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  1. In the description you say is the Geffen baby insert, but in the video you say is the Geffen baby flat, which one is it?

  2. I'm so thankful for your channel!!! I found you today & have been binge watching. Thank you!! Expecting baby #3 (a boy) in November & this is our first time using cloth. I bought a few natural AIO (not too many thankfully) and will be buying prefolds like this next!! Any cover/shell recommendations??

  3. Have you tried a Flip daytime organic half flat? If you try it, you are going to thank me. 😊

  4. I have had good luck adding a cotton or organic cotton pre fold with other inserts. Hemp bugs me because the manufactures usually want it to be hung dried, and it takes like 3 days to dry. Particularly the Bamboo diapers or inserts (I won't deal with those anymore).

  5. the applecheek insert you showed, was it folded in the long way or short way ? is your applecheek fully prepped now ? is the flat longer than the applecheeks folded the short way ??

  6. I'm just now researching to get my one month old started on cloth. What would you recommend for smaller diapers? It seems like this flat is sold out on all of the cloth diaper sites I normally shop, other than geffen's own website.

  7. +[Mariam Mohammed] Hi! Yes, this is the main "insert" that I use for all of my diapers, and I've never needed to add anything else. It has been perfectly fine in terms of absorbing quickly enough, but I primarily use it as an ai2 (on top of the shell, rather than inside the pocket) because I prefer to not have to unstuff my diapers before washing (I have an HE washer, so nothing ever agitates out! arrrg!)

    Hoping you see this! I wasn't able to respond to you directly (you can change your google+ settings to allow comments… just found this video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cACu6E5mvns)

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