Basic Car Care & Maintenance : Checking Car Tire Tread Wear

Basic Car Care & Maintenance : Checking Car Tire Tread Wear

Hi this is Jeff Wong with Expert Village and
today we’re going to learn the basics of maintaining your vehicle. In this next section we’re going
to be looking at the tire and looking at the tread wear and how it relates to the alignment
of the car. So if you look here you can see a pretty new tire. If you take note, inside
the tire there are slightly raised bumps both in the center and along the edge of the tire.
These are the tire wear marks. When these wear marks are reached, when the tire is worn
down to these marks the tire is close to being replaced. Now, if your tire does not have
these wear marks and you want to check a section of the tire that doesn’t have these marks
available for the correct depth, you can use a penny. Now if you take the penny and you
notice the top of the hairline of Abraham Lincoln on the penny, you can take the penny
and turn it upside down and put it inside the tread. Now if the tread is shallower than
the gap from the edge of the penny, the Abraham Lincoln’s head the tread has been worn down
too much and the tire probably needs to be replaced. So you can see along the inside
of this tire that some of the tread is shallower than this gap on the penny but towards the
center of the tire there is still plenty of tread left. So if you see wear along the inside
and the outside of the tire, but very little wear along the inside, your tire may be under
inflated causing the inside to sink or be pushed into the tire. Now, if you only see
heavy wear along the middle of the tire, but the outside of the tire’s are relatively unworn.
You tire may be over inflated or have too much air in it. So you may need to adjust
your tire pressure accordingly. Now if you tread wear is heavy on either the inside or
the outside or may be one corner of your vehicle on only one tire or may be just the front
or may be just the rear tires, you may want to bring your car in and have the alignment

36 Replies to “Basic Car Care & Maintenance : Checking Car Tire Tread Wear”

  1. be careful dont buy used tires they will blew up when u drive even the mechanic insured its relatively new with low price dont believe him otherwise u will lose yr life for fist of dollars…..

  2. Maybe with car tires you use a penny, but for bigger one like for trucks and buses you use a quarter. Thank you for the video by the way! It's helpful. 🙂

  3. I know that I need new tires on my right front passenger because of the stupid idler arm which went out on me kick the tire out more than it should go. that idler arm and outer tie rod is fix. Now I have to spend up to $800 to get all 4 tires to be new again. WANT TIRES TO LAST FOREVER NEVER EVER DRAG RACE OR DO ANYTHING STUPID LIKE BURN OUT. if you do those 2 things good luck with spending $5,000 or more on tire with those big wheels you people always want.

  4. You say if the front has more wear then the back or vice versa? What if its front wheel drive shouldn't it have a lot more wear anyway in the front? My fronts are pretty worn down, the center treds on some spots are almost flat, my backs are like flawless though. Cant I just rotate the tires, that should work for awhile right?

  5. Next problem is Dry-Rotting, My tires passes the tire test but with 10 years on the car they started cracking and losing air….Dangerous!

  6. Crystal clear explanation, my friend. I read somewhere that the tread depth should be 3.175 mm, your tire is good to go. Anything below, you need to go to the tire shop. Right? In India, we don't have the penny yet!

  7. So my tires needs to be changed because the treads depth is below 2mm and i feel vibration from 80kph and above and steering wheel shakes a little …

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