Beautiful Bangabandhu Textile Engineering College campus(BTEC)

Beautiful Bangabandhu Textile Engineering College campus(BTEC)

Welcome to The beautiful Bangabandhu textile engineering college. Bangabandhu Textile Engineering College is an textile engineering college in Kalihati, Tangail, Bangladesh. The college is academically operated by the Bangladesh University of Textile. Formerly it was operated by University of Dhaka (1st Batch-9th Batch) This college is one of the most reputed textile engineering college in Bangladesh.It is one of the five textile engineering colleges which are directly controlled by Ministry of Textiles & Jute, Bangladesh The college was established in 2007. There are now four departments here Yarn Manufacturing
Fabric Manufacturing (Weaving and Knitting)
Wet Processing
Garments Manufacturing Total credit: 160

At present approximately 460 students are enrolled at the college. Of these, around 15% are female. Admission
Admission procedure is administered by the Department of Textiles in Bangladesh. Students who have successfully passed and have received a Diploma in Textile Engineering can apply for admission. Admission is offered once a year, generally in June.BTEC have 120 seats.Admission of BTEC is highly competitive . Career prospects
The technological knowledge and skills of textile engineers are valued by textile manufacturing companies. Hall Facility
The hall facility of Bangabandhu Textile Engineering college is very well.There are 3 residential halls.Two halls for boys and one for ladies. There are some overwhemling sculptor in this campus like choy dhofa which carries the sign of 6 points movement. where students can practice a lots of things sitting there. Its beautiful art will definitely touch your heart. Bijoy Ekattor which reminds you the freedom of Bangladesh and its dedication Worth watching connecting breedge to female hostel can Remind you The Hatirjheel Besides these more interesting things are existed in BTEC Facilities
Workshop and laboratories at the Bangabandhu Textile Engineering College are equipped with modern machinery and equipment to meet the international standards. If you wanna enjoy the beauty of BTEC ,you can visit Here separating your time which can give you a happy moments indeed. Thank you for patience Watching. Like share comments and Subscribe TEX WAHID Allah hafez

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