Bee Suits and Why We Don't Wear Them

Bee Suits and Why We Don't Wear Them

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  2. I found my bees wet and dead today. Condensation? How do I prevent it from happening again? I got another hive today which cost me more money. Please help

  3. Dave, My husband and I beekeep in the California desert. Our girls are fairly heavily Africanized, so we definitely use bee suits. Sometimes we re-queen with frames containing fresh eggs from less aggressive hives. We are fine with some stings. I've had 40 or 50 stings before when doing a removal in the Palm Springs area. Hot tamales. Next time we visit Georgia we sure want to visit you and are talking about maybe getting some queens from you. Thanks for all the good information.

  4. Interesting video. Safety 3rd my friend. I like your attitude. I am thinking about getting into beekeeping myself. Right now I am just educating myself about it before I commit to it. Thanks for the video.

  5. My uncle kept bee's for years..he never wore a suit ..maybe a hat he told me that the bee's get used to you after a while and leave ya alone and dont see you as a threat..but occasionally hed get hit

  6. Veil is a must….. If a lizard came in before you opened? Roving? Bad weather? Something bothered them? If you get sting some times isn't bad but if you get stung in the throat mouth or nose you may be unable to breath… Allergic or not

  7. Way to go Dave! I am considering at least not using the gloves so that I could pick up queens easily.

  8. I don't wear a suit either, but do tell everyone how dumb it is , the mice ate my vail one year and I just never replaced it. I seldom get stung and never on the face, always the hands, I always go real slow and careful around them, no dark cloths and no slamming of the covers or frames

  9. Me and my wife are into our second year this year. I like a bee coat with veil and gloves. I tried installing the first of eight packages this year with no gloves . I got stung three times in the fingers and put my gloves back on . It is a matter of distraction if I'm in my gear I'm more focused on what I'm doing . My wife has a full suit . She likes it and just got a more expensive one that fits better . She enjoys checking in on them and can get thing done when she feels comfortable. We had a bear knock over one this morning it's cool and raining for two weeks . We put it back together hope we saved them . Poor cool raining weather the hives are very weak still, been in for three weeks . Had to put up a electric fence

  10. Who knows when or if you will ever get a bad reaction. I really hope not. I’m allergic but only have to deal with bad swelling and itching so far. I suit up completely.

  11. I got stung 10 times by my honeybees last year. Only 2 were agressive, the others were because they got caught in the cuffs at wrist, or crawled up my pants leg and panicked. This doesn't even count the ones that stung my gloves or suit that I didn't notice. I'm not hard on my bees, but they get caught between boxes or frames in spite of best effort to get them clear. I wear the jacket and gloves simply because the stings are unpleasant, I usually get some swelling around the area.

  12. My great grandfather and his sons raised Bees. They had a pollinate Business long time ago. My uncle told me they never used bees suits or gloves. Just like you. It’s Nice to know their are still people that still does this method.

  13. How do you do small beehives? I'm new to this. How do you get honey without honey supers etc? This is something totally new to me.

  14. dave
    in the last week or so i have had to wear my suit. placed 4 frames of broad in 2 weeks ago. any ideas

  15. Looks like you've got so many stings by looking at you hands before, that the bee's already know you!

  16. These videos are helping me get over my fear of bees. I would run inside if I saw one but now I’m thinking if he can pick them up I can survive one flying near me

  17. 3:56 "It's no big deal" with a stinger in your finger… lol. =^_^= Just my luck one day after tending to my bees with bee gloves, a veil and a cheep plastic rain jacket in place of a bee suit top… I take my gloves off, and an yellow jacket gets me right on the middle knuckle! I don't swell too much with honey bee stings, but, DAMN, that yellow jacket PUFFED my hand up! Eventually I took a good bit of Ibuprofen, and the swelling diminished.

    I live in zone 7b, and I had one hive I got as a nuc in late spring 2018. I can say they were SLIGHTLY temperamental. Almost no issues sitting by the hive just to watch them. Even with smoke, once the hive was opened, they'd hop out at my hands and the hive tool. They died out from being nectar bound after This February warmed up for that week, then sunk to freezing nights again. Kinda sucks they lasted so long only to be faked out with such warm weather, only to die just before things really started blooming. Perhaps my incoming bees will do better.

  18. Barnyard Bees? Looks more Backyard Bees if anything…

    I think you're awesome. Liked and subbed for great content.

  19. This is my second year of bee keeping. My first hive was very gentle. However the queen wasn't productive. Introducing a partial hive and took out the old queen. This is the meanest hive I've ever been around. Just did a queen less split on the 2nd March. And if the split hives are mean I guess I will requeen all three hives. If that dont work I'm having a bon fire!!!

  20. Another great video!  Can't wait to get the 4 packages I ordered  so maybe they can set a good example to my bee yard !   I am curious, why do you have some nucs tilted up in the front and some to the back ?  They look really un-level ?

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