BACK TO SCHOOL SHOPPING!!! School Supplies and Clothes!!

BACK TO SCHOOL SHOPPING!!! School Supplies and Clothes!!

yeah okay guys so I'm at Target right now and I'm going back to school shopping because everyone's filming back-to-school shopping videos right now so I'm doing that too for you guys I hope you guys enjoyed okay actually before I even got here I made a list because I'm very productive and let's see what's on I made a school supplies list and you guys can't even see that can you see it – no no no okay cool anyways I have a whole list of things I need to get so let's get started hopefully I get all of it today yeah so I made a list of things I need to do get and it's kind of a lot so I really hope they get all of it but yeah let's try to get all of this I also only have 10% so it's really bad um but yeah let's make sure let's hope I get everything all right I really need some notebooks so let's grab some of these I use wide world and college world so I'm just gonna grab a few colors and then also let's get some college-ruled ones I think they're over here yes perfect okay so let's grab like a pink one hopefully these matches with the colors that I'm gonna use um there should be other colors right let's grab a black one okay perfect and then what else already definitely need to get some folders so lots of colors here I'm gonna choose some I definitely need some graph paper so this would be very helpful especially in math so I'm getting this pack right here so pretty and then I needed these oh but I'm gonna get the where are they oh this pack look how many of these there are perfect okay time for highlighters I freaking love highlighters I'm gonna get these ones yeah perfect oh these ones are so pretty by the way if I already have a set of them so I don't need any more okay I love these pens too these are g2 pens I'm gonna get a such a both okay I really need some white out so I'm gonna buy these I don't have any whiteout and I always need that what else do I need let's see here okay definitely need some Expo markers so I do I get the big set okay let's get the big set since I'll probably use it all year right okay I really need index cards so I'm gonna get these colored ones and these white ones there okay these agendas are so cute so let's get one okay student scissors I definitely need scissors oh here's the line paper that I needed okay that's wide ruled call is ruled there we go crayon here too so I'm gonna try them on to show you guys and if I like them okay but here I'm gonna read more and show you guys all right guys the first thing I kind of like it it's tight it's in the extra small so I'm I have to get the size up because I don't know if it's supposed to be this tight but it's so soft and it's so cute so I know I kind of like it I don't want it we'll see okay so this is like it one it's so soft like the other one and it's a really cute fireman but there's red she's like do I like it or no I mean I kind of do I don't know we'll see fluffy okay this is a really cute too but like I don't know do I like it's kind of short but I think I might finish it it's so cute and it's so comfortable I like the color it's really pretty so maybe no I like this one okay okay is so cute and I really like it for like it is so like moped I feel like I just need it pulling it up all the time okay actually maybe not no this is Sophie I love the color I really want to get something really so this is over here oh my gosh okay so I know this is black on black but like this is a three top and it's actually really cute and I know I would like to pop pink top already but this one is so cute and I really wanted so why do I want everything I love Paxson so much guys I really like this shirt oh my gosh the color is so cute the thing with these shirts there was that they're very crop so I can't really read it to school I mean I can it's just like it'd be really really scandalous but I don't know I really like that and I really want a color like a shirt this color stone oh no I get it okay so this is another top and it's really cute for like I don't know it's kind of weird right here so I'm gonna try on a different one I don't think I'd get this all right guys I also found this shirt and it is so cute so soft I said so sweet 50,000 times I'm so sorry but yeah I really like it I don't know though it's very comfy we shall see because there's so many choices that I want to get my shouldn't buy everything that I might okay guys so I'm at cotton on right now and I'm less because I really want to get some and they are so cute and so comfy and literally they're only $10 because we walked in here and everything was on sale so these are only $10 and they're so comfortable I also got a darker pair they're on the ground this is the size up but I'm gonna get those ones cuz those are also so comfortable and so cute and they're both on a $10 show definitely getting that see these ones are the darker ones and there's so take two but I might not get them because they are a little big on me so I don't know yet this is literally my 50th time filming this outro and I like I think I'm going insane because it is 4:50 a.m. basically and I haven't gotten any sleep yeah I'm very sleep-deprived so I really need some sleep but I haven't gotten it and basically I just wanted to film an interesting thank you for watching and if you did you should definitely um or if you liked the video you should subscribe and comment down below in this video but like now see you guys next week well that's all I wanted to say how hard could happen they can't talk okay

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  1. This was such a fun video to watch! I'm planning on going shopping for all of my school supplies this week so it was really helpful to see everything you got❤️Those clothes you tried on were also really cute! My favorite was that yellow cropped tank😍

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