Beginner-Friendly Crochet Cardigan Tutorial – How to Make a Sweater From a Simple Rectangle

Beginner-Friendly Crochet Cardigan Tutorial – How to Make a Sweater From a Simple Rectangle

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  1. I made this and the collar was no existent. Slipped right off. I ditched it 8 months ago. Not sure I want to come back

  2. Thank you so much for this pattern. I am going to try this with a bulky size 6 yarn. Hope it turns out as well as yours.

  3. Beautiful work!! Just wondering where I'm new at it….what do you think of me doing this sweater in an easier stitch for me?

  4. Beautiful pattern!!! Quick question…at row 2 I have 95 st as stated in written pattern but when I do my row 3 I'm down to 91…should it stay at 95? 🙂

  5. Has anyone measured the length and width of each size? Would love to know what the dimensions are so I can use a different weight yarn

  6. Thank you so much, Jess!!! The perfect pattern! I`ve just finished it! Love it!!! Thanks a lot for sharing))

  7. I'm working on this sweater (thanks for the helpful video!) And have the stitches down, I'm just having trouble with the ends of the rows. My edges are not straight. I've gone over the video slowly many times so I'm hoping making some tweaks will help. I don't really understand whether to end rows by crocheting IN turning chains or in the hole/gap.

  8. Hi! Can someone help me? I can’t find the “free” pattern? I’ve clicked the link and scrolled down. I’ve been to the Lion Brand Yarn site, and also to Ravelry…no luck. Also, any grey variegated suggestions since this yarn is discontinued?

  9. I am working on it and so far it looks good and the pattern I down loaded is pretty straight forward I am loving it

  10. Overall I've enjoyed this project and you do a good job explaining the stitches. I've gotten to working on my collar after finishing the bulk of the sweater but realize as I'm trying it on that it's waaay shorter in length than it looks like in the sample photo. My guess is that I used a smaller hook than I should have. It looks great but definitely will not fit the intended recipient…

  11. So I have been trying to attempt this for 3 months now and have frogged it several times. I was not understanding part of the pattern and came back here to watch this again. You say in pattern to repeat 2-4 leaving us to believe we end on a row 4. Here you are saying end on a row 2….which is the "x" stitches. But here you seem to end on row 4 making the windows. This so horrible. I love watching your videos, but trying to make something using the pattern for the first time, to me nothing is matching up. I wish you could have made a smaller rectangle and stitched around, so we all can see better what you were doing.

  12. Hi Jess. This is my next project. I'm trying to decide on a yarn & a color. i'm thinking yellow in support of the French. Just joined your crew and opened the archive. Wow! I'm making EVERYTHING! You are so precious to brag on your sister & design a room for her. Wish you were my sister. Thank you for sharing your talents with us. ☺️

  13. Hello am from Kenya, Africa… Please tell me the number of chains you did for the large rectangle. I lobe this sweater and I'd love to make one for my grandmother.

  14. What an adorable show would love to try to make thank you for sharing was wondering if it would change the pattern any where a lot of the times where you are stating yarn over you pull from the back of the yarn and don't actually yarn over should we follow the way that you crochet this or should we follow your spoken directions?

  15. Beginner friendly?? No. So disappointed. I can’t get that “X” stitch to save my life! 🙁

  16. This is very easy to follow! How many chains for the actual sized version? Also, I went to link for 'free' pattern. It isn't free? Thank you!

  17. So many crochet videos say "beginner" but are definitely not… This one included. Awesome sweater, though.

  18. I love the pattern and i followed your steps but for a larger size and finally when I am wearing it the collar ends did not match the back it is just taller from sides and with a triangle shape will you help me to tell me what i should do to adjust the sides

  19. I can’t find the written pattern at all? I looked all over the link but only found basic info, tried the yarn site as well. Just need to know how many skeins for a size small 🙂

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