37 Replies to “Awesome Shirts, Russian Roulette Clothing”

  1. Nice One Bro! Tell it like it is .I PERFER TO DIE ON MY FEET THEN LIVE ON MY KNEES JUST saying Keep the Faith

  2. ah yeah! show the world your big hairy nuts!! then they won't be able to deny your ultimate manhood. sound advice.

  3. Izhmash baby! Got one of them there Made In Russia Rifles myself, I call it my AOK 47

  4. can i getta Ooh rah .
    do they ship to new zealand i wonder… and yup i love the bakelite T. cool vid dude! like they dude in background pacing around.

  5. Hey Hoss! I'm driving down to cali from Vancouver and want to stop in Oregon and shoot an AK! Can you help me out and tell me what shops are the best?


  6. The "My favorite color is Bakelite" is my favorite shirt from Russian Roulette Clothing. I have others but I wear that one the most. I'll probably be making another order here soon for some of their new shirt designs.

  7. I like the designs, the only thing holding me back on their shirts: The black color… I have a bunch of black-tee shirts already. Kinda sux in hot weather, would like to see other colors; green, blue, grey, etc…

  8. Bakelight. Guess we gotta start baking our own personal protective gear. Shush I'm hunting government rabbit. Should have shoot into the bush a few times. Dressed up like Elmer Fudd. Lol. Yah I don't know what I'm saying

  9. We have to same problem here in Canada. The Government is totally out of control and corrupt. I say so all the time. I am not afraid of the Government but perhaps it is time to teach them to be afraid of us!

  10. next time don't have rifle man tape dance in the loudest bowl of cornflakes you can find. Love the shirts big time! And spot on, the left attempting to control your speech is really them attempting to control what thoughts you think. How dare you transmit your thoughts where their mindless followers might pick up on them? What if thoughts of liberty became common?

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