Base Coat Is Bumpy and Rough DIY Tips To Eliminate This Paint Defect

Base Coat Is Bumpy and Rough DIY Tips To Eliminate This Paint Defect

-Hey. This is Donnie Smith. Welcome back to another DIY
Auto Body and Paint Q&A. Today we’re going to talk about
getting a real dry look in your paint and
what you do to correct that if that happens to you. And we’re also going
to talk about how to prevent that from
happening to you. Had a question on YouTube. And what they was asking is
they’ve had this problem, but what to do as far as do they
need to sand it, clear coat it, or re-paint, or wasn’t
sure what to do. So first, let’s talk
about what we’re talking about– dry over-spray. Now, this is
usually the problems that you’re going to
have on large areas. It can happen anywhere,
but it’s going to be more prone to
hood panels and roof panels, big, large areas
that are flat, because that’s usually where the over-spray
comes and lands on top of it. And it’s dry when it hits,
causing a real gritty feeling. I mean, I’ve seen it
as bad in base coat where it looks like someone got
some sand and threw it in it. You know, that bumpy. But on top of panels,
especially in the center where you’re reaching
over and probably you’re further away
than you should be. And that spray’s going
on there real dry. That’s where you’re
probably going to have that. And this can happen
in your base coat, or it can happen in
your primer sealer. I’ve seen it in both. And other things, your
air pressure’s too high, and it have that fog of an
over-spray going all over. And it comes and lands on top. And when it does,
it’s a dry particle. And it kind of makes
that rough texture. Ways to eliminate that are
to check your air pressure, see if you’re shooting at
too high of air pressure. Whenever you’re shooting centers
of hoods and roof panels, make sure you try to
get proper distance. I know sometimes it’s harder. But what I’ll have
to do– sometimes if you’re really leaning over,
getting the center of a hood or something,
you’re going to have to slow your paint
gun down a little bit because you’re further away. Now, another problem is
using the wrong reducer. So if it’s a hot day
like today and you’re using a reducer that dries
fast, obviously, you’re going to have that problem. You’re going to have
that dry over-spray. So use the correct
reducer, don’t use too much air pressure. Be sure and check your
air pressure settings. And try not to
shoot too far away. That’s some of the
causes of that dry spray. So anyway, if you’re having
that problem, what do you do? I mean, that’s
basically the question. So I’ve just painted something. And again, this could
happen in a sealer. Now, if this happens in a
sealer, get some 600 to 800 and sand it out a little bit
in the areas that are dry. You don’t necessarily
have to sand everything. It’s usually spots. But yeah, sand that out and
use a little bit of water just to lubricate. And let it dry off good. Let it dry an hour or
whatever, so it’s not gumming up on your sandpaper. But you’ve got to
lightly sand it, because it is going to be fresh,
just enough to smooth that out. Now, if that dry over-spray’s
sitting right on top, sometimes you can just get a
grey scuff pad and barely rub it, and it’ll rub it all off. So it depends if it’s embedded
into the primer sealer or base coat or if it’s something
that is just sitting on top. You might try a scuff pad first
and see if it knocks right off. If it does, you can continue. If not, you’re
probably going to have to use a little bit of
sandpaper to level it. If it’s in your sealer,
you can sand it out. You don’t necessarily have
to spray additional sealer. I sanded it gently. You can probably go ahead
and put your base coat on top of that. But let’s talk about if this
happens in your base coat. Now, if it happens
in your base coat, I generally recommend to
go ahead and sand it out like we just talked about. Use 800 and lightly sand it. And you could use
a scuff pad, too, to see if it’s just
sitting on top. And then I’ll usually
go ahead and put another coat of base coat. And the reason is,
especially metallics, pearls, if you sand those
just a little bit, you’re going to
disturb the pattern that that metallic or
that pearl was sitting. It’s going to look
different there. You’re going to see
where you sanded. I would do it with any
color, but especially with metallics, pearls, sand it
a little bit until it’s smooth. Then come in, fix the problem–
either less air pressure, the right reducer, or
get your distance right whenever you’re
spraying the centers of the hood or the areas that
you’re having problems at. Get those right,
then put another coat that’s nice and level
and smooth and doesn’t have that texture,
that bumpy feeling. And then put your clear coat on. But that’s just a quick tip. And I hope this helps answer the
question that you had on this. If it’s not, be sure and
leave a comment down here. And I did send you a
little bit of a message, but it’s kind of
hard to say all that and try to describe
what I’m trying to say in the amount of words
that they allow you to have. But anyway, I do thank you
for asking that question. If you have any other questions,
go down to the comments, and you can ask me. And also be sure
to like this video and share with your friends. Thanks for watching, and
I’ll talk to you next time.

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  1. Thanks I am painting my first auto I sprayed primer filler on my truck and it was dry looking. Had to sand it to get it smooth. I thought some thing was wrong with the primer. I have been watching you tube videos to learn how to paint a auto. I have watched a few of your videos and I like how you explain how to work on auto on your videos. Thanks for the help you are giving. John

  2. Hi John, thanks for your question. I posted a quick response to your comment. Thanks for watching the videos and let m know if you have any questions. Donnie

  3. Keep the vids coming, I was having 'sandpaper' problem when laying down silver metallic on a horizontal surface – going to try your tips!
    BTW – kudos for your vids, they're really helpful!

  4. thanks for all your videos, they help a lot. I bought me an old beater truck and restoring it to learn bodywork. A'm experienced hobby auto mechanic but the bodywork was always a gray area for me. With this beater I can safely learn by my mistakes and have a neat little workhorse to keep in the end.

    My question to this video would be is it all right to use hotter reducer on the colder day to be on the safe side from this dry sand effect you talk here. Can I use slow one all the time if no rush?

  5. I can't speak for all paint brands, but PPG actually recommends not using fast dry reducer at all. It does not say that on the technical data sheets, but that is what they say at the PPG training center. So to answer your question, using a slower reducer will work fine….with PPG anyway. If it is a complete, I'd definitely use a slow reducer. Thanks for watching!

  6. I sprayed a non-metallic base on my motorcycle tank, then I taped some stripes with 3M rice tape and shot my finish coat. The final base coat is a metallic. The problem I see is that the edges of the stripes are very noticable. Is there anything I can do before I spray the clear? By the way I'm using Shopline Base Coat/Clear Coat.

  7. here in the Philippines, all paint stores here had one type of reducer , which is the fast drying and when I used it, the surface looks like 100-grit sandpaper! I did sand the base with 600 grit because like I said like 100 grit paper, the down to 1000 grit and re-spray base, my question is, how many coats of base to make it right?

  8. You are The MAN. That's the problem I'm having right now. I'm going to try what you said. Hell I probably painted the car 10 freaking times. Loosing money on my on car. I'm Painting the Hood,fender,and bumper of an 2000 Nissan Altima‎. Paint code is CV4 Sandrift Beige Metallic.)

  9. yep I had the rough look  in my base coat look just like sand ,smitty's did not want to advise me,so my 16 year old son fig it out too much psi…smart kid

  10. You seem super knowledgeable, and I appreciate your tips.
    I'm painting a motorcycle with BC/CC, using ATX products from Sherwood Williams.
    After priming a few parts and practicing with some marbling techniques, I discovered I don't have the skills to do that.(YEA,looks simple enough using the saran wrap).
    So after re-sanding and then re-priming/sealing, for some reason the sealer went on with pinholes all over it  as soon as it went on. I cleaned real well with the surface cleaner before spraying. I used the 2k method which called for 4:1 Sealer:Hardner and I'm pretty sure I had the mix correct.
    I feel like using some C-4 on the whole project.

  11. I painted my car and it has overspray all over. Extremely bumpy and not clear at all.. I sprayed clear over top and it just doesn't look good. I'll scratch up the clear and respray mor base coat.. I think I was spraying to much psi.. Any tips you can recommend? Need help!!

  12. i hade orange peel in my base coat started sanding wet with 1200, do i sand down  to where i cant see the blemish

  13. my boyfriend painted my car then it was orange peel sprayed second coat over it n it has dry spray now. what can we do to fix it?

  14. I had rust on edge of roof near the windscreen. So i sanded it to bare metal. Primed ir with self etching and filler primer. instead of painting that area and trying to blend it by sanding I made the mistake to scuff around it to try to blend the paint using paint that came in spray can that match the paint code. The color is light metallic silver. Unfortunately, I don't know what went wrong. I tested the paint under the car and paint seemed to match perfectly. I scuffed with 600 around the rust area in roof but paint seems to be darker even after drying. I don't know what to do or what went wrong. I did light coats trying not to spray too much.
    Should i sand it down with 600 to get rid of all that basecoat?. i was thinking maybe I can clear coat it afterwords hoping there is still paint from previously before scuffing with 600.
    There is also like dust that looks like tiny rock stuck inside the paint in an area I didn't even scuff. How can I get rid of it? What should I do about the paint difference? How come under car it worked fine? Help please

  15. Hi with solid colours base coats eg black can I sand it and apply clear coat and not apply another coat of base what is the disadvantage of that

  16. can I wet sand metallic paint? it goes on rough but I'm using a perfect match spray can. the car I have is reflex silver metallic.

  17. Thank you very much. I just started my own shop and tried to paint one of my shop co owner's car and we kinda messed up. but now its gonna get fixed. thanks to you!

  18. hey bud, I'm doing a hood and I see flares so I suppose I need more base coats in certain places. but since I'm using spray cans because I don't have an air compressor and I'm also a cheapy. my question is, if a base coat it and see imperfections, can I sand it and buff it out before the clear coat, or do I just clear coat it after the base coat and just hope for it to come out good with sanding it in the last stage of clear?

  19. what about hitting entire hood lightly with gray scuff pad evenly…then clear coat…Will it still be scratchy looking?this is semi metallic looking paint…2001 dark green f150…doesn't need to be perfect..thanks

  20. I have recently painted a white hood in 2k black and have found when the hood has dried that is has a bumpy texture. Do I need to wet sand or dry sand the texture out and what grit would you recommend and once the texture removed can i put another coat of base-coat on it ? Thank you in advanced.

  21. What if I painted my car added the base coat and then clear coat and it feels rough looks alright just rough what can I do and thank you

  22. I actually had this problem today with a base coat that I thought was ready to spray…. It was not so I sanded down the rough stuff with 800 and added reducer, it worked great.
    I wondered if I did the right thing and you say that's what you do as well great!

    The paint went on like sandpaper with no reducer added. I knew right away I had to fix it lol

  23. Good video, "hits the spot!" I sanded my base coat with 1200, because there were differences in the "sheen" of the color. Now it is a mix of simple solid red, some dull, some bright. To me it is obvious that the "high spots" were sanded down. Is that the same color? Can I clear coat, or will the variation in the color show after the clear is applied. Your help is appreciated, Thanks.

  24. I've used 1500 paper and leveled the color then directly cleared and have had no problems. I guess it depends on how bad it is … when doing spot repairs the color coat is roughed up and then cleared ….. if it was a really bad spray on a big panel it would be better to re-color and get it smooth …

  25. Thanks for this video! I was about to give up after painting my car eight times with this problem on my hood and roof! I couldn't figure it out!

  26. I can't figure out why I can not get silver paint from orange pilling it is as smooth as can be but has orange pill don't understand why can you tell me what I am doing wrong

  27. Hi I’m first time I use solvent base coat after two coat the paint is rough like 500 grid and I use medium reducer and make a spider it’s a silver Color I use Iwata ls400 1.3 tip pursuers 26 psi fan Abir full and material all open temperature area 23c. So what’s my wrong
    Thanks for your reply

  28. Thank you so much for this video. You explained exactly the problem I had and how to fix it. Before watching your video I was completely lost. As it was my 1st attempt at spray painting a car.

  29. I tried to stretch my hardner and clear and it get back wet in the sun.. what’s the best grid sand paper can I use to cut it out?

  30. What about a lacquer base coat that when its sprayed it looks like fiberglass hairs coming out of the gun?

  31. Thanks. Customer provided their own materials (rolleyes) on a tri-coat white pearl, and Omni always does me wrong when it comes to this. I miss the days of being able to buy DBU and DRR reducer. I'll adapt, next time and see how it goes.

  32. My clear with a lot of orange peel.should I have sand that out of baasecoat before applying clear or jus wet sand the clear and polish

  33. What’s up bro, it’s me again… LOL so the other tips you gave me were perfect, I guess I got to excited I blocked down the small area, that I burned through, with 320 then 400..then epoxy primer, thought I sanded the area down smoothly, gave it 4 coats of base coat now I have a little high spot and rough areas through the paint. ( I know I should have put guide coat but I didn’t) could I sand the area down with 600 and 800 and put more base??? Help me again please bro!! Thanks!!!

  34. I put 2 coats of base ,ran out of paint ,a week later it arrives ,do I need to sand with 800 to smooth and get overspray off to finish paint and clear?

  35. On a Matte black primer finish I have some dry areas. I have spray a Matte clear coat yet so could I scuff it with 800 and clear it or scuff re-shoot it then clear?

  36. Could you get away with sanding with 1000 and spraying clear over without having to respray base? Spraying a 040 Toyota super white with no metallic

  37. very helpful info ty for that but in the future can you show how the spray patterns look while spraying

  38. Man you are like the only answer on YouTube lol I painted my hood yesterday with color match and I need more coats to go on but I notice that overspray was landing back down on my hood, so it looks like some sand was painted over, I'm just using a little 1 car garage and didnt want to do it outside, I didnt know you could sand the base coat but then again I'm new to it all, thanks for the tips

  39. Im painting my 98 Chevy GM white base coat clear coat did my base coat and yep it feels like sand paper I cleared my tail gate to see how it will look and it's got no reflection but it's shiny Im lost as to why that is please help me thank you sir

  40. Great help. Trying to fix over spray in clear. Very dry air on day. Looked like it had snowed on my roof top.trying to work out how to take out.

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