BEFORE THE FALLOUT 【 Sole Survivor Prologue 】1/2

BEFORE THE FALLOUT 【 Sole Survivor Prologue 】1/2

(intro) (wind blowing) (woman humming) codsworth : you see sir man : oh no beauty does still exist in this world man : codsworth.. buddy codsworth: yes sir? man : just shut up (clock ticking) (alarm going off) man: looking good woman : is that all? man : sweetie you look as beautiful as the day we met woman : c’mon you can do better than that man : sorry? you say something ? you know you’re completely nuts right? man : is that a problem? woman : (laughing) yes reporter : with the world poised on the brink of war vault tec is reporting a record number of reservations in vaults … around the country man : this is pointless the war is over ! woman : what’s up codsworth? codsworth: every day is a fine day with you mum reporter : and now look at sports.. woman : there we go.. reporter : boston looks to beat texas and deliver their first world series victory woman : can i ask you something man : i’m listening woman : any chance i can steal you away for the evening man : i’ll tell you what maybe i can.. take you out to dinner! woman : (hm) yea, i like that man : (whistling) .. never going to find that dog synth : you doing all righ out here? man : woah who are you? synth : you totally lost it? man : tell me who you are.. synth : the name’s valentine remember me? man : what are you talking about? synth : don’t play stupid with me man : (thinking) i think i see where this is going man : put your hands up synth : fine ! synth : there you go ! (grunts) (dog barking) man : c’mere pal (music playing) woman : (thinking) just make a decision already man : i.. uh.. still need some more time waiter : i’ll take your order whenever you’re ready man : okay woman : is something the matter? man : (thinking) i’m asking myself the same thing woman : hey! man : i don’t know, i’ve got alot of my plate right now woman : what’s going on man : can we just change the subject woman : enough, just tell me already ! man : can we talk about this some other time woman : fine man : (clapping) woman (thinking) whatever man : i’m sorry woman : it’s about time man : i don’t know what to do (shower running) man : oh god man : that’s not true ! man : hey ! hon! shaun this is.. insane shaun… it’s over i’ve lost him.. is anyone alive? am i the only one left? 5.. 4.. 3.. 2.. 1.. (grunting) ghoul : woah ! (gasp) woman : that’s good ghoul : you feel as bad as you look? man : i have this burning feeling inside my skull ! man : feels like it’s on fire am i okay? doctor : just let your body do what is must i guess you’re right.. ghoul : uhh.. you alright? i’ll be fine ghoul : sharp eyes stay alive yea.. what happens now? ghoul : ya thirsty ? hell yea the thing about happiness is.. you only know you had it.. when it’s gone

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  1. Dude, you just killed it! I think I just saw the best and most creaitive video ever about Fallout! The editing, the story and the way you used and placed everything was really perfect and also how you played with pschyology with different ways to effect on people and make them wonder with the editing skills. You could easily do video work with real people in the real life but keep going. I love the editing skills and how you made everything because as long as it became ´´comfortable´´ you changed it to from an ordinary dinner to him coming home and seeing his house in ruins or after breakfast he sees Nick. Those unexpected changes makes the story more interesting but also more fun and makes the viewer to think and not being bored.

  2. Player: am I the only one left…
    Preston:hey I got a settlement for you to help
    Player:well fuck me… kills him self

  3. One of the most disappointing things about Fallout 4 that isn't mentioned enough, is that the tiny bit of pre-war gameplay shown prior to release, was literally all there was.
    Which begs the question: Why even do this cool pre-war thing if it's barely explored?

  4. He wasn't born before the war he was born with Mary McDonnell was an Tennie want it into a gold do you not know your follow for lower

  5. Gonna be honest but if there was an 'Before the fallout DLC' I would get that in an heartbeat. Like this if you agree!

  6. it's terrible that it seems like nate and Nora were having marital problems before the war, HAHAHA talk about realism-__- almost seemed like they couldn't stand eachother and struggling to keep it together even nate was lusting over other women, which I might like to point out makes the plot that much more emotional due to what ultimately happened and him losing them both must've made him absolutely agonized thinking of how badly he wishes he could have made their relationship stronger but that's the modern era when life gets too comfortable VERY VERY well done

  7. I love how you gave the sole survivor a rough look. It really fits with the idea of this animation. Seeing an aging man haunted by his past is a great concept for fallout.

  8. I play fallout 4 so u get frozen for 200 years after the nukes fall 1. Question how is dog meat alive did he get frozen or is his family generations?

  9. How could they have dog meat

    He found dog meat after the nuke

    I don’t remember anything about dog meat before the nuke jus sayin

  10. The video is amazing. The only thing would've recommend was to use Nate's reaction from the vault in the end when he enters the house

  11. I wish you could have like, gone other places before getting to the vault like we could go to red rocket, or do some quests such as going to the grocery store for your spouse!

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