Back to school clothing haul! Freshman 2019✨

Back to school clothing haul! Freshman 2019✨

hi guys welcome to my channel if you are new here and welcome back if you aren't so today I'm just gonna be doing a little haul back to school haul I bought a little okay well I bought a lot of stuff it isn't my money my parents did buy it for me I'm very very very grateful for them this is a no way of me bragging about all the things that I have because I'm probably I'm as surprised as you are because I it's just the one I'm very hyper in out because I can't believe that I have all this stuff literally right behind the camera it's insane so it's just getting set to tell you absolutely I bought these shorts they are some high-waisted it says Paris girlfriend the jean shorts they fit really well they're not too short so I'm pretty sure you wear them to school it's like fingertip length is I believe weight have to wear that's how I got the daughters my brother caught some socks from Tilly's and I bought hydrofloss yes I'm going to be that freshman with the hydro floss I did have another hydro class it's over there and it's purple and it's also 21 ounce so because I have 121 ounce this one has a different lid so I can just transfer the lid to this one if I want to so here they are they are both 21 outlets hydroflax and i could just switch the lids on and off because this one is some of those lids as well and that is what we got from Tilly's the next store I went to was Hollister I'm pretty sure when it's a Hollister next so we could get that bag this Hollister bag from Hollister my brother smells like Patrick okay officer I got two pairs of light washed I got two pairs of jeans the fresh jeans I got alright these cut light wash jeans with little rips in them and I think they're ultra high waisted ultra high waist markets vintage but they're really cute because they're like kind of baggy booty and they're baggy everywhere and I don't really like I don't really like really skinny tight jeans by DT repair skin tight jeans so this was the first one I'm really too light wash jeans I have a light wash jeans hanging up there all I wear is like watching so I thought I'd change it up a bit and get some nice dark wash not only dark wash I got black jeans these are the other pair of jeans I got they are skinny jeans my other ones are mom jeans ultra high rise supers give me whole it's their classic stretch so these are them to contrast this world watch anyways you know that they have more rips in them and they are ultra high-waisted black classic jeans but the problem with me and jeans is I am a size three so everything fits around the waist everything fits around off the legs up until it gets to my ankle area I'm too short so they have this this big amount when doing foolish stuff that happens so I always end up copying my jeans because I'm too short to defend my runes so I think a good idea for a lot with probably just to get like cropped jeans like Priest type of style jeans because I'll probably fit but that is all I got from Hollister and the next moment I went to cute this is use fashion I'm pretty sure not every mall has this store inside of it it's this store has a lot cheaper stuck because most things in the mall are overpriced so this is not like a good price it's not cheap but it's at a good price so I found this sure let's try to flip it it gives me a major princess vibes I'm obsessed with it here it is it has these little details it here like the cuffs stretched up and then on the sleeves they have it puffs up a lot and it looks at the princess it is the cutest thing this was $10 and I'm pretty sure this would probably go for like 20 to 25 dollars at some other store another thing I bought from stress another thing that I got from cute was this dark wash denim skirt ass buttons all the way down pockets are going to keep because they stick out right here you can see the embroidery of like the sewing around it it's a super cute these are surprisingly $13.99 which is pretty cheap for like these are really nice quality jeans they're so cute high rise I and in Kansas so those are them they are very cute especially together I feel like a princess the next one I went to was Jackson I have never been to Foxton in my life I've only been like 14 years so the numbers on the boxes and all I bought was this dress it is you give me very baby vibes and like a doll binding so here I has this very little detailing of the bow and has the cutest little bellies and it's just this kind of blanket little style I think it's literally so cute and paired with a white undershirt underneath it just all comes together there is some pressures I'm planning wearing it possibly the first day of school so that's my that's all I got from PacSun and then I went to each end and this bag is absolutely massive because me and my mom will spot stuff so my bag is very big first thing I actually thought was this sweater that I'm wearing green now it says I think it says oh if said that Boulevard USA and this says the same thing on the back and it's super duper sloth has these detailing are not arms and it was only $5 on clearance so that was steel so I'm very proud I'm very happy of it but it's white and if you are in school and you wear a white sweater you notice that the cuffs get really really dirty so whenever you're like riding your hands obviously rubbing against all of the ink and the lead and everything from your pencils pens marker just whatever so I always find myself having to lift up and they kind of joint up or is it just riding upwards so I'm gonna try very hard to keep this clean and be very conscious of where my arm is and what it's doing whatever it is next and another items in the clearance section at H&M was this kind of cropped pink top from and it has these cute little fillies another thing I also go from I don't was some sweats cooking like nothing can go wrong these ones were three doll it them they are so comfy too how about home and maybe even out school my lazy days and the last thing I got from H&M is this super duper pretty dress up it's just buttoned up all the way to the side this pretty it's very new colors and it's very very pretty and the straps are thicker than most of my dresses or any of my dresses so I can it can cover my bra strap and it will be a dress code I won't get just cut it and that is all the clothing I got then that is all the clothing I got just checking up there and that was everything that I got so moving on to accessories I went to icing and uh icing is I don't know if this is in every mall either it's basically Claire's but a little more grown-up like magic things pink like no she don't Claire it's because Claire's you know they even have like the same type of styles of like sales like be for three dollars so I got six so these are five dollars each which is literally insane sided by $15 worth of scrunchies to get six scrunchies but these creatures you do be like they are some big bats right so when my hair was longer my hair is about my hair is 50 my hair used to go up to here is and I chopped it all up all the way up to here so it's really short and these scrunchies are really super fat and they didn't look bad on my long hair because I obviously had a lot of hair but now my hair's short I'm like this is weird to have just a massive scrunchie in my little darts pergolas anyways I got this teal one and I got this one burnt orange orange a white one a purple one and this truffle licking and they are so pretty they're cute I am obsessed and the next accessory that I got it's even essential I got my backpack is scuba anyways this is my backpack I got the black furnish all in Raven tank in it since we shall not sure how to pronounce like the Christ pronunciation for it but I do know that in translated from Swedish to English this says arctic fox but I got one last year that is my last year and this one I just got this at journey kids or journeys I forgot it there and what I noticed about this one is that the dots above the A's on T'Challa Raven are a lot thicker I just think that I got where these these are some bands I got the classic old school high-top black black and white bands why did it sound like that me does even that was literally on ironically you know eyes these are size four point five I have a very small but I got very neutral its own stuff so that I can go with everything so that's why I got in my hole I'm so tired you guys so much for watching and I hope you enjoyed this video it was just a back-to-school call again it was no no way when you bragging or showing off all the things I have because I'm so extremely thankful for everything I have and I appreciate everything that I appreciate my parents all of their hard work to get their money and they truly do care about is that I I'm just like well that's all – that's just a little dismembers and not me showing off in any way but I really do hope you enjoyed and give it a like give it a thumbs up if you didn't like it give a thumbs down and 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  1. Your such a doll 😭😍you should do what I wore 1st week of school . And “what high schoolers are actually wearing “

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