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  1. Note: The reward from each god may be different depending on when you fought them during the Trial of the Gods events, but you should be able to collect all 4 if you got all 3 gods and a repeat one. There is a bonus Scales of Truth bow when the 4th god is beaten at the end of the video. The Gods must be unique from three different events (so you can't kill the same God 4 times from one event). Do 3 Gods from 3 Events, then wait an hour or so and reload the game then kill one more time for the fourth weapon and this Anubis outfit (Hard Mode for revenge of Anubis). For the blue Anubis you got to participate in 4 community challenges.

  2. I did the trial of Anubis and got the conductor of souls sword? I thought you get that sword from the sehkmet one?

  3. I didn’t get the outfit all I got was 3 swords sunslayer conductor of souls and sword of duat
    And for the scepters I got the jackel and I got the was scepter but theres no Sekhmet goddess so that might be the case

  4. Somebody please help. I can't see these anubus and defeat any gods in the quests tab. How these quests come.

  5. So is it necessary to be level 40 I just got the game and am lvl.28-29 rite now and wanna try it out

  6. I killed 4 time all gods but I take only two scepter and 2 swords I don't get outfit why pls tell me

  7. im on level 32 now..and there's 32 hrs left till it expires..will i missed the trial permanently? or will it returns?

  8. Do I have to be online to do these missions? I’ve beaten this game and the new odyssey game and can’t unlock these outfits

  9. But what if i already have all the gear and a diffrent outfit? because i have all the gear but i got the Revenge Of Anubis outfit

  10. This is cool my goal is to get to level 53 or 60 im level 48 now..almost level 49 close to 50

  11. This event there are only two gods? Do I have to kill two of them then repeat one, then wait till the next event to do the same?

  12. This isn't making sense much? Do I have to kill the gods on hard mode or kill them each hour them to eventually give out the out the outfit? Just WTF is it not telling us?

  13. If you did some of the steps A LONG TIME AGO do you have to them again and do you have to do them in order

  14. Yesteryday i killed 2 gods, hard mode and easy. Then today i killed again 2 gods. But no outfit? Then i apply reloading the game. And the quest is gone. What should i do to get the outfit? Please help.

  15. Anyone know when the Anubis event will be back up? The other two gods popped up but nothing for Anubis

  16. I know i'm pretty late but i defeated sekhmet and got the sword and then defeated sobek but i got the hard mode sword even though i play on normal? The events came at the same time and both have 2 days left

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