Best Dress & Casual Belts For Men & How To Wear – Men’s Wardrobe Essentials

Best Dress & Casual Belts For Men & How To Wear – Men’s Wardrobe Essentials

(dramatic orchestral music) – Hi, I’m Ashley Weston. I’m a celebrity menswear stylist. Click here if you wanna know
a little bit more about me. This video is part of my Men’s
Wardrobe Essentials Series. So let’s talk about belts, specifically dress and casual belts. Every guy needs four belts in his closet. That’s right, four. I know it sounds like a lot, but it isn’t. If you’ve seen some of my videos, then you know I talk a lot about not needing a belt to hold up your pants. So why do you need a belt then? Think of how many times
throughout the day you’re sitting, standing, and just moving around. A belt will help keep your pants at the proper place on your hips. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then check out my jean and suit fit guides for details. A belt also helps break up your outfits. So say you’re wearing a sportcoat, dress shirt, dark-washed jeans, and some Oxford dress shoes. You definitely want a
belt to help separate your top and bottom half, and it adds a sharp finishing touch. Believe me, it looks so
strange when there’s no belt with those types of outfits. What type of buckle should you have? Well it’s simple: all you want is a silver, square-framed, single-pronged buckle. It’s the one that you always
really see at the stores, although for casual outfits, which you’ll see in a minute on my model, a slightly more rounded variation of this buckle is definitely acceptable. You want to wear a buckle outside of this? Well there’s three exceptions: if you’re a sheriff, a cowboy, or a douchebag. Then choose whatever you want. As I said at the beginning of this video, every man needs four belts in his closet: two dress belts and two casual belts. For your dress belts, you need a dark brown
and black leather belt with a simple, thin silver buckle. Keep the width as close
to 1 1/2″ as possible. Anything wider, and it’ll look too bulky, and also is considered a
bit more on the casual side. Anything thinner, and it’ll look like you’re wearing a woman’s belt. For your casual belts, it’s the same as the dress belts. All you need is black and brown, each with a silver buckle. Your buckles can be slightly
thicker than the dress belt, but not too much. Keep the width somewhere
between 1 3/4″ and 2″. Anything wider than that, and we’re starting to
get into WWE territory. As for the material, you can go with cloth or leather, but I definitely think
you should go with leather because it’ll look better and it’ll work with all
your casual outfits. Quick tip: I see a lot of guys making this mistake. Be careful not to get a belt that’s too shiny like a dress belt. You want something that’s more matte finished. To see the difference between
matte and shiny belts, check out my article. What sized belt do you need? Well this is a question that more men should be asking. Check out my fit guide for details about how to choose the right belt size. Alright, I have Tommy here to help me demonstrate the best ways to wear your dress or casual belts. Thanks so much for being here. – It’s good to be back. – Yeah, so first outfit. I have him in this gray sweater and white button-down shirt, both by Brooks Brothers. I added this Daniel Wellington watch, and then we also have this black leather dress belt by Allen Edmonds
with these Levi’s jeans and these Allen Edmonds black Oxford dress shoes. So now that we’re done with this, let’s change him into outfit number two and show you how it will
look with a casual belt. Alright. (dramatic orchestral music) Alright, so I have Tommy
here in a casual belt outfit. I have him in this
Topman Harrington jacket, this Henley is by Brooks Brothers, I added a dark brown casual
belt by Allen Edmonds, and these Levi’s jeans and then these white Converse sneakers. So those are some of the different ways to wear your dress and casual belts. Like I said earlier, a man only needs four belts in his closet. Anything outside of that, and it’s really not necessary. Got a pro tip for you: I work with a crap ton of belts
in my job every single day, and I have to say that there is no substitute for
a high-quality leather belt. Even though I do suggest, in my articles, some budget-friendly options, I really don’t think you should
skimp out in this instance. A high-quality leather belt
will last you for decades. Seriously, decades. So just buy it once, and you’ll never have to
think about it ever again. This video is part of my Men’s
Wardrobe Essentials series. Check out my website for
a more in-depth article that includes all my favorite
dress and casual belts. Subscribe to my YouTube channel for more videos like this, and if you like this video, then give it a good ‘ol thumbs up! Not two, ’cause I don’t
think you can do two, but one thumbs up please. Alright amigos, thanks
so much for watching. Hasta luego. If you’ve seen some um… Guide on my… Ugh To WW ugh. More men should be asking… How your dress belt… Ugh, your belt. (camera snap) (dramatic orchestral music) It’s so like, nice. (dramatic orchestral music)

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  1. Thanks for the tips. When would you recommend NOT wearing a belt (besides the obvious "when you're wearing swim trunks," when wearing suspenders, etc.)?

  2. This is actually something I have no idea about. I just have three belts. One black leather, one brown leather, and one needlepoint.

  3. Thank you for all your videos.

    What's your opinion on simple, solid belt buckles with suits like the one in this link:

    Do dress belts always have to be open buckle or is solid buckle ok?

  4. Thank you Ashley, keep on the good work! Subbed.
    Btw, somehow I registered for newsletter from your website but haven't received the confirmation…

  5. Good advice as usual + you're a cutie = good video.
    What's your take on ratchet belts (like,, etc.)? I like my Ansons. They have some nice leather (dress) options compared to the others.

  6. Haha I hear ya…understand. But as we all know style is subjective. Anyway, That's actually a reason I like the Anson. They have a buckle that looks traditional but with a cleaner look.

  7. Awesome video once again. Does it matter if the casual brown belt is slightly lighter or darker than brown leather shoes or chukka boots? I'm assuming as so long as the belt and shoes are in the same family colour, it doesn't matter so much when going casual.

  8. Hi Ashley, how about for an example Louis Vuitton neogram 30mm belt? Is that okay to wear cause I bought that one before I watch this video grrrrr

  9. I really like your channel you're really sweat and funny and explain everything correctly thank you Ashley.

  10. A braided navy casual belt is also a great option. You can sharpen up a casual look of a white button down shirt and a blue/light blue chino. Throw on the navy belt with a navy suede loafer. Great summer look.

  11. Ashley,
    You are awesome. I love your channel. You have taught me a lot of things. Thank you so much for your advice. How about some Hugo Boss's belts with pin buckles? Not sure I'm clear on that… You know the belts without loops (e.g. HUGO BOSS BLACK BALDWIN LEATHER SQUARE BUCKLE BLACK BELT)? Should we avoid those? Greetings from France

  12. Hi Ashley,

    How do you feel about gold on belts instead of silver? Can I mix and match say for instance I have a silver dress belt but I have a gold watch?(vice versa) or should I stick to all silver/ all gold?

  13. Ashley, I've got a question about matching leather belts with the wide variety of leather shoes colours. As far as I know, lathers should match… so if I'm wearing, say burgundy or tan leather shoes, shouldn't I also wear a belt matching those colours? Thanks!

  14. Hey Ashley,
    Fan from India!!
    I had watched all of your essential series
    It's very informative for getting well dressed 👍👍

    It will be very helpful if you can make a video on shirts and trousers , we as a youngsters can sport everyday in office…as Suit is very limited to occasional events…

  15. Thanks for the video Ashley. Do you have an opinion on a dress belt with two loops?

  16. Thanks Ashley! In your article you mention that dress belts should stay close to 1.5" but your suggested dress belts are 1.25" and your suggested casual belts are 1.375". Is it safe to assume that 1.5" will work for either dress or casual belts?

  17. Hi Ashley, the width of belt you recommend in your article from h&m is 1.1 inch (I recently bought the exact same belt). So that's an okay width right?

  18. Your right! I bought a crap belt 25 years ago and only now has it fallen apart! I can only imagine what durability a high end belt might bring.

  19. I really like your way of presentation…you seem like a down to earth & an honest person….pls dont change your style…

  20. Hi AW. I need to get two new casual belts and in your video you mention keep width somewhere between 1 3/4" and 2". I can only find in 1 1/2"? Suggestions…. Thanks for all the style suggestions… 👍🏻

  21. I understand why some people might think that Ashley is annoying but I just love her and her videos. At least for me, she really comes across as genuine and down to earth. As a bonus, the information is superb.

  22. I have to disagree a little bit about her dress belts. A good leather belt with a tasteful belt buckle is totally awesome! It makes the outfit look younger and hip, but not boyish.

  23. Isn't AW being a bit rigid? Why would a solid black buckle (that mostly blends with black jeans, and is therefore quite subtle), make you look like a douche bag? Can't see what's outrageous with such a belt. When things get that specific, with extreme comments on something that is actually quite innocuous, can't help but think it's more subjective opinion of one person, and not a widely-shared view. Much better to say "this is my opinion, but some others find X, Y, or Z also appealing", or "this is my preference, but the bigger buckle may also work under X, Y, or Z, etc, conditions".

  24. You are probably not aware that none of the casual belts you recommend fit your width standard of over 1.5”. In fact, none of them are wide enough to be even 1.5”, what you say is the width for a dress belt.

  25. I don't know if you're aware, but in your article you recommend that casual belts are 1 3/4 – 2" wide, but none of the casual belts you recommend are in that range. The widest is 1 3/8", which is what you've defined as dress belt range. Does this mean that, for a casual belt, the width of the belt is the less important than texture and finish?

  26. You say that a formal belt’s width should be close to 1 1/2 inches but the formal belt on your model looks more like 1 1/4 inches.. I think 1 1/2 is pretty wide to be considered formal imo. Again . Your formal belts on your model look smaller than 1 1/2 . Did you get the measurements wrong?

  27. And you suggest a 1 3/4 to 2 inches width for a casual belt but that looks extremely wide to me and this is coming from someone who likes wide belts with jeans .

  28. So anything smaller than 1 1/2 inches wide would look like a woman’s belt❓I mean there are tons of premium belts smaller than 1 1/2 inches which have been worn for ever but now it you’re ssying that you shouldn’t wear it? What are men supposed to do with all those belts❓

  29. Hi Ashley, I wonder if you could elaborate on when it is ok to rollup trousers as in 4:20. Is it always ok when wearing sneakers+jeans? How about with other types of pants? For example I have a couple of Fjäll Räven casual/outdoor pants which come standard extremely long, so people can choose to either roll them up, or cut and adjust. I wonder if those would be good candidates to roll up when wearing sneakers, not just for 20-year olds and/or older men e.g. 40+ like me 🙂 What about rolling them up when wearing other casual shoes, not sneakers?
    Also, should the roll up be preferably like yours here, with full break? I have seen roll ups with no break at all, looks a bit childish to me, but I wonder what you suggestions would be, with respect to trouser rollups vs. shoe types, and also brake types

  30. Lost me at daniel wellington… Not saying you need to wear expensive watches, but there are plenty of real inexpensive high quality watches with great history.

  31. Ashley, you do work magic! Just checked-out Tom’s Instagram and I must say: I much prefer the way you dressed him in this vid compared to his own sense of style! 😂 There’s a reason why models need people dressing them for the runway.

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