ASMR Voice: Cardlin and the Cardigan [M4A] [Meeting me in real life] [Recognizing me by voice!]

ASMR Voice: Cardlin and the Cardigan [M4A] [Meeting me in real life] [Recognizing me by voice!]

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  1. Yo i love this video I can relate to this so many ways it's unbelievable I know it's kinda weird to say that but ima be honest I know what it's like for people to know u as your character and think your that person but in realness your not your just some random person that no one really knows truly, like how I have a bad girl character who is careless, known for being sassy and riling people up people call me my characters name, i end up confused kinda like how u would have reacted I'm a furry so I wear fursuits (I know I'm weird don't judge) but I don't show my face to keep the magic of being that character but then no one really ends up wanting to know about me my true self but I've kinda grown to not care but tbh i don't think anyone would really care about who i am since I'm just a socially awkward insecure depressed bean sorry to comment this but I'm just trying to say I understand and I'm happy to see you happy with what ur doing and I can't wait for more videos from you.🖤👌

  2. Is cardlin…a filipino?

    Edit: well, his ❤ on this comment answered my question. Kumusta cardlin! 😉

  3. Yoooo cardlin is ASIAN!!!😮😮😮😮
    Why am I just now finding out about this video like im mad slow!!👌🏾
    Love you cardlin ❤❤❤❤❤

  4. Dude I wouldn't even have to find u from here to geek out with u I could jus be like ur original best friend and geek out with u lol I'm such a dork anyway I won't make fun of u lol

  5. I'm a kind of cardigan fan where I'd daze for a seconds of my life, dumbly looking to Cardlin's person and then talk nonsense amd comical stuffs with my conciousness debating how to approach my idol!!! then in the end I would rush to his table, look into his face in a semi creepy stare and then start to ramble about how I found his channel and how his audios helped me coped up in my boring life or talk to him eventhough its just audios but yeah! he helps so I kinda like wanna chat the whole thing of the big baggages on my heart and heck I would even try to be one of his scriptwriter if I had the guts! then I'll ask for his signature! tell him one more time that he's like a light from the void that help me out from all of the things that happened in my life and ask for like a picture (NEVER HIS FACE!) like maybe his hands( which write amazing scripts) or his body ( I MEAN HERE LIKE HOW HE DRESS UP OKAY?!!!) or something that can be a to remind me of that lucky and faithful day ( ^w^) New cardigan here! hehe I have a wide imagination >\<

  6. me watching from the corner getting mad at the site of true love me:oh my god hey cardlin i'm a big fan of your's

  7. With My Mum And I Hear Him :
    “Why does he sound so familiar….? Oh shit. Oh shit shit shit.”
    – I go weak –
    Mum : “Opie, I’m gonna go and grab some kimchi. Stay here.”

    With My Friends And I Hear Him :
    “Oh my Lord……….”
    “Guys, stay here. I’ll be right back.”

    By Myself :

  8. I'm a person who likes reassurance. But I'm also a fan of whoever the heck the mysterious voice actor is. You may not be Cardlin but you're still a cool dude with a good personality and that's even better than some "perfect boyfriend character". I'd much rather get to know the dorky 34 year-old with a girlfriend and a son. Like gaming, comedy, talking, who cares? I like the illusion of Cardlin but also I think that you yourself are someone that we would look up to. Not in a romantic or distant way, like putting you on a pedestal but in a "you're a cool person who I'd be friends with if I wasn't half your age, so instead I'll support your work from afar and give you the respect you deserve."

    I've lost count of how many stupidly deep or borderline creepy comments I've left but I can't help but be genuinely interested in you, your character, and the community that has built up around you. You remind me of myself if I was male, Asian, old[er], talented, and not single XD. I relate more to you than to Cardlin tbh. Is there any way to get to know the real person, while still keeping your privacy? Like gaming videos, vlog, etc.
    I promise I'm not a creeper, I'm just extra. 😂

  9. 2 years late but totally browsing your channel at 1am and I can't help but stick my unnecessarily long comments everywhere.
    Separating yourself from your character is perfectly understandable.
    Though I can assure you that most cardigans would NOT be disappointed to see your face (mostly out of curiosity ["who's the Man behind the voice that comforts me on those lonely nights?"]) And your thing about staying true to your identity as Asian to curb stereotypical western beauty standards is an excellent idea considering that the exposure to Asian beauty has been so slowly emerging in the western world (Korean, Japanese, and Chinese pop culture does a lot to expose the idea, even though it'll take much development for [mostly white] people to hold Asians to the same beauty standards). I mean look at the idols we're exposed to; pretty K-pop boys, the super awesome half-Korean Markiplier, etc. And adding to your racial representation (even without revealing your face) is one of the little things that will add up into big change.

    Your fans obviously don't think you're weird for doing romantic/mushy audios. And it's definitely a way to get recognition for your talent as a VA so screw what anyone else says, right?

    And now instead of being philosophical, I'll leave a typical fangirl comment:
    If I recognized you, I'd love to talk to you about voice acting, give you some encouragement and thanks, maybe a crisp high-five, and then leave you alone. I feel affection for the Cardlin character, but only upmost respect and appropriate admiration for the talented man behind the character. A rising star's gotta have his privacy 😉

  10. Hey, so I know that I'm late and all, but I just feel the need to let you know about this.

    I am that type of fan (in anything) that would refuse to look up anything personal about the artist/celebrity. Like their real names, hometown, birthday, and all that. Why? Because it makes them more human, more likeable, more REAL. It makes me fall in love with them as a PERSON and not because of their craft or their job.

    It makes me want to be friends with them. Ask how their day was, see if they're taking care of themselves and that stuff. It makes me connect with them more. The wall of fan to celebrity is changed into a wall of friend to friend. There's that mutual respect now.

    And you, Cardlin, you're reaching that level and it's been LESS THAN A WEEK. Seeing your Friday vids and you just interacting with us just warms my heart.

    've grown attached to you (not in the obsessive way of course!) and as much as I love the comfort you give me, us, please know that we are here for you. Truly, we are.

    So, my dear Cardlin, Cardybear, you, I am telling you I love you. Not as a fan. But as a friend.

  11. TBH if I ever EVRER get to see or hear you public I would be the world's akwardest bean and ball up. Like be facing your back and try to talk but nothing would come out of this hole I call a mouth!!!! And probably tun away and be akward!!! But the phone call in the beginning boy if that's actually how you have a conversation with your girlfriend over the phone oh my Lord bro she is so lucky to have you in her life you sound amazing I want a guy like that but I don't but really you do so much amazing shit. Its like it blows my mind what you do is just amazing and you don't have to show your face I feel like the cardlin we've got to know and we've got to love is enough for me and I think it's enough for everyone!

  12. Until this video I never really noticed that the art was all Asian. It's amazing how, simple pictures that are right in front of you, can be so unimportant when you're trying to get help with coping with your problems. 👏🏼

  13. i love you– you remind me of how lucky i am to be with an actual guy as caring as you are with the quality you provide for your cardigans 🙂 #filipinosarethesweetest your girlfriend is so lucky to hear and feel your genuine affection!! keep it up, lodiii <3

  14. If I saw you I would scream "CARDY!!" and my family who Will be with me and they'll think I'm Crazy af

    Me : sees him OMG CARDY!!!!!!

    C: oh hey

    Family: looks at me WTF…………


    C: heh lol nope runs away

  15. I have never tried BOBA!!! all my friends tell me it taste good (T_T) I wanna taste it 🙁

  16. God if I meet you in real life I’d thank you for helping me come out to my parents!!! I am now very happy and I have the biggest crush on this girl but I do need help for how to ask her out thanks Cardy bear!!

  17. I’m proud to be a Cardigan and if u ever come back to this video on 2018 Cardlin I jus watched your Cardigan Rollcall video!! We love u keep being u and I’m sure we would be just as excited and nervous and as I don’t know just studdery if that is a word? But we love u as in like friends or something close I personally think of u most of the time as a best friend or like dream boyfriend or something and U have gotten us through rough times and fabulous times! The point is you make us feel special.🙂🐻
    Forever your Cardigan,

  18. My god, if this is how you are normally, I would kill to be your friend and have a friend like you XD

  19. Bruh, I would die, if I ever met you in person. You have helped me through alot of stuff and my insomnia I would love to meet and say hi!! Cause I'm so thankful!!! <3


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