Berm Peak Shirts & Trail Markers now Available

Berm Peak Shirts & Trail Markers now Available

Today, I’m slinging some Merch to pay for
all these building materials, so hear me out. From now through the 24th of September, we’re
selling Berm Peak coat of arms teeshirts available in Men’s, Women’s, Kid’s, and hoodie
configurations. They’re all hand printed, inspected, and
packed right here in Asheville North Carolina where people take teeshirts very seriously. The best part is that every garment comes
with a Berm Peak ranger district sticker. But that’s not all. Every two garments come with a trail marker
kit just like the ones I use here on Berm Peak. This can be used to mark your own backyard
trail with a 2×4 or really any plank of wood. And with this sticker up top, your trail will
fall under the Berm Peak Ranger district—currently patrolled by a single canine unit. All garments are made from a supremely comfortable
poly cotton blend, and all orders within the USA ship free. Again, this promotion is only available through
the 24th of September, so click the link in the description to pre-order yours before
then. Thanks for riding with me today, and I’ll
see you later this week with a new video.

100 Replies to “Berm Peak Shirts & Trail Markers now Available”

  1. Hi seth! Lots of us love mountain biking but not everyone has the same budget so I think you should do a budget series where you do everything except make it a budget version.

  2. Definitely getting a t-shirt to support the process. Little suggestion for the next merch drop—it looks better to put a large design on the back and a miniature version of that design on the front pocket area.

  3. I'm 13 and I never bought merch from YouTubers
    But I think I might buy one for me and one for my friend who I'm building a trail with

    And we learned a lot from you to make
    The Sketchy Scabs trail system.

  4. Wish i could get the hoodie but its too expensive because i live in iceland and to get it to Iceland it would double or triple the price:(

  5. I dont think I've ever stopped a video and gone over and bought some merch like this. Keep up the great vids man and congrats on the new place.

  6. I love your berm peak trail vids so much you don’t under stand I do think I can wait any longer for another

    Like if you agree

  7. You should make a shirt that absorbs your sweat ( basically a fitness shirt ) and place your logo or any of your designs on it!

  8. Seth, I love your stuff – keep up the posting. Bought a shirt today, man. Love to ride as well – I just need to get my skill level up to you all!

  9. I don’t even ride MTB. Just can’t stay away from your videos man. Would love to see you bring back the bmx into your yard some how?

  10. Hey Seth i noticed that your backyard bike trail builds are very similar to a channel called "Backyard Trail Builds" thought seeing his stuff might help you out.

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