Back to school try on clothing haul part 2//2019

Back to school try on clothing haul part 2//2019

hey guys welcome back to my channel if you are new to my channel hi – even in today I'm going back to school for part 2 I barely got anything and these are things that I got between like this month and stuff still haven't talked to my shoes still don't have my backpack I should have waited until I got there to make this video but I didn't because I'm impatient and I didn't have anything to post today so I'm gonna film this I barely have stuff but that's okay cuz I already bought most of my school stuff and I need to film it because like I'm going to read on actually on Wednesday afternoon and like yeah after that I have thanked him and I don't think I would have time this will mess with videos so yeah first time since I was 21 actually okay so I got a lot of just comments on my life back to school everything oh she didn't try on the clothes so yes I did it I just didn't try on the two tubs because I'm insecure and I wasn't going to try that on camera so yeah so this one this the thing I'm about to show this mine forever to me when I'm not trying it on for the rest of the clothes I am so yeah I wonder forever 21 I only got one thing chakras I don't even know this is for school yeah I got this red okay is it like broken I got this red tank top because this it's hot just looks like this literally and I wear it sometimes I'm in my thirties because sometimes I don't want to wear an actual shirt and I just want to at ease so I just I mean but sometimes I don't want to wear an actual shirt under my thirties then it gets hot and sometimes I share my underneath is ugly so then I don't talk about my honey so this works so do you got a red tank top because I need tank tops literally I don't own any so next I went to American one again because they came through with the jeans the policies been lacking on their jeans you know so these look like American Eagle jeans and when I tried them on let me tell you they look so good on me like this I know I'm showing the camera if I have a try if I'm like trying them on for whatever they look like this literally they're so nice if they have rich at the bottom I mean I do wanna have rich like here and like I don't know they just fit well and they're skinny in the high rise so yeah you're cute if you guys wanted to know I'm a size three and jeans I don't know why you would want to know but yeah I'm a size three cuz I'm kind of thick no I'm kidding I'm not even think I'm literally flat as a board I'm just fat so then the rest of the clothes I told myself Ingrid I'm not going to buy anything from babies literally I net like that's where I used to get all my clothes from and that's not okay I mean I'm not judging anyone who gets that close there sometimes I have my stuff which is where I got me so these things right now and my parents want to go shop closed for like the party we're going to next week and I guess I just coughed myself some stuff so literally I don't have any sandals I only have one pair and they look like Birkenstocks and I don't even well because they're kind of ugly now get in line so I called myself some sandals they're literally just basic I'm not really girly when it comes to shoes I like bands and I like some Jordans not all I like Sam so I was like Ingrid you need to be more girly you know so I just bought sandals they're literally videos with like this I'm not going that is me but yeah I'm a size 7 it said me this one yeah they're just nice and like you can just throw them on with the dress or something or like a nice fit you know I don't know I'm just I got them cuz they're cheap then I got I'm not really gonna be trying this on I don't know you'll see if I try them on around then I got this dress this isn't basically for school it's for the party I'm going to and it's just black and it looks like this took me it's like body con but it's not tight like I can't breathe type so I just thought that was really cute then to go it's a it's hot like I don't know why I thought this was acceptable for me to wear at the party cuz it's literally like 90-something 170 degrees over there so I might not even wear this fit but if I do you should check out my flicks on Instagram and it's quite English and it's coming soon yeah so I got this jean jacket it's honestly so nice it's like real denim and that's good and I've been wanting a jean jacket for the longest so looks like this is not distressed to anything but yeah and it fits perfectly so I was like sure I might need a car so I caught I don't know how to jacket so just gonna leave everything then I got these jeans I got these in my size file because the jeans had beauties they're kind of like this in size three literally fits me like a size one and I can't fit in size one says like it goes through my leg my pass but then when it comes to my thighs they don't say so yeah I got a size five and I'm surprised these even fit me because sometimes size fives are too small or too big they look like little different stress the thing I hate about them is that look at the bottom what is this like like this makes me want to cut it off but when I tried it on I must be at the bottom or like better than that so they can look decent because I don't know what people are thinking when they make pants like these yeah then I just got this shirt it just says bored already and it's cute it's like tie-dyed ER and it's cuffed at the arms you can uncus it better like it like that and it was tight originally at the bottom so I like this weird thing it's like crinkled but I don't know I think this is just a nice shirt you can throw on literally with like leggings and like some slip on the ends or anything or slides honestly you can just throw this on with anything I just hit myself with the tag y'all are gonna see that then the last year I thought you guys were asking me where I got it in literally twin Dedes and so I got a at the men's section because men's clothes is just so comfy Sam my boy like this shirt just – you should have had upon if you guys want to know it's from zoomies and it's in men's it's a size small I barely weight cuz I don't know I just don't like the way it looks on me but yeah so I got this shirt from the men's section just says game all day I didn't even read it I just I looked my favorite colors red and I saw that it was Jordan so I just got it you know yeah that's basically what I got it like throughout the month so I hope you guys liked this video and I don't know when this video is going up it's gonna go up and it is also I finally got mine and tries on YouTube so this it makes Bank JK I barely make Bank because some people like skipping my eyes no I'm kidding you don't have to watch that I honestly don't care I don't even care about the money because yeah it's just something extra a part of this yeah so we're so close to hitting 8k I have like 4.7 so hope we hit it soon I love you guys and see you guys in my next video fine

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  1. You should do more try-on vids!!! โค๏ธ we have the same style hehe๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜โ˜บ๏ธ

  2. I still havenโ€™t went back to school shopping and I start school August 5th Iโ€™m stressed ๐Ÿ˜”

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