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  1. Loved this! Would love you to check out my NEXT kids haul on my channel




  2. Great haul, I love the star blanket. Do you have a video on your charm bracelet? It's beautiful, would love to see all the charms you have x

  3. They're all very Lovely Katie! I can't believe its only a "small selection" of what you have ahhhhh I REALLY want another boy next, its all cool! x

  4. Love these kind of videos! And I love shopping for my boys 🙂 Great choices Katie – especially the Zara leggings x

  5. When I had my little girl we bought so many little outfits, most of them never worn! If I'm ever lucky enough to have another child he/she will live in baby grows for the first few month! I was told by my sister-in-law, but I didn't listen lol! X

  6. I've definitely always preferred shopping for boys stuff, I'm pickier about girl stuff I think, and boys stuff is so much cooler! He's going to be one well dressed baby. X

  7. Katie, I loves these videos! Do more, more, more. You've got so many amazing bits!! I've gone to town on baby essentials and bigger stuff but am really behind on clothes. Must get on that. I'm the same when it comes to blankets and that's one ting I haven't got rid of, so I know we have lots. Love watching you hon xxx

  8. So strange seeing you do all the baby boy bits that I did last time around! I have spotted so many things that you have bought – it's making me laugh! xx

  9. Argh your making me with Josh still fitted in baby clothes! I like the chattiness for a change 😉 The milk bottle print so cute!x

  10. I picked up the animal print sleepsuit with the triangle shapes from Next in the sale for my niece. They are so cute! Love baby clothes x

  11. My first baby is due 4 weeks after you so would love to see other hauls/baby prepping videos 😊 we didn't find out what we're having so will be a surprise for us! X

  12. Loved this video and would love to see more. You've inspired me to make my first purchases! We haven't found out the gender so been struggling to find some lovely neutral things – so thank you! Xx

  13. I never really loved looking at boys clothes until my son arrived. Love it now. Since my daughter loves colourful clothes (non-pink), I love being able to buy a couple matching clothes fit them. Totally agree with babygrows until at lease 6 months or even 9 months. Son (1 year) mainly wears baby grows at home, until going out in public. We must talk Oshgosh B'gosh overalls in the future. Mom ships them from USA. Super cute and very good for crawling around in. Happy shopping!

  14. Hi Katie I have that Zara baby grow with milk bottles on for my little boy who is (8 weeks now) it is really easy to change them just un pop the poppers and pull it down over the bum and the legs it's like how the old fashion baby grows was I hope that explanation helped lol x

  15. I love this video. makes me want to go out and buy lots for my baby! I've got my 20 week scan tomorrow but we have decided to stay team yellow again.

  16. I watched this earlier and forgot to comment. Love seeing the bits that you've bought. "Really cute" haha, it's like the video I did and I said you could make it a drinking game, every time you say cute take a shot. Haha, if I drank I would be doing this. Lots of sweet things, I think of baby boy everytime I'm flicking through the Next catalogue online. So many sweet things. xxx

  17. I love everything you picked up! I love having a girl to shop for, but I secretly hope one day we have a boy too so I can shop all the gorgeous bits there are for them 🙂 x

  18. I totally agree with you, I love buying for boys! I do feel that in some shops the boys section is a lot smaller but I love Zara and h&m and find that all of my boys stuff matches as it's mostly navy, grey and white! 😂😂 so exciting xx

  19. Loved it! So many cute pieces, I loved shopping for Jasper I'll miss boy clothes if I have a girl next!

  20. Oh Katie you are making me miss newborn Parker. I remember shopping for him when I was pregnant and loved shopping for a boy. I am so excited for you all. Xx

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