Best Eye contact LENSES Guidance & Review How to Wear ? & What to buy ? | Amaan Ullah

Best Eye contact LENSES Guidance & Review How to Wear ? & What to buy ? | Amaan Ullah

assalamu alaikum what is up and welcome in this and another video I hope you are fine with cool and having to serve I look sub-queries of all is human males eval hey k yeah picked off by Japan they apply our copay less the Gothic take the ball and circuit up effects that I gotta to do say or thing or is the lens so RG video safety talk about economic a huge money bitch of up shadow major thing I can see event resulting SEO photographically apnea producer colors okay now there's a sea bottom patient looks good he kept top the AMA Medusa Lucetta letters and all that so scale is a lens say by one console in Baku map become a Navy could SLS the edges remain a scheme so affected also a big day the so make a stock Elliott a even Charles also host is accompanied to my left right get it Oh what are I gonna give us negative to sue JP or my sub K throw hunter can the me ask assuage kids about the seaming up like yeah what the war was fought near Monica I Omega K teen chopped LK punch what what time that the ATK yaha is said Peppino Dada I start okay no Dada yeah have a pen or data to our homecoming ordered Johnny can Amelia so any Mozilla I came across a lens lujo comfortable home alien a yahoo guinea pig hope oops you have been again prepare many Frankie ik s he completely possible justice can ask each other payment I'll show you yeah and evil company always connect camera view awesome finish so yeah your company here this is Bella tickets Belloc a nice this is delicate next ticket can you guys see this bless our table oculus he immediately a green to like a green salad itself I am here to put the middle yeah this bottle and this I saw Joe funny or time I should do see but halfway be without no question about the joke a heart muscle evaluate a mad not a barbershop in Iowa which is high post above the lens of the held at a place I will call him a 10 aggregate fiance both jinenji who's Leslie metaphorically masala up window Malkovich I get yummy really good so up well as they kind of got the car we got it was clapping make a night me open it so obviously it's go push one a ghost about a vs. unity Covina so Piroska body is to find anyone that worked so Jonathan Butler got them all punished of you trinket see I was grateful I can take like such a ho typhoon Evo chillin fencing up LS something unique about sake – epic Amer come over here and younger opnion scorpion negative this move there Philip SARC minerality [Applause] you had any anything [Applause] so yeah absolutely not can you guys see my eyes so guys the energy outage of a physical team a lasagna Bella kill dance can you guys see my eyes so a la office is my next video and I hope you enjoy this video

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  1. Thanks buddy I really like your vdo mostly shemagh style Jo apne sikhya or ma wear b krta university ma or ha ye konsi company ka lens or kia price h btae ap cz ma ne b 3 4 lie par wo ache ni the

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