Baby Alive Bitsy Burpsy Up on Color Change Cloth Doll – Toy Video Cookieswirlc

Baby Alive Bitsy Burpsy Up on Color Change Cloth Doll – Toy Video Cookieswirlc

cookies world looks like we are gonna be doing some babysitting today baby okay okay so we've got this cute little baby alive baby love little tiny baby who needs complete care just like a real baby we can actually feed her a bottle so we've got her little bottle right here oh we had to give her lots of cutesy wutesy little cuddles we'll have to burp her oh and we'll have to change her diaper whenever she goes to the bathroom all right chocolatey chippy cookies do you think we can handle taking care of this little tiny bitsy baby baby all right we'll find out here we go so where is our sweet little precious baby girl oh she's adorable okay she's got super super soft dark brown hair with you you little baby curls oh oh and who's wearing this cutesy wutesy little hot pink flower right here looks like she's smiling she's happy look at her looking around at everything in here Oh what is she doing oh wait is she trying to do a poopy wait do you smell that do you smell it okay let's take a little peaky in the diaper all right is there anything in there okay I don't think so okay all right oh we're good thought I smelled something okay she's wearing this super cute adorable little dress of this little flower right here looks like little baby's got this cute little bracelet on that actually says Baby Alive on it she's happy oh maybe we should feed her so we've got her little baby alive bottle here are you HOT great do you want to eat all right so let me go ahead and take this to the kitchen and we'll fill it up but with some of her little baby food all right so here we go so here we have our adorable little baby's bottle right here with a little bit of the baby food in it for her okay so we better go ahead and feed her her bottle we'll go ahead and we'll put it right here and oh she actually drinks her bottle just give it a little tiny squeeze there we go Oh little chubbies well she didn't have very much we'll keep feeding her a little bit more here you go sweetie there you go yummy bottle there we go there we go oh let's go ahead and wipe her mouth here there we go here you go is that better you had some yummy tubby baby food oh I think she needs to be burped a little bit okay let's go ahead and burp her so we got our little burp eClass right here are you okay are you okay okay okay so we had a little bit of sin to spin up okay there we go she's burping okay I think she's okay now I think she's okay okay good girl huh very good girl it's alright it's okay let's see Oh co-op CFC alright there we go oh oh it looks like on the burping cloth it color changed into this purple color okay is she okay I hope she's okay now no more Burpee alright good I think she's done burping oh oh no she's still going she's still going okay it's okay it's alright Oh little spit-up be okay you're okay there you go here you go there we go get all of it there we go oh yay alright so we made a little bit of a Betsy oh we're getting a little fussy alright let's go ahead we'll wipe up here here we go do we have to pick her up are you okay are you okay you want the cookie splosh wait a minute what's that smell what's that smell oh no oh she's got a really wet diaper oh so it looks like baby needs a change oh no okay so let's go ahead we'll put our little changing cloth right here we'll check her diaper and let's see if that's what it is if that's what the problem is that we got a dirty diaper there we go is put a nice clean diaper on there you go no more tears go ahead and wipe that tear away yeah so much better here do you want the cookie cookie now Oh Jimmy cookies whoo all right we did it we did it I think her mom is gonna be coming home here so we can give baby back to her oh I have never changed a diaper before and never taken care of a baby before it that was something at least we gave her a clean diaper and she's all fed yay I hope you enjoyed this video with this Baby Alive don't forget to subscribe for more super-fun videos let me know in the comments section if you want more baby alive videos and I will see you cookie fans in my next video well I gotta go take a nap alright I'll go get the cloth all right cookies how well were you paying attention to this video how many flowers does this little baby have it her hair but your answer below in the comments bye cookies Oh No

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  2. That was a cute baby and you're a great sitter! πŸ™‚ You and baby still alive, you made it, LOL! I like your videos, CookieSwirlC!

  3. +cookie swirl c when will you make a shopkin video? If u do plz could i have any shopkins thank you u are amazing πŸ™‚

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