13 Replies to “Baby Girl CLOTHING HAUL | Zoerea”

  1. My daughters name is Katryna Grace. She is 9 month. We also live in Tucson. I found your videos by accident we actually have some friends in common I found out. But I love your videos.

  2. Love your hair!:) super cute outfits!! I about died when i seen those shorts my goodness. My little girl is Madison and she's about to turn 2 july 5

  3. Regarding the 🛎 its because when you tap it it Only SETS TO OCCASIONAL! So you have to log on to a pc (i think dont think you can do it from your phone) to set it to ALL…

  4. I’m due my first baby on the 25th of June, super excited 😊 her name is iris after my great granny, also love the hair❤️

  5. Hi Julia! Hi Penelope!!🤗😍
    I love the hair!!!! I also liked how you had it before 😂
    Adorable baby clothes haul! 🤗🤗🤗ok… wow! These are pretty! They are so different!!!😍

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