ASMR Summer Clothes Mini Haul

ASMR Summer Clothes Mini Haul

hey guys what's up its me I just be you changes welcome back to my channel and if you're new here yeah so get out shopping right and my sister has a 20% discount your store she works I don't know if I've ever mentioned but the store she works at they actually like water clothes like fashion over and they actually like resell them and I'm not sure it is at a discounted price or not play it priced me you know but fashion mobile be having stuff like for a good price anyway for the most part I just wanna show y'all it's in his bag but I'm gonna pick it up slowly I don't like that sound okay so I got these cute sandals and don't laugh at the sides but I gotta tell ya my sandals I like getting my sandals big because you'd be needing that room for your food to slide around and stuff sorry that won't happen again these were twelve something like I'm so funny that's what they would like you really can't see yeah okay dis juice there's Childress wow this lighting is really harsh they got these buttons on it it comes like the bottom is were fooled I got this in a small I've not got this in medium then I got these pants these pants were $8.99 I forgot to tell you how much this dress was and like all of this I got all of this with like 20% off the whole thing it don't say how much this is oh yes it does this was 1099 like these pants and don't say nothing about how black under my arms is because my hair is going back because I don't nobody say anything about how black DeBakey Oh Nick years or the bottom of your fuse be away the front teeth ears Yano a disease I'm gonna make a video of just Billy the innocence okay some people might not like this sound but it's pink and I got these shirts he's like two top service like that and then day you like scrunched right here at the front and I got it in yellow I think all of these are small or that yeah these are small if you follow me on like snapchat Instagram you seen initiatives because I posted it I love this dress and I like the ladies dress fit on me and this is a really classy looking dress like it doesn't dip too far down in the cleavage area and it's like is that a flattering length it's not too short and it's not too long I got this just y'all know I loves it but just as I sleep up in the frame I'll probably leave unzipped like these and that's it two lashes because these are the lashes I usually keep but I'm getting from the beauty supply store up the street from my house and it's like three something four of these lashes but since I was new I spend to get a discount I said let me just go ahead and grab some cuz I already have I already have the same lashes but I already have the same lashes but I don't want some you know don't say if I lose these or like when I be taking the groove off of it sometimes like y'all know how through it be keeping the lashes together how cool like the actual three and the lashes will start to fall apart so that's when I replace them but I just bought those like I said wearing for a week I mean like not a week straight but like I take them off take you off put the wheel back on still on I take my lashes off if I got to get the pool if my eyes are like watery because like my eyes water a lot so it'll start lifting at the corners so I just take them on if I don't have any glue it's a nothing back to go to bed and I think because I don't sleep with my lashes on but yeah that was all I bought and then you seemed like enjoy this video I'm going to just cuz I know I'm good for uploading more than one video a day and I haven't done that in a while and I kinda miss doing it so I'm about to record probably like a role playing about to figure out some world place to record and I hope y'all enjoy pick up at 82 K I love y'all so much I'm excited about my microphone but I just went away to the house like completely empty because I read all y'all's feedback I appreciate all your feedback from that video about my new mic 3d mic so y'all I was saying like some of it like had it distracting the way so I'm believing you know that's like people in the background because I my sister was a my dog the dog was barking it was music playing in background so it's a lot going on but I was really excited to test the mic so I didn't want to wait to like everyone live because it's rare everyone leaves but yeah you get from saying but I'm excited yeah and I love y'all so much I'll see y'all in my next you

28 Replies to “ASMR Summer Clothes Mini Haul”

  1. Please never stop doing the nail to nail tapping and the new trigger with your hands at the beginning 😩😴😍

  2. Wow this a good asmr.💕your so beautiful 😍 and plz do more of this videos 💕🤗🌟

  3. Please do the makeover and the hair braiding roleplay suggestions you made in the last videos 💛.

  4. how you sounded in the beginning reminded me of "some of y'all bout to be real mad at me, but it needs to be said"….but it was actually really tingly 😂😂

  5. Hey this Kristina we are cousins I don’t know if you remember me you was at my other cousin party and you told me to put my cake in my ice cream please comment back

  6. All those beautiful things! I love the pink and yellow dress!!!! It’s so beautiful!😍😍😍
    Those shoes and lashes are so beautiful!!!

  7. THANKYOU for pronouncing the “t” at the end of the word cute!! I HATE the way some chicks nowadays say CUA!! 😒
    Btw..I LOVE that you’re classy!!!

  8. I think the store is rainbow. I’ve heard they get their stuff from the same warehouse and just sell it at a different price. Or it could be CitiTrends. Anyway great video as per usual 🥰❤️

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