1. Did they shrink after few washes ?? I like the slightly relaxed fit now but worried it might be too tight after few washes.

  2. I went to Barney’s yesterday & tried on a medium balmain coin tee. It felt like I was wearing a dress. You think if I get a small it will fit me better or all shirts different in size ?

  3. Love the balmain shirts and nothing happened to them till now. I am wearing them for a year now.

  4. Hey! Can you make an update video in the future on the logo durability? After having it washed a few times.

  5. I have this t shirt in black except the print is nowhere near as shiny. Any idea why? I got it from Saks so it's authentic

  6. Excellent quality video, as always. I find it amazing that anyone would pay £185 for a light t-shirt, just because Balmain is screen printed on the chest. Ultimately, through washing the print will break and come off in parts, and look tacky. For that sort of price it should at least be embroidered.

  7. My guy Do some dolce and Gabbana the panther t shirt the one that K rap wore in his video 💯 '

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