this was worth $4 they're so cute let's make one the shirt looks too much like Christmas hi guys so today's video I'm super excited for I'm going back to school clothing shopping and I've never done like a clothing vlog where I vlog what I'm shopping for clothes wise I did it back to school supplies shopping vlog and then I'll do like a college dorm one coming soon but right now I'm going back to school clothing shopping and I decided to vlog it because I think it'll be really fun to show you guys all the stuff that I see in store that I'm gonna be buying today I hope I don't spend too much I have an addiction you guys know this right now I'm with my brother and we're gonna go pick up my backpack because I have it on hold at a store and then the rest of the day I'm gonna be going to a lot of different stores and getting all the clothes hi I'm gonna need a carwash later this is my first purchase of the day $85 yes it's the kinking backpack in black you guys guessed it of course I have to get a fourth kink in I hate myself it looks like it's a straw but it's not I know I got something I'm about to show you what it is okay ready it's something rude so my mom said to okay time for more shopping they're so cute let's make one it would be so fun I'll get this one these look really cute look how comfortable those 47 dollars can you get it I don't know they are really nice these are look so nice actually but they're $47 I saw that one online that was cute I got these every year of high school but then I didn't get it senior year wait maybe they're 20 shades of the king these are one of the parents that I wanted what do you mean let me do it I wanted to do it I don't know if this was worth $4 wait they have a lot of cute stuff today this is Hugh I would never wear this to school that was a skirt away this is cute though it's a zip-up pink these are cute I think they'd be really cropped on me the shirt looks too much like Christmas but I like the style of it and I actually really like this it'd be cute as a t-shirt dress but I don't know this one is super cute look at the that's so cute but on this one these are all like basic like they're cute okay let's look at your stuff I don't know it's like I probably wear a tank top underneath I don't know about this one it's just kind of not very good I like these but they don't have my size and then I like these but I would not wear those pants that often and I don't need a swimsuit for back-to-school and these are coming should I get these pants can I pull those off maybe I could find some big t-shirts in here ooh look at this dress that's cute that's cute huh I really like this jacket I want to get it I've been wanting to get it for a while it's so cute even though it's a men's jacket or this shirt seems right up my alley I really like these two I'm not really into purple but recently I realized how little I have in my closet that's purple and I want to get a lot more but I feel like I would just never wear this like I would never wear this look at this whole section of me stuff I should get all of these I have those too I have that mini one and now I have that one I have all those they're so cute I still want more wait this one's so cute it's light blue these are cute I really need some new sweats since I didn't get the ones from pink I think I might get some adidas ones those are cute actually those are so cute we get matching shoes those are cute how much are they probably 50 bucks I really like this belt I think it's really cute I want to get from Brandi but it's $20 should I go go for it right now this one's even kind of cute I gotta clean these tank tops are like the comfiest tank tops ever like they're stretchy and soft and actually kind of like this sparkly one so I might get this one I wanted this dress literally forever it's cute and blue I don't think I'd wear this to school but I've been looking for a good pair of like durable jeans and I think these ones are really nice the Levi's even though they're a hundred dollars I feel like that'd be a good thing to get is just one good pair of jeans like wear it with anything like these tank tops are cute all these are actually really cute oh I like the white pair of Levi's actually I wonder if they have my size these are cute they don't even have them here these are both pretty cute oh it seems like all the jeans are like 50% off I think I always bought them they sound so good it looks so good I know you wish you got some it's so good that was it yeah – the cutest tell me that's not the cutest car ever with some clouds hey guys so it's a couple hours later and I'm home now I changed my clothes into something comfortable because now I'm gonna go online shopping I ended up finding a lot of stuff for back-to-school shopping today but I'm not gonna show you guys what I ended up getting because I'm saving that for the darkest clothing haul I know I'm sorry you're gonna have to wait longer to actually see the clothes that I bought but it'll be fun when I have everything together like the stuff I'm gonna buy online and the stuff I got today because it'll be like one big haul I've been looking on brandy Melville and like American Eagle like a couple stores that I didn't really get to go to today and I found a ton of cute stuff that I want to get I'm gonna pull up a couple of the things that I'm looking at as you guys know I was looking for a pair of sweatpants today and I literally couldn't find a good priced one the ones that pink looked so comfortable but they were like fifty dollars so I found a super cute pair at brandy Melville and they're only 28 dollars so I think I'm gonna get those on everyone needs a good pair of sweatpants for school the next thing I see is a pair of cool pants and I'm not really sure if I'm gonna get this yet but I was looking at a bunch of pants and I was like these are kind of cool I mean maybe I'm totally wrong then they're just ugly I don't have anything like them next thing I see is another white t-shirt this could match with either of the pants that I'm getting I just need every type of white shirt imaginable for accessories I did find a necklace from Brandi that I think was pretty cute it's just a silver lock necklace I was looking for this earlier but I couldn't find it I think they like took it off the website or something because I couldn't find it anywhere I've had a couple things from PacSun like these denim jeans which are cute and then I found a long-sleeve shirt which was Hugh first shoes my plan today at the mall was to get like two pairs of vans but one of the pairs I could not find anywhere and I'll insert a picture of them right now I've been looking for them all over online and I can't find them at all I'm a size 9 someone please help me find them if you find the shoes in my size please DM me like on Instagram or some things I can order them because I want them so bad I don't know if they're out of stock everywhere and they're sold out and not coming back I hope that's not the case but I also found this pair so I might be getting this one as well this is a camouflage old-school van I've been wanting these shoes for so long I think this is the perfect opportunity to just get them so I'm ordering all of that stuff tonight and then I'll probably order a couple things tomorrow but that is it for this back to school clothing vlog I hope you guys enjoyed watching I think it's super fun to film this if I go back to school clothing shopping again I might vlog it so I'll have two vlogs of this but for now it's just gonna be this video and then a clothing haul video coming soon so I hope you guys enjoyed watching this I will see you guys in my next video I love you guys so much bye guys


  1. i know can do what you want with your money but sis you don't need 4 of the same bag…. fjallraven's whole thing is sustainability.

  2. the vans that you want are custom that’s why you probably couldn’t find them but if you go to the vans store you can show them the picture and they custom them on the computer and put in an order ((:

  3. Ugh I’ve been looking for a necklace like that for forever do you know what it’s called? It seems like they don’t do that sorta thing in England 🙄

  4. Hi! I don’t know if you care but if you want to pronounce “kånken” in the right Swedish way, you could say it more like “konken”. Not meant as hate, just for educational purposes. 😊

  5. The vans you want are custom made so look up “vans custom maker” or something like that (i don’t remember the name lol) and it should take you to a site where you can make and order your own vans

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