okay so I know it's not back-to-school time yet I know but I did a little bit of shopping and I wanna flex sorry I'm just kidding but I know everybody starts like these back to school videos like super early which is really annoying this is definitely gonna be a part one I know I'm gonna make more back-to-school halls just because I shop a lot and still like a month until school and I'm already making my first back to school haul so sorry about it but just bear with me okay so let's get into the whole first place I went to was Tilly's actually where yesterday oh I forgot I got these I just got me a pair of kind of like what color is this beige khaki their khakis got these Dickies like khakis I just don't have a pair of pants that's this color and I like the way I'm deke spit on me if I want to be a skater obviously and I also got this shirt from there it's just like a tight-fitting white shirt I think it was like 20 bucks and then the Dickies were like 40 by the way I'm a size 27 if anybody wants to know but yeah I didn't really want to get a lot of pairs of pants because I already have a lot of pants like that I don't where I'm gonna try to not buy any pants because I already have too many and I don't need anymore okay now moving on to the Vance store I got a lot of shoes this year don't kill me first I just got some socks and by the way AB and socks are expensive as hell like for what reason 13 bucks like for three pairs but I still bought them them these shoes I bought in store and then the rest of the shoes I'm going to show you I bought online they actually just came today so perfect timing the first pair of shoes are so pretty they look like this they're just some color-block shoes I just like how all these colors look together actually got my friend these shoes for her birthday and then I really liked them so I was like hold it on one thing to like this is just a very unique pair of mand and I wanted to cause I got these ones they're very cute I asked out for more I actually have five more but the other pair was like a custom thing so it's gonna come later on but yeah okay so the shoes actually came we just show you what they look like they're basically like that other pair of shoes but they're just different colors so look like this I really liked them they were more expensive though like for what reason really excited to make some fits with these so the first pair looks like this they're honestly kind of ugly they look like a couch or something like they look it looks like a towel I kind of put another line I also have no orange shoes so this is like perfect they're just kind of ugly but I don't call it a comfy couch so I don't know what that means so I got who this next pair is really pretty it's like this really pretty colors they're really pretty shade of blue and it's called like a certain fabric it's called like Pig Oh Pig suede that's what they're good if you can tell but it's like this really cool material and it just like makes the shoes look so much nicer I'm really not a big fan of blue but I've been more into it than usual so I thought I would get me some blue shoes I don't have any like solid pair of blue shoes so this was definitely needed next pair is really pretty I really like at least look it's just more color-block shoes that look like this then the last pair I'm not gonna lie I was being kind of bold I got some glitter shoes I don't know why like when I was ordering them I was like wait these are kind of different like nobody's probably gonna have these cuz they're ugly that's why nobody's gonna happen I don't know kind of regret it kind of don't we'll see so yeah those are all the bands that I got I'm really actually excited about the shoes that I got this year they usually don't get like really cool shoes I always get like the shoes that everybody else is getting so that they can match and stuff but I'm really filling the shoes that I got this year so now let's move on to zuellni's I got a lot of stuff here we're not spending my money I spent like a good amount of my money here first thing I got is an odd future shirt I love our future because of Tyler the Creator obviously I just got this plain black tee and it just says odd future and colorful lettering this will be really cool just to throw on whenever I want to have like a super simple outfit I could also wear this with one of my Dickies like my colorful Dickies so that it can match because obviously colorful so I don't know what I'm gonna do it this year but I thought it was really pretty and also comes with the sticker which is pretty far next I got was a hoodie and it's blue hoodie who actually wasn't that expensive buddies are usually like 70 to 80 bucks but this one was only 51 so a bargain am i right just got this blue obey hoodie and it says make art not war looks like this I really like to design I have this exact design on two of my shirts a black one and a white one and I really like the design I think it's really cool it's like my favorite design by obey so yeah actually like kind of thin so it's not too thick so I could probably wear this like soon like not soon soon but like soon and then I got another t-shirt and it has this really cool design in the back and I saw it hanging up it was like at the highest rack and then and it just looked really cool from afar like I was looking up at it I was like wow that's kind of fired the front it just has the same little design but smaller yeah it looks like this I thought it was really cool first until I showed my sister and she basically gassed me she said that it looks like a hospital shirt so now every time I like it this year that's all I can see is this really does look like a hospital ship and it was like 25 bucks so I feel like I just go scam oh and then I saw one of Danny Duncan's merchants UMI's and I was just I have to be honest I'm a really proud pin like I did not know his stuff was being sold and zoomies that's really cool yeah this is his merch of virginity rocks there's like 30 bucks and I also just bought a bunch of brand-new Danny ducking merch and then I saw this in store and I was like I just got scammed again I think that's all I got from zuni's so it was just really expensive so I usually don't shop there that much now let's move on to pack sign I love packs on because of their brandy melville section I think that's the reason why a lot of people go to packs in because they have brandy melville they're got a lot of girly stuff here so first thing I got I actually got for free like a halter top and it does like this it's really isn't my style I was gonna give it to my sister cuz I got it for free anyways but I kind of wanna try it on see if I like you also are really pretty good the next thing I got I have some shorts exactly like this in their red and every time I wear them everybody thinks they're boxers but they're really just $20 Brandi Malvo shorts really comfortable so I decided to get this pair it's like green and purple I don't know why this combo was really calling up for me so yeah I got them they're just like some pajama shorts next thing I got is so cute and I was so mad because my sister literally copied me he saw that I had my eyes on and then she went and got it for herself she's a complicated she can't get her own style I'm just mad all it is is just like a green crop top I think this is really good for what I want to have you know my simple days it's just a really pretty sure I don't know what else to say next thing I got my sister copied me on this one two passes blue floral design on it very pretty and it's very flattering I love shirts like this it kind of reminds me of this shirt yeah I think it's pretty I really like how it likes crunches okay hold on this part I really like that so I got this only thing I really don't like about shopping at random elbow is it's really really like basic clothing everybody wears it so whenever I'm wearing a shirt like ten other people are probably wearing that shirt I think Zach same time I the clothes are really cute and I definitely can't find like really cute stuff anywhere else that I can a brand name Oh boom so I think that's why everybody shops there I think I got was just a tube top it's this really pretty light green color and I feel like every time that I want to wear a tube top I just don't like the ones that I have so I just got this one cuz I know for sure that I'll like this one it's just super simple color I don't know I don't really know how to describe these clothes cuz you can see them really hard to explain these clothes because they're all super basic got this little black crop tops what does it say not your angel it's just like very brandy melville so when you see this you're gonna know it's from brandy melville super cute and I have a lot of cop tops from brandy melville but they're white and I don't have a black one so I thought that was cool oh and then I got this which is really interesting it's pretty much just like a white tee except it has like a really high neck right here it's gonna go up to like right here so I was thinking that I could wear a bunch of like chains and necklaces so that it can look really you know clean and I could like that's how I was envisioning to sculpt them okay that's everything that I got from Paxson though the basic over there and now we're gonna move on to Charlotte Russe I actually got this stuff before I went to VidCon it's not really for back-to-school but I never showed you guys what I got in my blog so I thought I'll just show you here I got a really basic set from here I just got this green a little tank top and then I got the exact same one in black I just think I don't have a lot of basics so I always get some and then I realized I already have them and then I just got this really boring like khaki shirt I don't know like I said I need basics so I got them okay now we're gonna move on to what I got from dolls kill they actually sent me this stuff a while ago it's like this Delia's like colorful dice tank top I'll this thing Tom I think it's so cute but it's different because it has a little die so I really like this this is one of my favorite shirts and then they sent me this really cool like lacy crop top just looks like this I think this is really cool because I could use this with like my skirt since then it kind of looks fancy like it doesn't look like a basic top like I could really dress up an outfit with this yeah I forgot about this they sent me this little like yoga actually I don't know what to call this I know there's a name for this I just don't know what to call it's like one of those sports Kurt's that you wear whenever you like play like tennis or golf or something like the girls so it's just like a really comfortable casual skirt if you know what I mean and it's super soft another tank top which is so you was thinking I could match this with that skirt because of the little red detailing right here a little ladybug and it's just a ribbed green tank top Green is just my color I love wearing green and then I think this shirt is really interesting they sent me like a baseball tee I love how this looks I remember I used to wear shirts like this in like fifth and sixth grade so this is really giving me some nostalgia Brandi Lee has it sent this to me so I really love this shirt okay so the last two things from da school I got this really pretty dress you have something like such kid vibes like I feel like this is just super like childhood like a little dress I don't know if I'd ever wear this but I want to put it in one of my videos because it is such a pretty dress this just screams summer like it's just such a really pretty dress and then along with that they sent me some shoes and this is actually Delia's I know they make a lot of shoes I really like how these like kind of match the dress like it's really cool so I'll probably wear them together like golf shoes and they're also platforms I love how Delia's always has platform shoes I have so many up Delia shoes I have these ones and then I also have these ones and these ones so I'm just super excited to add these to my collection they're so pretty yeah oh and then they of Dewey's at the bottom that's so cute so yeah that's everything that I got from dolls killed wasn't gonna show this in my video but this is my Danny Duncan March that I ordered and then I also got a hoodie because I miss winter so much can't wait to wear this I got his like black hoodie hey and then I also got two pairs of converse I got these actually a while ago I was meaning to put them in a video but I kind of never did so I just had this really weird desire to wear converse so then I ordered them and then I never even took them out the box so of course I got the green ones I just got the high-tops other ones I got high tops to love how they look and the only thing I don't really like about comrades is that they make my feet look long so I'm really gonna need you guys to fix that converse if you're watching this say I can't wait to wear these I've always wanted comers but I was just never like I was always just like I'm not gonna wear them like why and I probably still won't but I already ordered in himself and then of course I had to get the classic red convers I think out of all the converse red definitely looks the best probably red and ye I think those are my favorite tell me some red and green converse some Christmas colors okay so for the last store of this video I'm gonna be showing you guys what I got from Laura's boutique guys have been following me for a while you know that Laura's boutique is my favorite place to get jeans this thing Laura's boutique jeans look the best on me she usually sends me packages so thank you so much if you're watching this like you are the go I definitely recommend this store if you guys are going back to school shopping so the first thing I got were some biker shorts I just got some gray ones I really like mica shirts because they're just really comfortable so in an Instagram post like a while ago it's this really pretty floral tank top I think this is really cute cuz it's red and I think I look really good in red like sorry about it but I think that's my color it's also like a just about the top which is cool so yeah I got this really pretty tank oh my god and then she sent me this really really pretty like off the shoulder dress such a pretty pattern and such a pretty color I just I'm not really a dress girl and I definitely never in my life will wear a dress to school ever so don't try it but this is really pretty to anybody that does wear dresses I'm just not really that type of gal I definitely want to take pictures in this dress but I will not wear to school so and I just got this little green tank top the only thing that is bad about this is that it has this little opening right here so like my cleavage is gonna be out and I can't be having that at school I just can't this is definitely not a school top I don't really know what I'm gonna do with this because my mom's not gonna let it slide either way she's really pretty for anybody that does wanna you know pop up a little bit there's another like floral top that she sent me she has like a lot of floral patterns I think tuna just off the shoulder I like that it's white because it looks classy and I got more biker shorts these are also gray I didn't even know I got these I just got a light pair of biker shorts all the biker shorts that I have our bylaws booty I clearly have this exact same bodysuit in orange and it's too big for me it's been lately this one is too big for me too so pretty I just wish I got it in a size small and not a medium I could have swore I got it in a small but and then the very last thing in this hall that I got was a bread two tub Laura's boutique has a lot of tube tops like a lot of different colors a lot of different life styles so I definitely recommend um yeah this one is really stretchy I can't wait to wear this this is cute so I think that that was the last thing in his haul so thank you so much for watching there's one another haul which I will be making another one then let me know even though I'm gonna make it anyways I just want to know also let me know some back-to-school videos that you guys want me to do before school starts because then I can't do any more back to school videos so thank you so much for watching and I'll see you guys in my next video


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    Dez: buys vans that look like cheezits grooves
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  5. Sadly converse aren’t made as well as they were years ago. I had worn mine for about a month and a half and the front of the shoe started falling apart from the bottom like wtf they only give 30 days to do a return 👎🏻👎🏻 I’d say return them if u still can, vans last longer!!

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    me: has to beg to be able to spend 20$ on literally anything, even if its my money


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