1. This was so entertaining! I enjoyed every moment of the footage. Cant wait to meet your baby girl. I am also carrying my rainbow baby that is due early October. We are so excited. Keep the updates coming !

  2. Tip from a second time mommy dont buy to many button up sleepers. They are a pain in the butt for night changes. Id miss a button somewhere and have to start all over again and when youre dog tired its a pain. Zipper sleepers all the way for this baby lol

  3. I live outside of Vancouver BC. We have once upon a child here too. Their stuff is amazing! A lot of baby clothes were never worn because babies grow so fast. Same with toddlers. You forget to put them in an outfit and they outgrow it before you remember. I am sure Hubster will appreciate you taking care and respect of the family budget. We'll done! Definitely enjoyed going along with you 👵

  4. I live for Consignment shops! Everything you got for your baby girl and yourself are adorable, what great prices too!

  5. That’s what I did, consignment stores all the way! It was like a dollar for each onesie. Hell yeah, why not!

  6. When it comes to kids clothes consignment shop are the way to go! They wear outfits like 1-5 times when growing and then when they get older they just get them messy anyways. My husband used to hate second hand things too

  7. I just got two pairs of maternity jeans because I was sick of wearing the same 4 pairs of leggings and they do notttt stay up lol it's so annoying. Especially because they were expensiveeeee. I'm also hoping this gets better once my bump grows 🤞

  8. Great Vlog and baby girl haul 💖 Trust the grandmas to be to find the best things!! My mum only found out about 2 weeks ago that I’m expecting, the following week when she visited me she had already bought our possible baby girl a heap of cute rompers and onesies and little leggings. She picked them up from Myer here on sale in pastel colours as she knows I hate bright pinks. We don’t even know for sure if this bub is a girl yet either 😂 We will find out late next week. Great maternity haul as well. I just put through a small online order for maternity clothing with target, I’m hoping it all fits ok. I’m preferring to wear dresses at the moment as I don’t like anything pushing against my stomach but I’m going to be in my third trimester in the winter time here, hopefully I can find some comfortable maternity leggings.

  9. Sister, I’ve been there with the jeans falling down, our bump getting bigger doesn’t help, it’s just a lot of pulling and tugging for 9 months! But it’s so worth it in the end 😊

  10. I loved this style of video vlogs r my favorite!!!loved it girl, all the baby stuff is adorable can't wait to meet her!!😀😀

  11. Loved tye vlogging part that you added. I would love to see more vlogs ☺ the baby clothes were so adorable too! ❤

  12. Aww it’s just so exciting shopping for baby girl 👧🏻I love shopping at once upon a child for babies their clothes for babies are in really good shape if not new, I just went last week and got 6-7 cute summer outfits for my baby girl (I’m 32 weeks) and paid less than 30 for them and most of them are new with tags subscribe to their mailing list the get good sales and deals here in Texas they will be having this weekend 20 onesies for$ 10

  13. You can catch some amazing sales on the carters website especially in there clearance section since your liking there style so much. I personally love there stuff for my 3 boys

  14. With my first i had some pretty intense ligament pain so i def feel for you. Im pretty sure you can google some stretches thats suppose to help. Hope they get better soon.

  15. I am about a month behind you with my rainbow baby. I am 13 weeks today. We had an early ultrasound and I asked the tech if she had to guess what it would be and she said girl. Still to early to say for sure but I have thought this one was a girl since the beginning. It is a roller coaster of being excited and hopeful to terrified. I am way past when I lost my first baby but I can't help but think of all the things that can still go wrong. But I try to dwell and meditate on the positive things.

    So excited for you and baby girl!

  16. Cj and Zavian are so alike 😂 Cj hates second hand clothing too but once I brought him into Once upon a child and he was able to see the quality of the stuff they have, he now has no problem and is thankful I can save so much money by getting the kids clothes there. I also got Cal's rock n play from there and paid like 40 cents because I had also brought in some of Addy's old clothes and sold them to the store. Ross is my fav place for maternity clothes! So cheap and you won't be wearing them forever so it's totally worth it. Check out their dresses too for flowy dresses that aren't necessarily maternity but they work and you can still wear them post baby. Oh, and ALL of my maternity jeans slide down like that too, so annoying 😑

  17. Hi Erika my name is Ashley i am currently 32 weeks pregnant. Love your channel. Cute clothes! Thanks for sharing 😀

  18. We don't have that once upon a child shop in the uk 🙁 we do have a tkmaxx though 🙂 (I don't know why they call tjmaxx, tkmaxx here lol

  19. Just wanted to say I am so sorry for the glitches in this video!! This is the second time this has happened to one of my videos once it is uploaded to YouTube! 😖 I even tried uploading it again but couldn't because it was a duplicate of this one. I hope it's not too annoying and y'all still enjoy it!! ❤

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