Barefoot Dreams Cardigan Comparison | Reviewing 5 Different Models/Designs

Barefoot Dreams Cardigan Comparison | Reviewing 5 Different Models/Designs

hi everyone welcome back to my youtube channel if you're new welcome my name is Jessica also known as chic professor on Instagram and I make videos on luxury goods the pre-loved market and work where I would love to have you subscribe and see my future videos so today's video is going to be a comparison of five of the barefoot dreams cardigans these are a very popular cardigan from Nordstrom and now that the Nordstrom anniversary sale is upon us it is time to cover the differences between them compare them and show you some modeling shots so that you can pick the right one for you I definitely have some preferences and I will be talking about the Nordstrom anniversary sale in general in another video and what I think is actually worth buying which is only a few items I personally think a lot of it is overhyped and overpriced anyway you will see more about that in a future video but let's go ahead and get started with this quick cardigan in comparison so I will be linking all of these cardigans down below only two of them are in the anniversary sale and they are my two least favorite so I'm going to be going at least two most favorite they are the two that I am actually selling pre left and there are pretty good prices online right now because I'm selling them for almost the same price pre-loved and that's a competitive price for what they tend to go for as they are for the anniversary sale so they are on a very good discount right now of course they sell out very quickly and when the anniversary sale is over they get more expensive so I'm not gonna change my pricing but anyway I there's a reason that they're my least favorite and probably a reason that those are the ones that are on sale so I definitely want to make sure that I cover those so the first which is probably my least favorite is actually the circle cardigan the cozy chic circle cardigan it's one of the most popular I will say I bought this one pre-loved and I think the user before me didn't really wash it as well it's the least soft out of all of them and I think that's from user error not from the cardigan itself but let's talk about the shape so if you are looking for a more fitted cardigan then this one is a really good one I bought all of these in an extra small slash small or if they had individual sizing and they weren't dual sizing like that I bought them in a small if you want this to be a cozy oversized cardigan which i think is what most of the barefoot dreams cardigans are thought of and used for then you need to buy a larger size in this because it is more fitted I don't actually love the side design of it with the pockets I find that the front of me gets cold because only these sides in the back are covered I do appreciate that it's longer in the back but I really wanted it to be a little longer on the sides to be flattering so that is the first one so the next one that I have on the list is the cozy chic light I think that's called the coastal hooded cardigan and actually the hood is the reason that this is on this place in the list I find that it really takes it to more of a robe level it takes it away from a cardigan it makes it a little more casual and that that these are not casual they're all casual cardigans but I just found that that wasn't something I loved as much it's really soft I like the length of it it fits well but I just didn't love the robe and so for me that's why this one is here so the next one on my list is actually not mine I did buy this I bought it at Nordstrom Rack I found it and I was really excited about it and it is the essential cardigan this one is not actually in the sale right now and it is sold out but it does come back in style often so this one is got the nice pockets it has the slit on the slide side and it basically is the same as that coastal cardigan except it doesn't have a hood which I like and I like the color but I found that I just didn't gravitate towards it as much and so I sold it to my friend grace from grace in her handbag and so I'm borrowing this from her right now she really likes it so I'm glad that it went to her and she was able to love it I think if I had to repurchase it I might and I might do so in a different color but for me this one just again it was a little more robe like than the last two that I'm gonna be showing so the last two that I'm gonna be showing you are my favorites they're tied they're not really in order and one is the one I'm wearing right now which is called the lightweight I think our light knit Duster cardigan and then this one is the Calypso wrap which is actually a Nordstrom exclusive it's the only one that actually has bamboo in it which is I know something that a lot of people look for in these cardigans at least when I got these other ones whatever season they were released they didn't actually have bamboo but this one does and so I find it is extra soft I like the big drapey design I think it adds something to it and the sort of asymmetrical scarf hemline it is a little long it is a little much it is definitely sort of the most busy out of all of them but I do also find it the most comfortable so that's a reason that I like it and I like the color of this one and I'm looking at this one and this one's actually a small medium so that's a it fits the same as all the other ones it's just the front is large and so I'm not sure that the sizing makes too much of a difference they're still both the small options and so yes this one is rayon from bamboo which is just really nice and so it adds a little extra comfy factor and then the one I am currently wearing you can see is definitely a lot more lightweight it is not this fuzzy warm comfortable cardigan but I really like the length of it I like the Duster and I love the color so this one is definitely one that I adore again not for sale but if you can get a hold of this one in really any of the colors that they offer I absolutely suggest it so that's it just a quick comparison hopefully that helps do you choose the one that is best for you and helps you figure out the sizing I will be linking them down below and remember the first two are on a very good sale right now I am curious if you have any which ones you prefer which cuts and styles you like the best in which colors and if you plan on maybe buying some during the anniversary sale so thank you for watching I hope you have a wonderful day and I hope to see you in my next video bye

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  1. Love the Circle cardigan. I bought it when I was pregnant, so the open front & slightly tighter fit worked perfectly. Even now I love wearing it, because it’s more fitted, I can get away with in the office, but it’s cozy enough to wear around the house after a day of heels & a suit.

  2. The cardigan in the sale besides the circle one is the cozy chic and it looks like the one you showed but without the hood! I grabbed it for an xmas gift for my mom who is always cold.

  3. The Nordstorm Anniversary sale is all the rave at the moment, all lovely cardigan I love the really soft one, but the length of the black one thanks for sharing Jessica! I can't wait to see your picks for the sale

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