Back To School- 10 heatless hairstyles you will actually wear | Hannah Meloche

Back To School- 10 heatless hairstyles you will actually wear | Hannah Meloche

Hey guys, it’s Hannah! Welcome back to my channel so in today’s video I’m going to be showing you guys how to create super simple but cute hairstyles for back to school. They are heatless. They all take under like two minutes, and it’s stuff that you’ll actually want to wear so they’re not super out there They’re all pretty basic, but I don’t really like to do a lot with my hair when I’m going to school. So hopefully you’ll enjoy this. If you do, give it a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe if you aren’t already. By the way this video is pre-filmed. When you’re watching this I will be in Europe so if you aren’t already make sure you follow me on my socials like Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter because I’m tweeting where I’m going so maybe if you live in Europe we could meet up possibly. And then also I’m just like posting a whole bunch of cool stuff on my Instagram and Snapchat. So if you want to see what my life is like on a day-to-day basis, then go check those out for sure. yeah, I just washed my hair For school I normally like to wash my hair at night, so I’m just gonna start with brushing it out. alright, so the first hairstyle I am going to just part my hair not down the middle a little bit to the left so it’s like this And then I’m just gonna take a chunk of this hair towards the top So I’m just pulling this back, and then taking a hair tie and then once it’s like this. I will tighten it a little bit So you can see that they’re not even but I kind of like it like that I kind of like it when there is hair sticking up And it’s not like perfectly smoothed down of course you can adjust these hairstyles to how you would like it [takes selfie] So from this I’m going to turn into little space buns Just going to tighten it a lot more and then take the ponytail part and just keep twisting it So now I’m just going to do the same thing with the other side Mess with them, pull a few hairs out. so this is what they look like [takes another selfie] This one is one of my favorites I kind of run my hands along Like so. So then the top part, top half of my hair is like this then I just take a hair tie So from there is looks like this, and then I’ll pull this loose and just loosen everything Kind of mess it up and I don’t know what I like about. It kinda reminds me of the 50’s. Kind of school girlish I don’t know I just like the look of this one Another half-up half-down one you could do is just mess your hair up grab the top half of your hair so now there is no parts here then you can put in a half ponytail And tighten that then I’ll just pull some hairs out and looks like this [perfectly timed text – Coincidence? I think not.] And then if you want to go off that you can just twist it into a bun. A lot of you guys asked How I do my buns. I put my hair upside down, take this hair and just twist it into a bun Take my elastic put it around twice There’s my top knot or bun or whatever you wanna call it and just pull some hairs out. And it looks like this Another one of my favorites. I just part my hair down the middle kind of like that then I take this chunk of hair and braid kind of French Braid but I French Braid until about here And then I stop French braiding and then it goes to a normal braid down and then I just put in an elastic about halfway down so look it looks like this the French braid each side and I try and Keep it towards the side of my head not so much the back Then I will take an elastic see I fell like this looks too farm girlish So I will just tug at the braid just to make it bigger and messier I like the look of it a lot better And you don’t even have to do this because your hair is probably going to fall out at school anyways So from here if I don’t really wanna braid. Then I’ll take these and then twine them into a bun. Like that Take a big hair tie just put it over top. It’s like that But for ponytails I just like to keep my part Then I’ll pull my hair back like this and put it on top of my head I try to keep my part. Doesn’t really work, but I always pull it so it’s like extra bouncy. Just pull it tight. So it’s like this That’s how I do my ponytails and another cute But easy one is to just braid these two front pieces of your hair This looks a little emo on me right now, but I promise normally these are cute alright guys So those are all the hairstyles I have for you today These are the only ones that I actually wear I wouldn’t show you guys stuff I don’t wear so hopefully this give you some inspiration for how you want your hair when you go back to school. Again don’t forget to check out my social I should have some pretty cool stuff up right now I hope you have an amazing rest of your summer and an amazing rest of your day and just keep smiling and stay positive And Hopefully, I will see you in my next video

100 Replies to “Back To School- 10 heatless hairstyles you will actually wear | Hannah Meloche”

  1. Omg all the hairstyles look perfect on you, if i remake them i'll totally look like a Messy potato 🙄 lol

  2. Yesss I definitely need more hairstyles that are simple and quick thank you so much😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. Great video! But when does school start there in USA?? Here in Spain we have almost 2 more months of summer vacations so it was a bit strange watching some school hairstyles now (I'm from Spain) but I really liked them and I think they r perfect for any time of the year! Xx

  4. You are perfect, I love you and maybe I'll get the chances to meet you in Italy!! I'm sooooo excited for this!

  5. Entiendo tu inglés a la perfección 😭💕. Habla muy bien. Ojalá todos los youtubers hablaran como tú!

  6. yey ur right now here in Slovenia haha reply how do u feel here i mean u like it…because i live here you
    please do another make up totorial!!!

  7. Yayyy!! These are gonna have to be used for summer hols though… english baby hereee!! But im always super jealous of your hair so this video is great!! xxx lots of lovee 💖

  8. I love these!!! And finally an EASY hairstyles video instead of one with a million crazy braids I'll never be able to do lol.

  9. Its still July 19 make it stoooop PLEASE LET ME ENJOY THE FREEDOM 😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩(Wew cool video btw 🙂 )

  10. Love these looks! I appreciate you trying to keep it real hahah Jessi Malay just did some really cute summer braid looks, love you guys both<3 <3

  11. What hairstyle are you
    1- neat bun
    2- messy bun
    3- single braid
    4- double braid
    5- French braid
    6- fishtail braid
    7- high pony tail
    8- low pony tail
    9- side bun
    0- side ponytail

  12. Considering she's the only person with like brown hair I trust her more with braids cause brunettes and people with black hair will understand with braids

  13. these are all so basic and boring, everyone knows how to do them all. like who can’t do a ponytail or a bun or half up half down ? like really ?

  14. you make the bun look so easy to do and then i try it and….well…it takes me like 20000000 tries to get it to an ok standard

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