Basically a Jugg on Knight – Oryx's Battle Attires ST Review and Gameplay: RotMG

Basically a Jugg on Knight – Oryx's Battle Attires ST Review and Gameplay: RotMG

hello everybody mothership here hosta recently died so I took over his YouTube channel what's the second oryx's battle to tie your st set and as you can see it looks pretty familiar we got the the Oryx and all of his sixteen by sixteen glory and it's you know it's cities inside we're going to go through the items here and give you some gameplay footage afterward so up first we've got Oryx is great sword which is pretty decent it ignores the defensive target so it armor Pierce's which means using it what the augment it's got really low range though two point eight instead of three point five so you got to be careful I only use it in things where you're okay with getting close to your enemy and also as we're go into with the shield later you might not be able to stun for very long so you got to make sure that you're safe when you're using the sword it does have a slightly higher rate of fire though which means that it does end up doing quite a bit of damage especially considering its armor piercing as you can see past 17 defense it's better than the acclaim and even when you're hitting all the shots in the pixie past around 35 defense it's going to be better so very good in god lands and things like that but good to carry a swap out for things like The Lost halls either in a claim or a stone sword or something that's got range so for the sword you can see that the shots with the full set on look like this and they don't go very far if you go in backwards against they go a little further but they're kind of cool they look sort of like arrowheads or something and if you take the set off you get these shots which are reminiscent of the Stone sword but a little bit later looking not as cool I definitely prefer it with full set on for the champions bastion you've got the plus 15 defense for 2.5 seconds which is a big styling part of this thing so it's similar in use to a jug or something where you use it and you keep it going and you can see your defense goes up each time you use it sort of an exponential decay function for how much it goes up so the first time you can see it goes up 15 but the second time it only goes up another 7 so that means that each time you use it it only goes up a little bit more and it caps at 95 I believe if you keep spamming it ever you can't get past that point so it's pretty good in terms of that however it only stuns for 1.5 seconds which means that if you're going to be spending something like Oryx – you're not going to be doing a very good job and you're probably going to get hurt also because the sword has such short range you got to be really careful with that it does 385 – 455 damage which as you can see is slightly more same number of shots and it only costs 75 MP whereas the Colo costs 100 but I would highly recommend using the Colo as a swap out for this set in general because you do have the partial bonuses for using three pieces of the set you get the +5 dexterity and 15 defense you just miss out on a bit of HP so if you swap in something like a Colo or a rescan Colo it doesn't affect your stats too much and you can get that full stunning time which is really effective on this set and it allows you to perma stun whereas with this shield you can't really do that because of the limitations on how long that's done lasts it's really good for rushing however so if you did something like an abyss I would recommend this shield because you're generally going to kill things before the stun runs out and you get that plus defense which is gonna keep you alive for quite a while however in the last halls or something you might want to switch it out for something else just so that you're actually able to use your stuns and get them off properly for the Murrays bane it's just an armor it's really not that special the only thing is its defense is lower than something like a robe so you do have to be careful and make sure you've got enough defence coming from other items to use it we're going to do a little bit of a video on other places that you can use this set other classes that it's good on so make sure you stay tuned for that if you want to subscribe and hit that Bell icon you can do so I just keep up with the with the next videos otherwise looking at this armor you get +7 attack and 7 dexterity which hugely increase your damage output so if you're safe and you want to do a lot of damage it's really quite good to use and I do highly recommend this armor especially with other defence boosting items like the bloodstone ring which gives you plus for defense and kind of makes up for a little bit of that armors loss however it only gives you one hundred and twenty HP so if you're not using it with the full set I would generally recommend using a pyrrha instead of ring in the pyramid because you're also going to get 4/4 cost of 20 HP you're going to get four attack as well and in general on any other class or with any other set I would recommend using the pyramid ring instead so yeah rings okay mostly just to complete the set though all in all the full set is pretty good I recommend it in places where you're safer but you want to do more damage things like a dead water docks would be a great example of where to use it however I would not recommend it at oryx – or in the lost halls just because of the issues with stunning you can't get those stuns off right and your range is quite limited so a 1.5 second stun where you have to get that close and then back out you're just going to be frankly missing out on more dps than you would have done with something like a colossus and a pixie sword and you're also going to be at higher risk of dying with a pretty cool set so that's the set in general we're gonna put on some footage here for you to see Thank You Foster for letting me review this when he got the items until the hard work and I will see you guys in more videos now because I'm finally back from Europe and I can make videos again alright enjoy the footage 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  1. How tf is a GREAT SWORD faster and shorter then a normal sword did deca not even think about this for more then half a fucking second

  2. It's confirmed that in that white bag that hits in him the head in the intro is a demon blade and the handle bonks him in the head he told me himself.

  3. I'm not sure but the short rang of the sword + low def of armor + the un trusty variable def buff by shield + and low stun duration makes it very risky

  4. Where’s Hoffster and why do I only hear his voice in the background, where do you have him tied up.

  5. Who is this mother ship guy and why is this channel named that now? Should I be worried for Hoffster?

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