** BABY CLOTHES HAUL** Consignment Store Shopping 🛍 🛒!!

** BABY CLOTHES HAUL** Consignment Store Shopping 🛍 🛒!!

hey friends welcome to today's vlog I'm so excited because we're about to go to my brother's house and hang out with legendary shots it's for the podcast they're local here in Alabama and they're these guys that like have this awesome slow-mo camera and they just do the craziest stuff and then film it in slow motion so we're gonna go have a little fun with that and yeah we're gonna go with the baby look at those babies gonna blaze in you go coochie is in her new little in her little onesie stay tuned because we're gonna do a little baby haul from where she and I went shopping the other day and I'll show you all her cute new clothes and she's growing like a weed look at her look at her little unicorns anyway that's later but right now we are getting ready to go over to Cullen's like you said and um yeah so I just realized I am totally that girl that wants to have a matching family and so I got this shirt I love Bologna and stay tuned for Cory and Sofia's outfits because they're super cute but we're gonna be like the Bologna family and Cory was like babe I don't want to be the Bologna family but if y'all watch their vlogs there's this song that Cory made up a long time ago and it just kind of stuck you know with something to stick get stuck in your head hold me like a piece of Bologna we are behind the scenes of the don't tell mom we got a legendary John's coming today Cullen's get ready for him he's got a belly flop in that swimming pool oh we can hear them we got lots of crazy things planned for this podcast folks so y'all go watch it if you haven't already make sure you go tune in if they don't tell mom like we got a booger the dog we got baby baloney mommy loves Bologna she's wearing her a little bologna shirt and that's so cute and then late look at dad hey dad come here look at dad shirt Bologna Bologna organ apple inc of these below knees I love them see I love Bologna Bologna – we just don't have a shirt frame yet but stay tuned I think they're here let's get this podcast started there's like some serious equipment think of that that's Carson from the legendary shop just got done with the don't tell mom and he's booked out his camera we're about to do some crazy stuff outside here wipe the card we got 250 gigs free we got a gun we got a swimming pool we got bowls we got cameras we got a hockey pack so we got everything behind the scenes at the don't tell mom podcast man things get weird around here but we got the big expensive camera that camera costs more than my van and Cory's truck put together we had lived a new shot Carson calling the shot here and yeah we're about to do a balloon slo-mo shot show you something show you some real time it doesn't look as cool y'all real time as it does slow you know when they got it they can feel it they feel that they got it run away water Blaine we got it under control folks it's okay three two one throw okay ready oh dang fast-forward like four hours and we're still at it we just opened up the bubbly and it's Cowen's about two cones about to pop open the bubbly with a knife what do you call it say beer he's going to say bare that champagne okay you guys you know what time it is it is baby clothes try on haul oh my god first we're to start with the bathing suits Sam look out staying cute we like it it's a little frilly I don't know don't know if it's our favorite but it's fit so that's what we're going for right now is it fitting so there's option one now roof annex it object number two pretty pretty in pink very elegant I think we like this one better we like the little little thing up at the top there I think she looks super cute what do you think baby you like this one thumbs up now we're onto the outfits and outfit number one we actually paid a little more for this one because I thought it was extra cute so little dress little dress look at her chunky chunky chunky Jake's this really pretty and it matches her little pants what do we think I love it outfit number two how stinking cute is this oh you're adorable baby I love you little outfit you look so pretty in pink we love it and I like that I can put it on the bottom I can snap or the top I can snap yeah this is a winner keeping this one next outfit pretty in pink come on down with the cute little blue fishes and the little baby bottoms what do we think Sophia you like this one yeah okay okay you sure are pretty in anything go America what do you think baby you like your little fourth of July outfit you look pretty snazzy to me we're gonna wear this one around daddy say Pio Pio America and a roll tide Oh any of these shorts are a little too big for her well we like the shirt she's picking mom right now but superhero time and unicorns for the wind I love the onesies with the zipper and if we could find one with rainbows and unicorns then we're winning all day yes that's right baby girl we love this one oh this is the winner like I was thinking to you I love her a little bow looks so pretty and your bow you look so pretty okay so this is the pink one with the elephants we love the elephants roll tide and matching little pants what do we think I think we're gonna keep this line BAM so cute we're short shorts Sophia wears short shorts like I keep this one is what do we think baby girl you like this one chebychev's that's a little fishy on it and the cute little shorts that match yeah I think we like this one look at her just kicking kicking away all right it's a winner another elephant outfit what do we think I actually really love this it's a little too big for her and I think it's actually pajamas but I love the pants that have full sake things already in because we're always losing songs so I think this outfits just worth pants themselves you know but yeah some more elephants could we like it she's just watching the TV she loves the weather all right baby girl we like this one more elephants yay and last but not least cute and polka dots this is the last look of the hall what do we think baby girl what do we think baby girl do you like it I love I did how's this open the window so y'all could see but look how cute is that little there's a little black shore so they're super cute I like them we can put those with a lot of things I think we're gonna keep this with two cuz it wasn't very expensive so that concludes our baby try on haul winning hey y'all welcome to the vlog we are hanging out at the pool look at this janky baby I'm gonna give you all the updates on the baby but right now is moral Day weekend and we're hanging out and look at this Jesus swimming like a fool we're in the backyard we got a teepee we got her a little float look at dad's makeshift unburrow when Budweiser holder we're like set up there's nothing more that we need today so we're loving it look at what potatoes are they're pretty good huh Morrill day we can we I sure am a lucky girl so is she look at this beast ed he's made for us look at Danny back there working all over the kitchen it's Memorial Day weekend and we got the family here hey oh yes what you got over there games dinosaur she's making a dinosaur out of Legos you have quite the imagination to make Legos to do a dinosaur y'all ready hungry yah I'm so excited we got the package from Helen who lives in England right yes Sophie better present are you so excited that broke really cool cuz like there's the Queen yeah oh yeah thank you so much Helen I'm so excited to see what it was that big at random all right mom open to that let's see what she's got here what else I've seen the picture oh sweet be able to perfect in its appearance all that beautiful blue we would try to put her in the detail I met and and I can't do this at all I don't know so Helen I want you to teach me how to knit this well so that I can try to keep up with the Joneses here I mean I ain't got anything that nice for my mom blankie yeah she didn't at me something like okie my gosh in that cord I love it Helen you outdid yourself thank you so much that is so sweet she's got me by my shirt yeah oh wait there's something else in here there's more there's more oh my goodness oh my gosh okay take it away she spits up on everything crochet oh thank you so much we love it that's so sweet Aurora say Thank You Ellen thank you so much to England and see you hello yes we're gonna come stay with you and if you're ever in the States come stay with that yes so thank you so much we love it that was so sweetie you can make all that for her thank you so much thank you thank you what heyyo thanks so much for watching today's vlog I just wanted to say again thank you so much to Helen from England for all Sophia's beautiful little outfits I can't believe that you made her all that stuff it's amazing I lutely love all of it and you're the best we have the best audience in the whole world there's so many of you that have either shared a kind word or sent us things for the baby or you know whatever you do if it's just sitting there watching and giving us the view we really really appreciate it and we love our audience and I just wanted to say thank you all so much for watching and subscribe if you haven't liked comment tell me what you think about it's all Sophia's new cute little outfits and I can't wait to see y'all on the next one bye y'all peace

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  1. Sofia is sooo flipping adorable! I love seeing her little personality grow with every vlog and IG post 😍😍

    I can't believe she's already 3 months but at the same time feel a like she's older. I don't know why but I swore her and my daughter were closer in age. Time flies by so quickly! 😭 so hard to believe my rainbow baby will already be 8 months old on the 6th 😢

  2. So many sweet outfits. Thanks for taking the time to do a fashion show. What a fun Memorial Day weekend you all had. You are a family that radiates happiness and warmth towards your viewers !!!!

  3. All those outfits are darling. Love y'all so much hugs and smiles ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  4. Love you and all your great finds. Loving all the great handmade items. So great to see all of you. Hugs from Oregon

  5. Sofia is getting so big. What a beautiful little girl in all her new outfits. I love what you picked out for her. Roll tide Roll

  6. Brittany will you follow my channel I'm just beginning its called Christins Keto lifestyle , love you guy's❤❤❤ much love from southern Illinois!!!

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