Bar Rescue’s Most Ridiculous Uniforms – Bar Rescue, Season 4

Bar Rescue’s Most Ridiculous Uniforms – Bar Rescue, Season 4

Over the years,
we have seen some pretty amazing uniforms. I mean, we have really seen
some ridiculous uniforms,so to get things
started today,
I thought we’d put on a bit
of a fashion show together with some of the weirdest
and most wonderful uniforms ever seen on “Bar Rescue.” Take it away, PJ – You ready?
– ( cheering )( playing music )( audience cheering )Our fifth
most-ridiculous uniform
comes from
Extreme Sports Bar,where owner Justin
had the bartenders
wearing as little uniform
as possible.
( cheering )At number four,
we have the uniform
from the Handlebar and Grill
in Pawcatuck, Connecticut.This sleeveless number
is ideal
for arm-wrestling customersand perfect
for jumping on a bar top
for a little dancing.At number three,we have the tacky
baseball uniform
from Characters Quarters
in Garner, North Carolina.
If you’re lost on how
that connects to the theme,
don’t worry, so are we. – ( laughter )
At number two,pulled from the very back
of Davy Jones’ locker,
we have this uniform
from Piratz Tavern
in Silver Spring,
Whoever designed this outfitshould walk
right off the plank.
And finally at number one,we have this number
from M.T. Bottles
in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.This outfit comes complete with
and a nipple ring attached
to this classless T-shirt.
Brandi from
M.T. Bottles, everybody. ( cheering )

21 Replies to “Bar Rescue’s Most Ridiculous Uniforms – Bar Rescue, Season 4”

  1. What's wrong with the black tank top and torn jeans one? That hardly compares to a pirates costume or that awful baseball getup.

  2. More like Pirates Of The Caribbean or a Halloween costume party for a bar uniform like the fourth one. Walk the plank is right,

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