Beginner Project #10 Steaming Garment Pieces

Beginner Project #10 Steaming Garment Pieces

Once the back and front and the two sleeves are knitted, it’s time to block, and I’m just holidng the JIffy Steamer down over the sweater piece, and I am not touching the sweater piece any way, any place. I’m just getting it moistened, I guess, letting the steam penetrate. Then I’m going to flip it over, and again, I’m going to just let the steam penetrate, and I will very gently uncurl it, mostly with my hand and just a little bit with touching the nozzle on the very edge. I like to have the edges a little bit flat when I go to seam. And you can see there’s a little bit of rolling along the raglan seams, and I’m just getting that with a little steam. After I have steamed the wrong side, I’m just going to flip this over and I’m going to unroll the section of the back neck that’s on waste yarn and get the curl out of that a little bit. Now I can put all the steam I want on waste yarn, so I’m kind of setting the steamer down there. Then I just let it rest a minute and examine it and see if it’s steamed out quite enough. I really don’t want to distort the piece. So I’ve still got quite a bit of curling on the edges, so I’m just going to get those a little bit more, just very gently, gently tease those out by just touching it at the very, very curled edge. And it’s also helpful once it’s saturated to just lay a hand on it for a minute and hold it in the uncurled position for a minute. Right over the center. I just let the steamed pieces sit a little while, spread out on a towel, and now I’ve got them in a stack, and I wanted to show you what some steamed acrylic knitting ought to look like. This is not limp. It’s not completely flat. It still has a little bit of curl. To get knitting completely flat, you have to steam the living daylights out of it, which we refer to as killing the yarn, but I didn’t kill this project. I still wanted these to have some thickness and some fluffiness. Maybe even what you might call a little bit of a hand knitted look. Of course the joy of machine knitting is that both of these sweaters — of course they’re not finished — but all of these pieces were knitted in a single weekend, in addition to all of my usual weekend activities, like going to church, buying groceries, and sure, I let a few things go, but if you were hand knitting, this would take a very, very long time to accomplish. Here on the green or turquoise, you can see that it curls a little bit, that I didn’t completely kill it. You can also see how the edge — where it has been increased — how the edge comes out gradually. One of the things that I’ve very much enjoyed about this project was the way that the self-striping yarn turned out. I thought this was very pretty and now I’m curious how some of their other color schemes turn out. So I was pretty lucky too that I think this is going to match OK along the side seam. It won’t be perfect, but it’ll be a pretty good match, and there won’t be any terrible distracting mismatch like that along the seam or where nothing seems to match. If I put these together the way they’re going to be when I seam, you can see it’s going to be a pretty good match, not perfect — look at this — a little bit of variation, but this will be okay. So the next step will be some seaming.

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  1. Thank you SO much! I am working on a tank top, using Red Heart yarn in white. You have helped me tremendously!!!

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