Beautiful Baby Sweater with Round Neck, Baby Jacket, Baby Cardigan/ गोल गळ्याचे सुंदर क्रोशे स्वेटर

Beautiful Baby Sweater with Round Neck, Baby Jacket, Baby Cardigan/ गोल गळ्याचे सुंदर क्रोशे स्वेटर

Hello friends, welcome to Kalopasak. Friends in this video we shall see, how to make this crochet baby sweater. This is for a baby up to one year. First time we shall make full sleeves sweater, before this we have seen sleeveless crochet jacket in Kalopasak part 74. The height of this sweater is 27 cms, width 24 cms and sleeves length is 25 cms. Though here we are making this for 1 year baby but you should be able to make it for 2-3 or 4-5 years kid also. For that I will give you measurements and tips. This sweater is top down and we start it with 45 chains. You can start with any other number of chains which are multiple of 4 plus 1. Here are first 9 rows of this sweater. First row is simple sc in every chain. But second row is designed for multiple of 4 sts as, dc 1 in 3 sts and dc 2 in forth st, like this. Thus if you start with 45 sts then we get 44 scs after first row which forms 11 groups of 4 sts and hence 11 sts are increased after 3rd row and in every row after that. So if you want little bit bigger in size, then you may start with 48 + 1 that is 49 chains. Here are the general measurements of the full sleeves sweater. For the baby up to 1 year, neck 10 cm, height 27 cm, width 24/25 cm, sleeves length 25 cm. The sweater we see here is of this measurement. If you have to make it for 2-3 years baby then neck is 11 cm so instead of 45 chs, let us start with 49 chs and in this way. If you start with 49 chs then after first row you will have 48 sts. In that case after every row 12 sts will be increased because 48 means 12 groups of 4 sts each. So if you start with 48 then they will increase as 48 – 60 – 72 … and so on. Even you can make sweater for 6 years baby, for that you need neck 15 cm hence we strat with 60 + 1 chs. In that case number of sts after each row will be 60 – 75 – 90 – 105 … and so on. You can also customise it as per your need. When you want length of yoke larger than this you can increase one row as in 9th row that means in that case your 10th row will be…. dc 1 in each of 10 sts and dc 2 in 11th st like this….. Thus after this sweater you will gain confidence that you can make sweater of any size. Here we made this in 2 colours, instead if you make it in single colour, that will also look beautiful. Moreover it will be simple also. So friends let us start this one. For this round neck, front open sweater, I choose these two colours. Both yarns are 4 ply Vardhamaan. Because this is the first full sleeves sweater and that too in two colours so I have not put any design. Only here you will need to know basic stitches as single crochet, double crochet, and half double crochet. To start with make slip knot and then 45 chains. R 1: sc 1 in each chain starting from second chain. For single crochet, insert needle / hook in a chain, YO get one st out again YO and pass through 2 sts on the hook. So in row 1 there are 44 single crochets. Here we have finished row 1. R 2: ch 3 turn, dc 1 in next two sts, dc 2 in the next st, ( dc 1 in each of the next 3 sts, dc 2 in the next st) repeat till end. R 2: ch 3 turn, dc 1 in next two sts, dc 2 in the next st, ( dc 1 in each of the next 3 sts, dc 2 in the next st) repeat till end. starting 3 chs are considered as first double crochet. For double crochet: YO insert the hook in the st, YO take one st out,(3 sts on the hook), YO pass through 2 out of 3 sts, YO pass through 2 sts on the hook. So in every forth st there is increase of 1 st. R 3: ch 3 turn, dc1 in each of the next 3 sts, dc 2 in the next, ( dc 1 in 4 sts and dc 2 in fifth st) repeat till end. R 4 will be: ch 3 turn, dc1 in each of the next 4 sts, dc 2 in the next, ( dc 1 in 5 sts and dc 2 in fifth st) repeat till end. These written notes explains other rows. R 4: ch 3 turn, dc1 in next 4 sts, dc 2 in next st, ( dc1 in 5 sts, dc2 in sixth st) repeat till end. R 5: ch 3 turn, dc1 in 5 sts, dc2 in next, ( dc 1 in 6 sts and dc 2 in seventh st) repeat till end. Thus after each row there will be increase by 11 sts. Starting with 44 dcs, then 55, then 66, then 77 and so on. After 8th row we will have 121 sts. Work these 8 rows then I will tell about 9th row. When we want to use two colours, change after every two rows. We have seen separate video Kalopasak part 82 for joining the different colour yarn. Let us see it again, in dc we have 3 sts on the hook then we work YO and pss through 2 sts out of 3, now here take a different colour yarn and then make YO and pass through these 2 sts, so that the new st on the hook will be in new colour. Let us complete 8 rows and then I will tell you about 9th row. Friends here I have these 8 rows completed. Don’t worry about these many threads, we shall hide them when we work button band. R 9: Ch 3 turn, dc1 in each of next 16 sts, ch 3, skip 26 sts and dc 1 on next 35 sts again ch 3, skip 26 sts and dc 1 on last 17 sts. In this row we shall divide all these sts in 5 parts – 2 parts of sleeves, 2 front parts and 1 back part. I fixed markers accordingly. Here we are starting 9th row. Ch 3 means first dc and 16 more dcs so total there should be 17 dcs. Ch 3, skip 26 sts and dc on next st.then 34 dcs on 34 sts. for back. Sorry I did 16 dcs actually there are 17 dcs including ch3 as first dc. Here we make dc on 27th st. Then dc 1 on each of next 34 sts. Friends here I have finished 9th row. Here onward we shall work back and 2 fronts sides together. Work till the height is 27 cm from the top. Total sts we shall work are, left front 17+ back 35+ right front 17 + 3 underarm increased+ 3 other underarm. So total 75 dcs will be there. R 10: ch 3 turn dc 1 on each st till end. Repeat R 10 till the height reached 27 cm or 10.5 inches. After that, I will show you how to work sleeves. Here we finished and made the height 27 cm. Sleeves you have to work 25 cm in length. For Sleeves: Join the new yarn at underarm sts (ch 3 we have made in 9th row). Make ch 3 ( as first dc) then dc 1 on each st. There are 26 sts ( in white) and 11 we increased including underarm and dc on both sides worked in the 9th row. So in all here will be 26 + 11 that is 37 dcs. You can keep the width of the sleeve constant as it is for small baby or you can decrease 2 sts after every 4 rows. that twice. I will just show how to decrease sts. Make 1 incomplete dc then another incomplete dc and then YO and pass through all the 3 sts. Thus we work 2 sts but only 1 st is formed. If you decrease 4 sts like this (twice- each after 4 rows) then at last 33 sts will remain. Then we shall work button band, buttonhole band. Also border to the neck and bottom. We shall work all this with half double crochet (hdc) For bottom it is easy because all sts are clearly seen. But for button band we have to pick up sts from the side. Button band: Join the yarn at the 2, hdc 2 on the gap formed by 1 dc round By the way also hide those two coloured thread ends. For half double crochet: YO insert the hook in a st, YO get the st out (3 sts on hook) YO and pass through all the three sts. Pick up 3 or 4 sts from each colour band remember that button band should be straight and not curved any where. If you saw gap then you can pick up 1 st more, no problem. For button band make 3 rows (of hdc 1 in each st) Also make one row of hdc for buttonhole band then I will show you how to make button hole in second row of that band. After 3 rows of button band, you will be at neck side so make hdc on the neck line also then atomatically you will be on button hole band so make one row of hdc there. I have marked the positions where I have to make button holes. We shall make all of our button holes on brown colour band so that colour of buttons can be easy to choose. Row 1 of button hole band is done R2: ch 2 turn (hdc 1 on each st till the marker, ch 2 skip 2 sts hdc on next st) repeat 3 times more. R 3: ch 2 turn, hdc 1 on each st till end. Then work hdc in each st at the bottom, note that at corner you have to work 3 hdc in a corner st. In this last corner st 1 hdc is already worked, so work 2 hdc so that shape will be perfect. Friends, see this beautiful sweater is complete. I think that you will like this pattern. You can make in ant size also. At the time of sleeves note that while changing the colour your end yarn should remain inside the sleeve. If you like this please Like…, Share … and Comment … I am always eager to hear from you. Please SUBSCRIBE my channel. Thank you.

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  1. Me 48 ch cha sweater vinayla ghetla..100 gm lokar purali nhi…ani to multicolor ata tya dukanat milat nahiye..sweater cha ek haat vinycha rahila…
    tumhi khup chhan sangitlt madam…love ur all tutorials
    ekda jalidar jacket vinun dakhval ka..kurti kinva dress var ghalta yeil asa…

    thank you.

  2. Tumche sweater Chan ahee, pn Brown ani black colour madhe design disat nahi . Tumhi yellow or white colour madhe sweater dakhava . 1 te 1half varshacha front open full bahi cha sweater dakhava

  3. Hi Mi 1st time krt ahe …
    8 oli madhe maze 121 take nahi aale …. Mg Mi ajun 2 oli vadhau ka… 121 take yei prayant

  4. Hello namaskar 🙏…… Mi parat 2 oli vadhavalya . Atta alet 121 take ….atta bhai chi baju sodun Khaki parayat ale ahe vinat … hight 27cm Ani width 23 yayla pahije na …. Mazya swtr chi width 16 Ali ahe khupch lahan vatat ahe te ……… Lokar pn Barik ahe ahi mi sui chya tokachi baju pn Barik ahe …. Mhanun zal asel ka as?
    Mazye suravqtiche take khupach ghatt zalet ……. Atta te chot jacket sarakh vatat ahe ….
    Sui mothi vaparayachi ka …. ?
    Ani dhaga mala jad nahi milala … Mg thod loss thevayach ka vinatana?

  5. Hello mam 🙏……..jas 45 take ghetale ki vadhat vadhat 121 hotat ….. Nantat bhai chya veli 26..26.. bhaila Ani madhe 35 take yetat mg ….. Samaja Mi 52 take ghetale tr kasa ….. Take sodayache bhaichya veli ….

  6. Hello mam Mi 53 chain ni suravat keli atta jas tumhi sangital ahe ts jamal ahe 😃 ….. Bs final width kiti yeil Ani High kiti theu sanga …….. Plz🙏

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