Batman \ Bruce Wayne ‘Batman v Superman’ Behind The Scenes [+Subtitles]

Batman \ Bruce Wayne ‘Batman v Superman’ Behind The Scenes [+Subtitles]

We had designed
one grappling gun with carbon fiber and we tried to give it
a little bit of a techy look. It shoots that dart out. There’s a CG cable that goes out with it. Zack was like,
“l think that should be wood.”He thought, “I ‘d really like to add
some more organic materials into the gun
These are some of the weapons
that we’ve used throughout the movie. This is his grenade launcher. He uses this during the mech suit fight. We fabricated this. It’s supposed to be
a carbon-fiber canister. This is Batman’s long-range rifle
that shoots a tracking device. This is the Batarang of choice
for the movie. We wanted some earlier generation,
so we decided to make this as well. Just to show that there is a transition. He has evolved
in terms of his technology. Zack, he wanted our Batman
to be a brutish kind of a brawler. Batman, when he’s fighting,
he’s in charge. The odds may be against him, he may be fighting five, six,
seven, eight guys at one time, but he’s in charge. He doesn’t cower to anyone. And although being very strong
and very physically fit, he can take you down in a number of ways. And he’s very technical, and you see this guy’s moves,
and you see what he can do. WILKINSON: His power wasn’t
through the armor and the technical details of the suit, but just the brute strength
of the man inside the suit. BEN:I got in the best shape
that I’d ever been in,
and then I sort of got past that. ‘Cause we were going for
this idea of like a big, hulking, thicker, bruiser physique,which wasn’t lithe and ripped,
it was more like big and brawler.
Fifteen months ahead of time, I was training four and then five,
and then, ultimately, six days a week. It’s hard to add muscle to your body,
especially at my age. lfstough. And that’s what we did. I ended up putting on about
two-and-a-half pounds of muscle a month, and really, really
changing my body completely. You could see there was
muscle definition from head to toe. He was incredibly ripped. The suit, in fact, skims the body,
you can see every muscle. So, it’s this incredibly
intimidating figure that looks a lot like the way
he’s drawn in the graphic novel. Even through the boots, through the gloves you get this impression
of a tower of strength. Zack really wanted it to
pay homage to the batsuits in the graphic novels and comic books
over the last 75 years of his history. GEOFF JOHNS: Well, the greatest thing
about the new costume, I think,
is that we have the gray back. Just because we’ve been armored in black
and it’s cool, that they’ve done it. And now the fact that
we get to go back to this gray look with the big black bat and the short ears. WILKINSON: Zack really
wanted the costume to look like it’d been around
for a long time, that he’d fought in this costume
over the decades. He wanted the sense that there’s
a battle-worn quality to the costume. So, from head to toe,
there’s wear and tear. There’s scratches, there’s bullet holes. There’s all sorts of signs that
he’s been out there on the streets for a long time now.It’s interesting, ’cause the batsuit
may at first appearances seem
quite simple and low-tech. But the costume technologies and the thinking that goes
into achieving that look are actually pretty cutting edge. We create a mannequin of him,
we do the muscle-sculpt on top of that. And then, of course,
you have to make the molds, and make the positives and the negatives. Pour the foam latex,
tint the latex, paint the cowl. It’s a huge achievement
in costume engineering. ZACK: The mech suit doesn’t really
make him stronger, necessarily. We don’t really show that. But it does… There’s more armor
in case Superman hits him. WILKINSON: What Zack liked about it
is this sense that it’s something that a guy
has put together, welded, prototyped in his workroom. It’s kind of unfinished and raw
and oversized, and a little brutish. And that worked for our idea of him having to really
put everything into this suit in order to prepare to face Superman and feel like he had some chance
against this incredible superhero. Henry’|| come in and he’ll do that,
but then it’s a right hook. Okay. Let me tell you, when you’re in the rain,
up on a rooftop, shooting IMAX, it’s not the most practical thing. But we made a determination
that we wanted to use the real mech suit. It definitely grounds
the fight in reality. And the way that Henry reacts
to Ben when he’s in that suit, I think, is different
than if it was just a mocap suit. Of course there are scenes, because some of the fighting
is extremely difficult and you can’t move in that suit that much, where we did use the motion capture suit but we tried, whenever possible,
to go with the real thing.

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  2. Omg!! Ive found the treasure trove of people who understand and appreciate bvs!! In this one comment section! Im literally so happy. All i do is argue with half bred marvel fans about how bvs was the ultimate superhero movie and theyre just too simple to see why. But you guys here actually all get it!!!! Its awesome to be understood

  3. The problem with this movie is that zack snyder doesnt stick to the originality of the characters batman doesnt kill but this one does

  4. He was the best looking Batman we ever seen, they just ruined the code and nerfed him in justice league. But Batman vs superman was one of the best movies I ever watched

  5. i personally feel once you watch, all the behind the scenes, to most movies any way, it not only makes you wanna watch it again but it makes you appreciate and like the movie even more!

  6. The movie is ok. I just didn't like batman killing and the resolution of things was pretty poor. I had better ways to advance the story.

  7. I`m really sad that this Batman version (Ben Afleck Batman) has to be over.. 🙁
    In fact that this version of Batman is the best potrayal of Batman ever.

  8. I still remember the backlash the community hurled when Affleck was announced as the next Batman. It was sad really. While I was not a fan of how Batman was depicted in Justice League, the brutality and savagery in which Affleck brought to Batman in this movie was the best, most intimidating characterization of Batman on any big screen. It was the Batman we've all been waiting for.

    Affleck was the best Batman imho. This was "Arkham" on the big screen. I hope it is one day replicated.

  9. Кто дизайнер костюма Бетса? Это так отвратно смотрится. Так сложно глянуть в Batman: Arkham Knight прикид Мыша?

  10. Never liked the fact that they had Batman using guns. That character was known for hating guns. Honestly, Ben wasn't that great, he looked a bit overweight and overly emotional. The costume was kind of bland. That branding iron was, in my opinion, very unheroic. Frankly, this was just a hot mess. Wrong interpretation, wrong depiction, wrong, wrong, wrong. I didn't like most the movie. DC has such great characters, but the studios just don't get it.
    Marvel's team gets it.
    You don't have to agree with me. The box office receipts are all the proof required.

  11. They didn’t work this hard for you to convince yourself that the only thing to Batman is that he doesn’t kill criminals

  12. For me this was the BEST Batman ever! He finally inspired freaking FEAR. I mean..look at him, huge and bad ass, i would be scared to fight that guy.

  13. I don't care about critics but BVS was the 3rd best superhero movie after Batman trilogy and man of steel I've ever saw.

    I don't take critics too seriously because most of them are too dumb to comprehend a good movie.

    BVS Superman wasn't as entertaining as marvel movies but it was based on human psychology , their insecurities about the power that is superior than themselves.

    Superman wasn't a threat to world but Batman wasn't sure about that. He couldn't just accept the fact that the someone that powerful can be all good and not pose a threat to world.

    This is would have happened if we had Batman and Superman in real world.

  14. Va to aros un poco más en serio al personaje…otras franquicias hn hecho k hasta los artulijios de batman funcionarán…

  15. I’m sure Ben was out there banging everything in sight. Lol and I’m sure you ladies didn’t turn him away either. How shallow some women are. Lol

  16. Michael Wilkinson deserved an Oscar for his work in Tron Legacy, Man of Steel, BVS, Wonder Woman and Justice League

  17. Alot of people knock this version of Batman, but graphic novel burly Batman is my favorite and they really brought it to the screen here. For me, the best Bruce Wayne is Christian Bale, but he sucked as Batman. Micheal Keaton was a great Batman, but a terrible Bruce Wayne. Clooney was a horrible as both. Val Kilmer had a great suit but the movie sucked so bad. Ben Affleck for me was the best Batman. Shame it wasnt a full movie.

  18. Affleck was one of my favourite Batman’s I hate how man of steel,Dawn of Justice and justice league got so much critism just because the avengers were more popular

  19. All this good work going to the drain thanks to warner executives messing with the production, same as superman 2 in the 80’s. They never learn

  20. You can have the coolest gadgets and spend millions of props but if your story is rubbish then it dont mean JACK

  21. And no one of those fucking moron realized. that when you have meetings over:" should we use wood or steel on the guns?" in a Batman movie. That you already fuckt it up at the very core… 😉

  22. That fight scene where Batman saves Martha was the best live action footage of Batman ever committed to the big screen

  23. Biggest waste and failure of a fucking Batman Movie EVER…….Fucking terrible. You can't make up for it by showing behind the scene footage of crap

  24. We miss you Ben, the best Batman, amazing epic action moments and he's look so big and scary. Stupid Warner, DCU no need other Batman, need Batffleck and Zack Snyder.

    They change and cut all their movies and then wonder why they don't work at the box office … Let the staff do their job … I want more movies like MoS and BVS, no like a Marvel all-the-same-style…

  25. By far the best Batman. He didn't seem tacky or cheesy like Bale's Batman and had that comic book feel but still seemed believable.

  26. Whatever they say about this movie, in my opinion, Ben was the best Batman ever played on any theater… like ever. If you played Batman video games on PS 4, you would understand what I'm saying.

  27. I especially love when Ben had a breakdown on Bill Maher show. He definitely used roids for his Batman role and that moment during Maher show made it obvious.

  28. Don't know how they admit to working out 6 days a week, and hour after hour, but cower from admitting they also need to supplement "hormonally". Just own it, dammit!

  29. I liked this version of Batman, this one & Chris Noland Batman actually showed Batman's driven nature and his ability to kick ass and take names

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