Beis Travel Luggage (Olivia Reviews)

Beis Travel Luggage (Olivia Reviews)

(soft hip hop music) – Welcome to video number
two of Olivia Reviews of the Beis Travel Line. This is really where
it all started for me. I was looking for a luggage. Beis was kind of like, I’ve
heard about it, but, you know. Anyways, I went to work, saw
somebody had a Beis product. She was raving about
it, so I’m like, okay, it’s time to upgrade. I need a luggage ’cause, back in the day, I was just buying, like, two
luggages a deal from Costco, and worked for me for years, but now, (laughs) it’s time to upgrade. This one is so classy, it’s so beautiful. It’s $258 in U.S., which is pricey, so I guess
it was time to take the risk, and I’m not disappointed. With Beis, you really pay for the details, and that’s what I’m all about, so that’s why I probably love this brand, and why I’m raving about it. So, oh my gosh, I don’t
even know where to start. Let’s start with the cushioned handle. Guys, you know those bike seats where they’re, like, gel-padded? That’s what this feels like. Honestly, it’s heaven. It feels like luxury to me, so that in itself, gold. I love the front here. First, I thought, I was like, okay, what the heck’s this gonna do, and what is it gonna hold? The first time I pulled it
out, it kinda got stuck, and I’m like, uh, did I
get a defective luggage? But it actually holds quite a bit. I’ve hung the weekender on this. You can put, apparently, another
carry on luggage on that. I have not tested that out, but it doesn’t tip over, so
I’m really excited about this. I love it. On the side, you’ve
got a weight indicator. I have not had time to
properly test that out yet. I did try to pack in as much as I humanly could with heavy items. The light did not go on, so I’m not sure if I
either got a broken one, or I’m just really close to 50, though the weight indicator,
I’m praying to God, will not abandon me in my time of need, and the lock, I love the lock feature. I’ve always had to have
a separate lock function, but I could not figure
out how to reprogram that, and when I went online,
I saw the instructions, like, it just wasn’t clicking. Maybe I was having one of those days, so I contacted Beis, and what I love is, their
customer service, is on point. They get back to you, like, the same day, if not within 24 hours, but I was a little disappointed. I was like, I’ve read
your instructions online. It’s clearly not working. Can you just walk me through this? And they literally copied
and pasted the instructions that were online and being like, this is what you need
to do to reprogram this, reprogram your combination,
so best of luck, and if you still need help, contact us. Anyways, I started watching other videos on how to reprogram your combo, so I’m gonna show you how to program this because what I thought
the reset button was and what it actually is, mind-blowing, so catch that in another video, but I will put that along because I know it would’ve
saved me at least 15 minutes, and time is money, right? So I love the wheels. They extend great. I love the aesthetic. I love that you can pack
pretty much anything from this line onto the trolley here, the backpack, which I
also have a review on, the weekender, which you just watched in the previous video, the mini duffle bag, which
I also did a review on. Like, anything and everything
from the Beis Travel Line fits in here, and I love that, I really, really do. And I care about the details. So, inside of the luggage, you’ve got a bunch of compartments. You’ve got a lot of compartments. You’ve got, like, a transparent one, and then an opaque one. You also have the dirt
bag, the garment bags, and I also bought the packing cubes, which are in here, and
I have a separate review on that in another video, and you’ve got the detachable compartment as well, which I find so handy. I’ve always had just simple luggages, and they were fine, so to get
excited about this is so nice. So if you’ve bought the 29-inch, let me know in the comment box below. Like this video if this is
something you want to get. Anyways, this bag also extends around two inches, give or take, and I do take a ruler and I measure that, so you guys can check it out for yourself, and apparently, this lining here around the zippers is water repellent. We’ll see how dirty it gets once it’s actually in travel, so stay tuned in the comment box as I will be back from my
Europe trip around then, and I’ll be able to tell you and show you, if you guys want to see and I get enough requests for that, what the luggage looks like. I know, with other luggages, people have been using the Magic Eraser, so if you’ve got scuffs already, there’s something you can try. And if this video has helped you at all, or swayed you, or de-swayed you from buying this amazing
luggage, let me know. Let’s chat, because that’s
what YouTube’s for, right? (chuckles) I’m Olivia Gudaniec, and stay tuned for the next video. (soft hip hop music)

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  1. This video is part 2 of the Beis Travel series (Olivia Reviews). Are you looking into getting the bigger luggage? The check in roller? I love mine! What color do you want to get?

  2. Have you taken this luggage on any trips yet? If so, does it get scuff marks easily? My weekender bag in beige got scuff marks after one trip…

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