back to school clothing haul! (try-on)

back to school clothing haul! (try-on)

[Applause] hey guys it's Sadie and today I'm building my first back to school video of 2019 which sucks because I literally just finished online school so I haven't even technically been out of school yet but I know that a lot of you go back to school and like August ish I go back to school in September so it's very different for me today I thought because I have done a lot of shopping recently I'm just gonna do a try on haul of stuff that I'm gonna be wearing to school and also some summer things cuz like you can wear like some of these things still in September you know cuz it's like still hot but I also got a lot of thoughts so I'm super excited and I love doing hulls so let me know actually down below if you guys like my hauls because I like shopping and I like hauling which makes for a good time I'm just gonna go right into this video the first thing that I got is something that I had to take like two looks at to actually think if it's cute it's this crewneck sweatshirt from our Dean that says let the good times roll and it's actually really good quality like ardian can have bad quality things but this was really really nice and it's thick and warm and it's also meant to be oversized so I can wear it with leggings and have literally how it'd be so comfy and I really like the color it's not too yellow it's like a muted yellow I literally never wear hats but I feel like I should more often because my hair when it's greasy it's like just amazing to throw on a hat how'd it look good so I got this hat from our Dean it just says Bronx on it and I'm pretty sure brandy melville sells hats that look exactly like this and this one also has a cute strap at the back I don't know if I wear this to school but I would definitely wear it right now I'm going to others a huge pile that you can literally see right here so this I'm gonna move on to brandy melville and I just wanted like a bunch of basic top that I could wear with literally anything cuz all the t-shirts that I have our graphic tees and I don't have many just plain good quality basic t-shirts this one is just a v-neck cropped grey shirt I have worn it so many times oh wait no this is not the v-neck is the scoop neckline it's kind of a ribbed material and it's really nice quality so I also got a v-neck white ribbed shirt from Brandi super cute and then I got the exact same shirt and a baby blue color which I do not have a lot of this color in my closet so this is me branching out a light blue t-shirt good job you guys have seen this in an Instagram if you follow me on Instagram see all this it's a windbreaker which oh my goodness it was on sale and it was so hard to get it this was an extra small size and you guys are wondering because I really like how cropped it is and this can just make any outfit look so cute and maybe when you go to the gym if it's a little bit chilly you can wear this oh okay I also got another thing our Dean that I forgot and it is this hoodie that says and I have so many items of clothing that say NYC but this one I was really attracted to because of the Tommy colors and it's also Croft and it cinches in a little bit at the waist and what I really liked about it was the numbers on the side snakes look really varsity and like sporty vibes I am in love with hoodies as you guys will it's getting so dark quiet so as you guys know I am obsessed with the Rosia and what I mean obsessed I mean obsessed I have been there I think four times in the past three days four times in the past many times okay but I'm really trying to limit myself because it's my birthday soon on July 29th so hopefully I will get a gift card for there and I can do more shopping first thing that I got are these athletic kind of just like casual shorts I'll even know if they're athletic but I wanted more shorts like this because I'm obsessed with the ones that I have from Hollister super comfy and fuzzy on the inside just how we like it and these were so on sale so happy I got those I also got this shirt which if you guys watched my week in my life and this was the red shirt that I was wearing with the black shorts when I went to Kelsey's this is the exact same shirt but in white this was actually not on sale but it fits so well the quality is amazing it's like thick it's not see-through at all it's the neckline is perfect and I can wear this with high-waisted pants I can layer it under a denim jacket that would be so cute so I had to get another one in a white basic color sometimes I just feel like wearing sweatpants to school but I really don't like the look of like huge baggy sweatpants on are like wide and just very like puffy and stuff so barrette SIA is one of my favorite places to buy sweatpants because they almost make them like joggers and they're very thin like they're not super baggy I guess and they have extra extra small which actually fits the length of my legs all in all very very good purchase Simon said this is the boyfriend steel gray color which is a really unique color it has like a purple hue to it I am gonna wear these so much I think this is the last thing for marette SIA as you guys know I love hoodies and especially pink ones apparently because I got three of those I don't know if it's supposed to be a sweater dress but I kind of wanted it to be one so I got it in a size two usually I would get this hoodie in like a size double zero but it goes like past my butt so I feel like if I wore biker shorts or just athletic shorts but then it would look really cute it's just so comfy and soft and cuddly I love it this is really random but I got this shirt from H&M and I just really like the lettering on it and you can never go wrong with a basic graphic tee and you guys know I love that collegiate varsity look at forever 21 I got this shirt which I actually want to put under like dresses just for layering and to have that like cute t-shirt on your dress luck you guys know what I'm talking about and it has super cute frills on the sleeves and the bottom that are black and you can just wear it with like some gold jewelry and dress it up – what do you know another hoodie pink was having the buy to get it for 83 dollars or something my friend Bailey and I just got the same sweatshirt and then we both paid like 40 which is really good for pink and I also don't have a black hoodie or this mom I don't have a black hoodie this one is just really simple it just says pink in the corner and at school that sometimes gets really hot and especially because I don't usually wear like a shirt under my hoodie I can just take it off that would be public I got it in a medium so it would be a little bit oversized and I just like that fit better of pink hoodies I like try to make it look good I think I should do some socks so I ordered some off of this website called Simon's the first ones I got herpes all baccata ones they're so cute little avocados and they're like an ankle link I also got these polka-dotted socks with the ruffle which which literally go with the shirt yeah I think these are from Simon's too but I got these high socks with a rainbow socks literally make me way too excited it's bad it's probably my favorite pair of socks I own right now and they're these champion ones the thickness of them so nice and it's good just like hug your foot especially on the arch they're so cozy and comfortable I also got these ones with a lemon on them once again just to poke out of some cute shoes add a little bit of funkiness to the outfit I also got these adidas ones which are like really high up I came in a pack of two with like opposites so the sock was pink and the stripes and the logo was white but Bailey and I shared them so maybe we'll like switch once that's it for socks that's my sock haul this next thing is from forever 21 and it reminded me of a guest shirt like this gesture that you guys probably know what I need has really faded colors but the writing on it that says that really Hill's 1985 just reminded me of a guest shirt so much it doesn't really scream from her 21 to me I would crop this definitely oh yeah then I actually did go thrifting and I bought a couple of things two of them are in fact pink hoodies so the first one that I got it just says Jersey girl and super cute letters it is a very hot pink color but I don't have a hoodie that's this exact shade of pink so we're good that makes it all okay I literally got it for four dollars and 50 cents the last pink sweater that I got which technically this could be counted as purple so joke's on me I guess this is a supreme hoodie which definitely not actually supreme because it literally says Gildan on the tag but honestly no one's gonna be able to tell unless they see this video so hi I'm fake I got it for four dollars and 49 cents the next thing that I got I was not expecting to find anything like at Value Village but I found this in the guy section and it's this red like sporty quarters it and I like to even more when I tried it on because the fit is so nice literally cropped on me and it's red which I literally love wearing red I just love making these athletics 40 outfits I think they're so fired and that is actually from Topshop which I founded literally Valley Village for $11 the last thing that I got is a cute graphic t-shirt I found it in the men's section and it's a large so I might wear it as a like bathing suit cover-up or a t-shirt dress but I really liked it I just thought it was like for brandy melville buy it just says Cuba it's navy blue it's a men's t-shirt and I got it for $4 and that's gonna be it for this back to school haul now that there's a ugly pile of oh Cape options let me know down below what other type of back to school videos you guys want me to make this year even though I'm not mentally prepared to make them I have to start to be I love you guys so much I also love hoodies and I will see you next video bye

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  1. Hi Sadie ❤️
    Can you make a back to school supplies shopping and how to stay organized during school some tips or a what’s in my bag when you go to school 😁
    Btw when do you go to school cuz I go on 16th September? are you a senior this year?
    I love you so much❤️ I really like your videos✌🏻😁

  2. I can’t wear sweatpants nor croptops nor tube tops at my school. Wel everybody wearq croptops but if they see you they will call ur parents😭

  3. *Watching this video July 29 at 3:30 AM*

    *Realizing it’s her birthday..*

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 🥳💗🎉🎊🎈🤣

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