Beautiful Crochet Baby Dress / Sweater / Cardigan / Jacket – क्रोशाचा सुंदर ड्रेस , स्वेटर (मराठी)

Beautiful Crochet Baby Dress / Sweater / Cardigan / Jacket – क्रोशाचा सुंदर ड्रेस , स्वेटर (मराठी)

Hello friends, welcome to Kalopasak. In this video we shall make this beautiful baby dress. This will fit for 1 -1.5 years baby. You can make bigger size also. This is Holi special dress. I hope that you will like it. As it is crochet dress you can easily make it. This is top down sweater, that is started from the neck Here we use single crochet (sc), double crochet (dc), half double crochet (hdc) and Back Loop single crochet (BPsc). You will have to know these stitches only. We have separate videos for each of them, you can see them for details. If you want to make this in bigger size then instead of 66 chains you can start with 75 chains. That will fit for 3-4 years baby. Before joining pink colour yarn, we have increase row that is we increase the stitches. Three times we increase sts. If you start with 66 chs, after 4th row we have 84 sts, after 10th row 108 and after 16th row 140 sts. Similarly if you start with 75 sts after 4th row you will have 96 sts, after 10 th row 124 sts and after 16th row 161 sts. Height can be worked as much as you want. Hope that you will love it to make. If you like it press LIKE button, SHARE the video and also write the COMMENT. Also SUBSCRIBE this channel by pressing the red button. Press BELL shape button to start notification. This is YOKE type frock or dress. When sts increased to 140 then we place 27 sts for two sleeves and work remaining part together. We have also increased 3 sts as under arm stitches. Finally border again at the bottom. This pink border is worked same as for yoke only here the sts area not increased. This v-v-v line of braid type line is made by working half double crochet and back post single crochet.. We chose these white and pink Vardhamaan 4 ply yarn for this. Crochet hook is 3.25 mm. To begin with make slip knot and 66 chains. We made 66 chains and now make one more as our first row is of single crochet (sc). R1: (RS) sc 1 in each chain starting from second chain. sc: insert the hook in the next ch, yarn over (YO), get the stitch out, there are 2 sts on the hook, YO and pass through both of them. After row 1 make row 2 as follow, R2: (WS) Ch 1 turn sc 1 on each st. Friends we have completed 2 rows. You can check whether it is RS or WS from the first chain row. In this row we shall make one button hole. R3: (RS) sc 1 on three sts, ch 2 skip one st and sc 1 on each st from next. This button hole is ready here. Complete this row in the next 4th row (WS) we shall increase sts, I will show how. R4: (WS) ch 1 turn, sc 1 on each of the first 5 sts, then (sc 1 in each of next 2 sts, and sc 2 in the next st) repeat till last 7 sts., sc 1 in each of 7 sts. First 5 and last 5 sts are worked for button band and button hole band. There will be 18 groups of 3 sts so 18 sts increased. when last 7 sts remain 1 sc in 2 sts gives symmetric look around the button band and button hole band. After 4th row the number of sts will be 84. Please count it once. R5: ch 1 turn, sc 1 in each of the 84 sts. Finish these 5 rows then we join pink colour, I will show how. I have finished my 5 rows and see it takes some what round shape. R 6: (WS) ch 1 turn, sc 1 in each of 5 sts with white colour, join pink colour and make 1 hdc in each stitch till last 5 sts, work sc 1 in each of 5 sts by white colour. Here we have to join pink colour. For joining pink colour, we make last 1 out of 2 sts in sc by pink colour. Knot white and pink together. Take the white yarn on wrong side because it will be needed again. For hdc, YO insert in the next st, YO get one st out, now there are 3 sts on the hook, YO and pass through all of the three sts. When last 5 sts remain again join white yarn (another ball) and make sc 1 in each of 5 sts. Make all hdc with pink colour then we shall see next. I finished all hdc and now last 5 sts remain. While making last hdc pass white yarn while making 1 out of 3. Now make sc 1 in each of 5 sts. R 7: (RS) ch 1 turn, sc 1 in first 5 sts by white yarn, BLsc 1 in each st till last 5 sts remain, sc 1 in each of 5 sts by white colour. Join pink colour while making last 1 out of 2. Be the white yarn on wrong side. In half double crochet we have v-v-v — on both sides, make sc 1 on the back loop of each st. For Back Loop single Crochet (BLsc) insert the hook in back loop only, YO get the st out there are 2 sts on the hook, YO and pass through them. After this 7th row you can see such a line of v-v-v— or braid like line. See once again what we have done yet and what we have to do next. Then repeat R2 to R7 two times. After 10 row sts will be 108 and after row 16th we will have 140 sts. Finally you will get 3 pink lines and 140 sts. Then the yoke will be complete. Friends I have completed yoke. Let us see, What we have done for this Yoke? After 19th row our Yoke is complete. Here we shall place sts for sleeves separate and work two front parts and one back part together. Please measure the sts. Now we divide these 140 sts as follows. 140=front part one 23+ sleeve 27+ back part 40 + second sleeve 27+ front part second 23 Place 4 markers for these 5 parts. Out of these 5 parts, we shall not work further on 27 sts which we left for sleeves. Only we shall add 3 sts as under arm sts for both sleeves. So now the number of sts will be, 23+3+40+3+23=92 We shall work these 92 sts together. Here also we shall increase sts in the first row. Next row by white yarn: sc 1 on each of 5 sts, (sc1 on each of 2 sts, sc 2 in next st) repeat till under arm position, make three chains join with back side, repeat as in bracket, till second under arm make ch 3 join with other front, , repeat as in bracket last 5 sts remain work sc 1 on each of them. After this row our sts will be 119. But for the design we are working next we want 120 sts so we increase one st in between by making sc2 in some st. This is 20th row and WS. We also make one more button hole in this row. see we made sc 1 in two sts and sc 2 in next we repeat this for front side. Now we are making 3 chs for under arm increase. Skip 27 sts for sleeve and join with the back side. Complete in this way then I will show the design we are working. So we have finished the increase row and now we have 120 sts. Our design is Fan’s stitch, we have separate video whose link I am sharing in description box. We have to start our design from wrong side so we make one more row. Next row: ch 3 turn, dc 1 on each stitch. (120 sts) For double crochet (dc): YO insert hook in the st, YO take the st out, we have 3 sts on the hook, YO and pass through 3 sts out of 3 then YO and pass through remaining 2 sts. Here onward we use white yarn till the last two borders. Complete this row then once count the sts, it should be 119. For design we need multiple of 6 sts but here for keeping symmetry on both sides of two bands, we need 1 st more that why out 119 sts are OK because 119-10 of two band=109. Note that 109=multiple of 6 +1. So we don’t increase one st as earlier we said. For design, R 1 : ch 2 turn, 5 dc on 5 sts, Because here we are not considering first ch 3 as our first dc so make only ch 2 and turn, instead of ch 3. R1 continue, dc 1, (ch 2 skip 2 sts join in the next by sc, ch 2 skip 2 sts and dc1 in next st) repeat till last 6 sts then dc 1 on each of them. The row is complete. R2 of design: ch 2 turn, dc1 in each of next 5 sts, ch 1, (dc 5 on sc of previous row, join to the dc of previous row by sc) repeat till last 5 sts then dc 1 on 5 sts. Friends complete this row then we shall see next. Row 2 is complete. R 3 of design: As row 1 that is dc 5 then ch 2, sc 1 on the middle st of fan, ch 2, dc 1 on the joint of two fans (or on sc or previous row) repeat, last 5 dcs. Complete this row then next row is as row 2 means making fans. Each time fan in the next row will be over the previous fan. Repeat this design till the height after yoke is 6″. After that we again join pink yarn and make border. Friends we have almost to finish the dress. It looks so nice. We end this part after R1 or R3 not after fan’s row. We want to make border as the yoke part. So we shift to single crochet again. Border R1: ch 1 turn, sc 1 on each st. Pink yarn portion, we have to start from WS and this is RS so we make only one row of sc and then turn to pink colour yarn. Where ever we have ch 2 make sc 2 in that gap, either on sts or in gap then sc 1 at joint, may be sc or dc of previous row. R2 of border WS: For first and last 5 sts sc 1 on each, join pink colour yarn and hdc on each of the middle sts. This R2 is same as R6 written hear in yoke. R3 of border: it is as R7 of yoke. R4 and R5 of border are by white yarn only sc 1 on each st. R6 and R7 of border are again as R2 and R3 of border. Thus these seven rows will make our border. Also sew buttons. Friends we have finished the work. It looks wonderful! Because it is white and pink combination it seems to be baby girl’s dress but with different combination you can make it for baby boy also. It’s height is now 12″ and width is 11′. I have already explained, how to make bigger one. I hope that you like this video. If you make such sweater please share with me on my facebook page. Please LIKE… SHARE… and COMMENT…. Don’t forget to subscribe. Press Red Button below for subscription and Bell shape button for notification. Thank you for watching the video. THANK YOU.

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