Back To School Try-On Clothing Haul (College)

Back To School Try-On Clothing Haul (College)

hey guys what's up it's Gabby and welcome back so for today's video I thought I would do and end the summer slash back-to-school try and clothing haul I have stuff from 9 different places so it's kind of a big haul I'm super super excited to film it I just film the trying portion so I'm like happy to be able to sit down and show you all the pieces now but yeah I hope you guys like it if you do make sure to give it a big thumbs up and subscribe if you want to see them on me in real life scenarios make sure to follow my Instagram I'll have it here on the screen and yeah let's just get into it I just had em yeah twice and it made me really uncomfortable alright here we go alright so the first place that I went to was Lululemon this was actually the first time that I've ever shopped at this store so that was exciting um I actually went to the outlet because I heard that they had cheaper prices there which was true so the first thing I got was just this charcoal blue color pair of Lululemon aligned leggings they're super super cute they're super soft I love that they have a pocket on the inside like I said I've never owned anything from Lululemon before so these are like really nice compared to all my other leggings I did get them at the outlet like I said before so they were about $68 which is pretty cheap considering they're like normal prices and really good price for like quality leggings but I really really like these they're really flattering on and they're super soft so I love that then I got another pair of lines except I got them in this mint green color this time like I said before $68 really soft really flattering so the next thing I got was just this mesh green Razorback tank top I actually got it two sizes larger than I needed it to be because I like things really really big if you don't like it really big just get like your normal size I also tie mine in the front but it's really lightweight it's really nice really good quality like material and I really really like it when working at the gym since it is so lightweight I don't feel like it's like holding me down I feel like I can like move pretty freely so that is great I really love this the last thing woman I'm super super super excited about I tried this on in the store and I fell in love with it it's just this charcoal gray like long maxi bodycon ich dress and at the bottom it just has two slits on each side so like there you go it's super super nice super comfortable you can dress it up dress it down just a really nice plain simple like gray dress to have you can use it for almost anything and I very excited to wear this so the next one I went to in the store called garage I've actually never been there before so just like cool um and I was very excited to buy stuff from here so I got to like outfits if you will so the first thing I got was just these baby blue like soft Sophie like shorts they're really cute they just have a white line on the side and they just have a white tie in the front really soft and comfortable then to go with it I just got this little baby blue cup tank top that says angel and cursive on it it's super cute and they go together really well so it's just gonna be a nice like comfy outfit to wear out to wear to like run errands or just chill out in or honestly I wear stuff like this everywhere class like important things like this I love anything that's super super comfy so I'm super excited about this then my next outfit is a little similar I got the shorts in black just the white line down the side same like Sophie cotton short very comfortable with the tie in the front then for the top I just got this cute little cropped black tank top it just has a little bit cut in the front of it which I really really like it's really soft like really really soft material super comfortable and it goes really nice with these I love this tank top because it goes really nice with anything like super comfortable but it also can be like dressed up if you go on and go out with some jeans and like some hoops and something like that so that was what I got a garage so then this shirt I actually didn't buy at all my friend actually bought this and it didn't fit her so then she gave it to me because it fit me strangely enough it's an extra small and I'm a medium but like I'm not mad about it it's just this cute little cropped tank top it's just red and white stripes and it buttons down in the front it's from PacSun I wore it for a 4th of July it's really really cute and it fits really well so I was very happy not this didn't fit her and she gave it to me the next place that I got a couple things from was forever21 the bag is in my car because I used it for something the other day so the first thing I got is just a pair of white shorts they're just really cute white shorts they have a couple like colorful stripes down the side super comfy super super comfy like my other shorts I just loved like stacking up on these because like I said I wear these to literally everything like class chapter going out like staying home like running errands I wear these for everything so I love to stack up on shorts like this and they're just like really nice to have this is very frilly so I got this top from forever 21 it is just this very like frilly lace looking top with all these little designs on it it is super cute on like I said I have those times where I love these super girly like tops and stuff like that so I actually really really like this top I didn't expect to like it it's in a medium which is actually with all my stuff is in besides that one top that I already talked about but it just looks like this and surprisingly I love this top so I'm very excited about it don't know what I'm gonna wear it to yet but we like it then the next thing my cousin actually made fun of me for buying this but that's fine so I got this cute little like poncho from forever 21 it's just this like crocheted poncho with little fringe tassels all over it on the bottom all over the sides it has a nice like big pocket and it's really just to wear like over my swimsuits has like a cute little cover-up I really like it if you don't like it good thing you didn't buy it so and the next place that I got something is Free People and I actually ordered this while I was in California came in in the wrong color so I had to reorder in the bright colors about these really cute flare jeans these do not look as cute office they do on I need these for recruitment which is the main reason that I got but they just have like these giant flares on the bottom they kind of look like a mermaid tail and I really really love the color i forgot what color this is um i love like the lone lines right here they fit so nicely they're so flattering on and they're super soft really great material and I'm really really happy I got these really happy recruits made me get these because I'm super excited to wear these all right so the next three pieces are actually for my mom they were hers in like the 80s 90s and she wanted to give them to me because she doesn't wear them anymore and I love them I'm super super super excited to wear them out um so the first thing I got is just a little v-neck tank top it fits so well it's so flattering on I love the little feet I love the pattern of it I love the lace it just looks really really good she gave me this cute little red tank top I actually folded it up when I tried it on because that's probably how I'm gonna wear it it has these little like animal sparkle looking things going down it's just like this leather ish spandexy type material super cute just a really plain simple red tank top that will be great for going out um also this one is from express this one is from New York and company next top I guess they have Charlotte Russe before 99 that's when I was born um but this top is super cute it's just this cute little tank top it's great has a bunch of C's on it with a cute little black bow it fits so well it's super super flattering on I love anything a little like tighter and like fitting for going out so this is gonna be great alright so the next place that I'm gonna talk about is American Eagle I only got one thing from here and I'm obsessed with it it is a pair of these heather grey joggers I kid you not these are some of the softest joggers that I've ever felt in my whole entire life these are so so so comfortable they cuff at the ankle which I love they have this little flap which goes down above the strings which is really cute they fit super well in the second to last place that I thought stuff from was from thoughtful so I actually got three bikinis and I'm super happy with them so the first one that I got is just this baby blue color bikini it's just like this sports bra looking bikini I took the pads out because I didn't like them bottoms are just this high-waisted the cup bottom which I love super cheeky which I love and they look really really good on then I actually got the same exact bikini except in red and again I cut the pads out at the top because I didn't need them it / want them in there but it's super cute super flattering on I love the color and how complements my skin tone and then again the high-waisted be cut bottoms then this last bikini that I bought is probably my favorite one again it's just like the little – strap like tank top looking McKean it's reptile printed which I love I've never had a reptile friend a bathing suit but it's super flattering on and then it has yellow on the inside which I also am obsessed with again took the padding out but I love that the straps are adjustable it makes it really easy to wear and then the bottoms are just be cut in high-waisted are you surprised they are extremely taking a lot to here than the other ones but it's super cute on then lastly I actually got a pair of shoes for recruitment they are from Steve Madden there in the Madden girl collection and they're just these what in like platform ish heels they're not super super high because I didn't want super high heels because I'll be wearing them for like 12 hours but they're just this nice brown leather material and then what in heels on the bottom and we had to have some type of wheel so those were just those alright so really quickly before end of the video I wanted to quickly say that everything I bought was a medium besides this top this was an extra small um the one that my friend gave to me everything else is a medium even the cellphone bikinis are medium the free pool gene the Free People jeans are our size 29 and yes so I hope you guys enjoyed the video if you did make sure to give it a big thumbs up and subscribe for more and I'll see you guys in the next one bye

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  1. I am actually so confused. I mean this in the nicest way possible… do people at yor school actually wear booty shorts and croped tanks to school everyday? Maybe my school is just more business casual. Anything showing too much or is too tight would be seen inppropriate at my school.

  2. hey! loved your video soo much! I'm hoping we can become friends and support each other in the 'youtube world' haha! I am just starting out and praying to make some friends/connections. :). I totally just subscribed to your channel, keep doing you!

  3. Nice haul!! I just subbed & i also make YouTube videos so hopefully we can support each other and be YouTube friends 💕☺️

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