hey besties welcome back to another video show in today's video i'm doing another back to school video i'm so sorry i know which meeting you guys really stressed out about school since is bringing the thought of school coming up he's been kind of interesting because it's a haul for a junior year so I'm doing a back-to-school clothing haul I'm super excited to film this because last year I didn't film a clothing haul did I even buy clothes this is my first haul on my youtube channel now that I'm thinking about it I found one like in eighth grade but that's on private so yeah anyways I do a little shopping really bad it's so so bad I was on vacation and I did a little shopping I'm really went shopping for the giveaway which it will be announced so I reach three subscribers by the way I'm interrupting my intro but I reached akai subscribers which means the giveaway is now launched launched it's now established I guess I'm supposed to be doing it when I have like two thousand nine hundred subscribers but when I left for vacation at two point eight alright did have two point nine iron out by the chick 180 or people a night I came back from vacation and it was you think those are subscribers I woke up this morning we think thousand which is insane to think about so I want to thank you guys for that amount of subscribers or if I keep looking out the window a lot of like blossoms are falling and it's really pretty it looks like rain not to be row with you but it looks so pretty oh my gosh anyways yeah we reached Ellen we reached 3,000 so I want to thank you guys as much as you can so I thought you guys some stuff while I went shopping the giveaway will be at the end of the video make sure to watch through the whole video play if you're only interesting to give away and you scare books like Sony you know a lot if you watch the whole video so let's just get started so then we can reach the end faster which means mean on seing the giveaway items so yeah the first place I went to was or Vic Outfitters now this easily I just touch up here all the time and then I kind of stopped and then 15 dominated Urban Outfitters but now it's back here is there to see I know guys okay keep in mind that I don't really go shopping like I really hope they're shopping going into these retail shops I was like wow I've missed a lot this year so the first time I went I went like three times this trip oh my gosh because we're saying I plan to Hollywood and below us was the Miracle Mile shops so okay you guys know a little yeah so what I don't even know if you guys know because they're gonna talk to my videos but when you watch my book bug so mainly all of them have funky hats and my back to school one actually had a book a hat so um I know it's oh it says Fela green it's like a navy green bucket hat and it's like a saw Shepherd thought what is this material called a Sherpa it's a Sherpa material and I love it it's super cute this is also try on ha but look I got it in this really cute color if y'all didn't know I love purple and magenta used to be like the color for me I I saw and I just I love the color so I just had to take it and I was like I'm manly way to learn you bucket hats but this one just adorable and I love it so much this one's super cute like and I just think I went for you guys so it's right there for the giveaway prizes but I got to I thought you guys remember you loved it as much as I do so that's one of the giveaway prizes so yeah we can't win if you live in Cali like hey wassup I got two more buckets I know please don't come for me these are okay don't come Burmese Gators this one's DC Stussy whatever okay I used to say Stassi and then I watched a lot of videos and they said Susie so I was like it's so cute um it's just really pretty color and I just thought it was unique just like it's just coral Salman color and I just loved it so much the embroidery is so cute and I love it it's it's a cute and then the last bucket had a guy I just I got this one since this is more of an everyday color kind of like the dark green one this is just a don't come for me skaters at this do see navy blue blue bucket and I love it so much it's super cute I feel like I'd wear this every day wait then I got okay as you can tell I'm wearing a bandana right now so I had to get one from urban she was actually like a scarf as well so you can style it as a scarf Oregon styler as a bandana and I've been obsessed with styling bandanas for a while now and this one's just super super cute for like the summer and spring I got another one and this one's a really cool after I bought this like a day after Emma Chamberland actually puts it like beach pictures and her bikini was the same print as it the fruits and I was like oh my god just for urban so yeah I got this bandanna this one's super cute again with the checkered embroidery not really checkered but it's like border detailing and this one just has fruits and it comes if they're kind of similar in a way but this one's just different then I want to start all my scarves must run down was like this from now on but I feel like people are going to make fun of me so yeah if I come to school the first day he's not making fun of me so the first thing I got from Urban Outfitters is this really cute shirt now I saw this the first time but I was like I don't know if I'm gonna get this that's for soft it's not really my style but I've always wanted like a rainbow stripe t-shirt I use I love rainbows and it's been my favorite like designed to style so yeah this is just a halter top I know like unlike me so unlike me it's so pretty and it reminds me of like a stranger things ring for to you but I just thought this would be perfect for back-to-school I don't know like of dad pants and this ik so cute I know I'm gonna get dress code it though next thing I don't know if I should show you guys since it might be my homecoming dress I don't know if I'm right we'll go to the pike Frank with you but it's so urban outfitter is you have the cutest dresses ever altered and then the bottom is stunning to show you guys the giveaway prizes since I lost the footage and now I have to read from the giveaway prizes and the rules and kind of sucks and you guys also don't see my excitement and joy since I hit 3k so they keep so much for that and I'm so sad that I wasn't able to show the real footage of me reacting to like okay they'll just start so I got this crossbody for like field trips and stuff I'm saying just got it and shut up I don't have like an everyday crossbody so I just got this and it's fall others I used it in my lookbook with you the next thing I'm gonna like that I got some fake nails they were on sale for literally a dollar so I had a cop they're super cute and I'm planning on wearing these for my birthday because they're so adorable and Ernie is probably for school anyways and then I got this really adorable tank top which is just straight cut pink top it's in this really pretty minty green color and it has ruffles at the bottom and I also got one for you guys but you guys don't see when I show you guys the kimono prices I did not fold these clothes I say they're so wrinkly I'm so sorry and then I also got this from hmm it's just really cute button up and you guys know I love my button up so I just got like the basic blue and white stripe button-up which I feel like everyone who owns items have I'm so then I went to H in him again this time I bought a bunch of accessories so I got this really cute phone case and I really liked it because of the glitter and also the cameras caught into a heart I got a necklace which I was wearing I think in the original video or yeah I was and then I was like I got one for you guys too so I got one for you guys to join with me and here it is it's so cute I was like hmmm you go the next thing I got for you guys is every each one is here cuz the earrings kept following the first time I was looking through everything some paintings were gone but there's just in the bath so yeah I got you guys some mini hoops which I'll show you guys when I and then I got this and it has eyes and nose and lips I've always wanted face earrings but I just got these because they're super cute and I really like the style of it and I don't actually Falls um I have a lot I I have more so much jewelry than old really sorry that I got these really elegant looking earrings sadly they're ear clip the rent for people that don't have piercings I didn't read it which it's so noticeable it's so oblivious like what whoever I got these for you guys but there's such cute rings while editing I forgot to mention that I also got three other clothing items that were thirsted actually thoughts the Dickies weren't but this shirt I got a wild theft iing and super cute it's like a silk material and I love the ribbons and also the pattern of it it's black and white and I don't know I just thought it was pretty fancy as well as this one which is a cheetah print shirt and it's a v-neck and I just really love the detailing of the belts it also has four buttons that go along the middle so that's really cute and then the next story we went to is Dickies and I got a pair of the basic skateboarding work pants which is a loose fit and I think it was a straight cut I'm not sure but yeah I just got them since I always wanted a pair of Dickies and I just thought they're super cute and don't call me a poser please I know I got a lot of skateboarding related items I'm a fan of these pants and they look super cute so yeah so now I'm going to show you guys the items I think you guys are so excited I said we're going to do a giveaway when I have a two-point err 2.7 K and now we reach through K which is so unreal because I always hit like another thousand whenever I'm on vacation or I'm not home so yeah I was just really exciting to hit what 3k in Vegas I was so in shock and I just I'm so sad he's in the real footage I talked about how meaningful it was to me so I'm going to repeat some of this stuff I said and just some new stuff really so numbers don't mean anything and they know a lot of youtubers say that just a lot of sumenep influencers say that numbers don't mean anything but I just really want to thank you guys for a lot of opportunities that were given while being a youtuber I don't know I don't consider myself a youtuber it's so weird like I'm just a normal person literally if you met me I'm so normal like it's crazy how like you guys think of me differently like some of you guys comment like when I grow up I want you guys call me back oh maybe she replied no I'm like normally I'm the real footage I was crying I got my first ever sponsorship deal I was in Vegas in my gmail inbox and I saw that this brand wanted to collaborate with me and I was like wow like I'm just so shocked guys crying I'll probably insertion pictures or like me reacting to it but yeah um I want to thank you guys because I would have never happened if it weren't for you guys and I just want to thank you for all the support and feedback in everything like I wouldn't know what to do if I didn't have a platform just me expressing myself for who I really am it's always been so hard for me to express my personality ever since I've reached high school even six in seventh grade I've never really expressed why I was until 8th grade and then being a freshman and restarting everything just kind of went downhill from there and I never really got to show everyone where and I guess a lot of people perceive me as I was just by what they hear or whatever so having like this YouTube channel and like getting to talk about things I want to and creating content that I love I love filming look with so much I love editing you guys couldn't always said you guys always comment about my editing I love I didn't so much it's the funnest thing ever I get to create this outlet I know everyone says outlet it's so true I get to create an outlet for myself and you know you don't live to satisfy others but yourself and creating videos and editing satisfies me I just want to thank you guys I wanted to thank you guys when I reached even a thousand subscribers I was going to do a mini giveaway on this thing that I created which I will talk about so there is going to be three winners I don't know why it sings there's going to be three winners and there's going to be before of chances for you guys to win by me including extra entries so the first entry is just comment on my community poll I made like this whole post about it you can come around that that gives you an entry if you want to follow my Instagram I don't remind myself I don't even be like like subscribe comment I just I don't like it like if you guys wanted to subscribe to me you guys subscribe look I don't want to be like subscribe to me and then you guys subscribe to me so yeah promoting myself as like a giveaway entry like it's just I was like I don't know if I should do it but I feel like you guys if you guys followed my Instagram then you guys would be updated by my posts and stories and whatnot I don't really post a lot to be honest with you but I do post kind of a lot of stories I don't know I post up here in that you know so you can follow my Instagram I'll leave it on the screen it's just really and there you can add me on skype that's another entry I don't know I feel like I post more on snapchat and you guys see look on the other side of me besides watching me on youtube you can see like my everyday kind of life not really um and then the fourth entry is just comment down below on this video so I'll post the rules here I post around my community slide comment down below where you live because if you live in Cali I can give you guys press myself comment down below your socials come down below why subscribe to me comment down below how I can improve my channel and if you just want to do one the first one obviously is just to comment with this video and then there's extra three here are the giveaway prizes I probably will I can't drop in and put in a package or deliver in an urban outfitters back or really I don't know where so there's three winners so the first winner gets this ela bucket hat it's from urban outfitter it's really cute I gone for myself too so I was like we can meet twins joining with my bestie but yeah it's by the bread Fila and has like this blue and kind of like my green embroidery and it's a Sherpa material and I just I love it I love these buck hats because I actually wore my green one but thanks super big so it covers you from the Sun and keeps you shady and I just love how it looks so the first one I gets to choose from these two outfits I hate myself I did not fold these clothes so they're kind of wrinkly I'm so sorry guys I'm so sorry just like this tank top when I showed you guys how was it wrinkly one I did not hold it right and I just like threw in the back but you guys win this the first thing you win is this tank top it's from H&M again with the ruffle ling and then the straight cut and like this really good texture and yeah it's just from ancient I'm gonna fold it properly this time hopefully it stays like that ocean okay I'm gonna leave these giveaway prizes on a hanger so when you guys receive it it's nice or I'll probably iron it do you guys want me to iron it comment down below if you guys want me to iron it comment down below your size so I can get you guys your size and these items if you win to pair up with the team shop on bucket hat I picked you guys out these super flowy pants um they're so cute and I honestly wanted it for myself because if you guys don't know me I love flowy pants and these are just adorable when I saw them in store I love them so yeah they're just from H&M and I really I really like them and they do match with the purple bucket hat and the white tank top I just picked white at first because I thought why it was like a basic essential color and since I don't know you're a style I thought this would be perfect I guess like even if this isn't your style this would still be such a cute outfit to wear the first place when I got to choose from either this the first outfit or the second outfit so this is the second outfit I got you had this really new top which I love and it's so cute I feel like I'd wear this I definitely wear this it has ruffles and I just super cute and it's definitely essential to have I feel like chin skirts are a trend now I know you guys like this maxi skirt super cute it's a floral skirt I really love and just the material in general it's super soft and stretchy so yeah um that's what you guys win so the first place in America to choose whether or not they want the first offer or the second outfit and winner just gets the outfit that the first place winner did it I forgot to mention you guys also get to win these rings so the first-place winner just pick your jeweler which one you want or spice winner gets to pick two of these so you either get to choose this necklace to match with me these coops since earrings aren't essential and I always wear earrings no and then you also get to choose between these rings whatever the first placement I didn't pick the second-place winner gets whatever doing Idol hey Betsey so I'm currently editing this video and I realized the original footage was just very choppy and I was starting a lot so I'm not going to include that but I'm going to us about the prizes at the third place winner receives so when I had around 600 subscribers I created this little thing to release when I hit 1000 unfortunately that didn't happen even though I created a website and everything for it but I just figured out that it wouldn't work out in the long run so I never released it so the third place winner basically gets to win the whole collection which i think is super cool and it's exclusive which is why I'm not showing you guys the products but when the third place winner wins it you're the first person to see it and also if you want to post about it you can be really good too but yeah so that's what you win it's pretty much it this giveaway I hope you guys enjoyed and I know you guys stay tuned for this giveaway to happen so yeah just comment down below if you want to win that's pretty much it I hope you didn't skip to the end just read the giveaway look guys he's so obsessed you guys on the flip side and I want to thank you so much again because honestly I wouldn't have gotten this far without your support and I just want to thank you so much so yeah if you ever want to do something do it don't care what anyone thinks don't care if no one believes you because I believe in you thank you and we'll see on the flip side


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