Best Friends Choose Each Other’s Halloween Costumes

Best Friends Choose Each Other’s Halloween Costumes

is that really they we’re friends who are buying each other’s Halloween costumes you guys have any ideas of what you want to be I really really really want to be Edna mode from The Incredibles I think she’s so funny Halloween is the time that you can count do whatever be whatever and I love the idea of like expressing femininity so I don’t know I kind of into that realm and I just think she is such a funny character that I would love to be her problem plus that wig is just like yeah we could find that at yeah yeah totally yeah okay what about you Jess I want to be one of the on stays backup dancers from Coachella specifically the yellow outfit okay I will settle for pink I wanted to be clever cute and still like be able for me to you know enjoy my young life wait what is that is very baby Oh a spooky ho yes so we’re gonna start looking online and for our costumes first up we’re gonna look up Ryan’s Edna mode okay we’re gonna go what’s that one love it I love it yeah it was cute you need black tights oh okay wait is this a cigarette I think it’s like one of those old-school like classic huh Oh God okay is it too late to take my that costume [Music] because now I kinda want to be like one of those like vintage like Hollywood glamour like oh you feel like this is basic I didn’t say that but you are now not not this is a cute look but if you want like to go in then we will make you a dapper old Hollywood woman okay okay well you turn I am I’m not trying to not look like really I want this costume to say my husband just died mysteriously he’s a millionaire I don’t know how it happened I wasn’t there however I’m now very very wealthy what kind of underwear should I wear with this lingerie no you’re gonna have to work you might mean to you know wear a nice antique you have to wait nicely like another no I’m a little nervous oh my god I’ve actually worn this outfit before we know I want to be Beyonce’s backup dancers but I’m open to anything we can search for that looks like a yellow leotard yellow Leo’s hard white food yeah yellow beret why make her a backup dancer why don’t make her the star Beyonce Coachella sweat Oh it’s eight hundred ninety five dollars oh wait thirty dollars why oh you guys are already pretty much in aren’t ya hey we changed my costume after it was literally done it that’s true one I would be super into being like a dominatrix something’s a rosales I really want to a select she would spit on my face and then tell me to say thank you I can’t act like I’ve never done that before three stars oh you can’t play around well I never read reviews there’s so many dominatrix things like I feel what is this I guess never mind this is totally a thing that people do dominatrix is it’s actually really lucrative career oh wait it’s a career yes oh this doesn’t have a bottom either why do these things have bottoms oh my god Wow no yes yes yes yeah budget to that yeah we don’t go down we do a module so joy your costume is about just like get something from pop culture okay you’ve enjoyed and make it sexy I have no idea what I want to be what we do with it well you know it’s like a look Oh like just this yeah I’ve been like like a body suit underneath it yes okay I’m thinking like a I’m gonna type the word oh it’s gonna sound weird like a version of that yes yes like that’s what that’s what yeah yeah so like literally walking around all night funny there’s gonna be fun oh oh so if we go with this what would the top beat yes oh yes oh yeah that’s the one that’s the one we are done Halloween can we just like say we’re gonna love whatever each other’s good are you scared I guess you’re hard to please no I’m not even nervous for my costume I’m nervous for your guys’s cuz I want it to I want everything to work like I hate that like when you want to try something on but you’re like is this even gonna fit and then doing that to someone else I know that disappointment so I’m like I’m generally scared oh wow yes demon face all I see is like laces and fishnets and something that says this me Oh fun okay okay so this is just feathers which okay I mean we like have joint custody can I open this already or should I wait this is gonna be dripping Wow okay this is just gonna be a part of my like everyday wardrobe from Your Honor I love I love this what is that these everything on the planet wait I’m just gonna be naked I realize there’s no like body is that really you told you to wear underwear you said you wanted glamour glitz fashion couture we gave that to you you gave body and body okay well show the boys what you got okay oh great love it awesome Wow Wow I am excited about this they both knew what they wanted to be I had no idea yeah I’m very excited what is the dark parade oh wow oh yes so I’m like a dark Victorian implement just the other skirt option we don’t use Oh do this one instead I love oh my gosh see ya my god oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh this is it this is a look Oh Joyce get in there all right go ahead go ahead that’s my door get your corset Joyce is gonna look great we did a good job I know I kind of forgot how good we did and now seeing it I’m like that we did we did do you wear a bra with of course no you just take it off there’s no shirt for this the corset is the shirt baby [Music] glamour I don’t know this is just stuff Joyce your Halloween costume is gonna be like killer I think we should take off your bra so I told you to take off your bra all right mom just saying why would you wear a bra with the corset isn’t a course in a bra Wow I love it this is every this wig is literally it’s everything we do but I love it it’s a shoelace all right let me look at it oh my god Oh oh that’s a roll of those like a piece of my head coming out Wow Wow hello hello yeah hi I’m going to the show tonight you love my lace front it’s 22 inches you can’t afford it bye I love this I just want to try to our camp this in the club yeah try now get just yes okay oh this is great Wow honestly I just feel like I’m a between sugar mama excuse me and you doubted you doubted us oh my gosh officer what are you it looks great oh my god I had no idea oh I’m so sorry I love this this is great can I please keep this forever of course like I think the point is to keep ahead yeah well it’s just so good that you caught me in my dressing room and I didn’t know anyone the diamonds honey the diamonds I don’t know if you could possibly be more fabulous than I don’t either I think this is about it this is truly the most fabulous I’ve ever felt I’ve never felt so sexy well well jazz are you ready all gave me like barely nothing to put on okay clearly nothing to put on you got to look great I’m terrified I love that we’re also all in black the first dress we picked did go a little bit lower but then it wouldn’t come on time so we got like a it’s still cute okay I’m not wearing a bra with this so yes okay she’s ready she’s ready oh my gosh oh I thought we recovered it okay yes y’all played me with this dress this dress literally goes from here yes you look you look so good this okay this looks seriously here I know the dress is yes yeah have you ever seen me in these shoes no but I love this yeah no third thing they’re really cute I really feel like you could wear this outs like you could this is a look I would wear this out yeah right now yes Wow I love it ready Halloween we didn’t look Halloween 2k 18 Wow honestly tens tens tens across the ball the part that makes this fun is that we all tried so hard to keep everybody in mind yeah and like you know what would really like make them look good and I think it shows mm-hmm that’s what makes it yeah I love my outfits I love their outfits we all pick the same color which I like so just like we all have the same aesthetic and I really like it [Music] [Music]

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  2. Did you guys saw Joy's armpit when she put her arm in the air Jass was like………….NOPE like if you did see it

  3. That black Marie Antoinette costume looks like something from Black Butler, I love it! I also want those boots Jazz wore

  4. I feel like we need a BuzzFeed roll call is Joyce still with the company?? Is my Ryann??? 😭 The best ppl on here

  5. Me : * actually buys something scary for Halloween for my bff *
    BFF : Muhahaha * buys something weird *
    BFF : xD muahah

  6. I found this on my requests page and I'm only 10 so yeah I'm gonna get baptised right now so I'll see you later

  7. joyce looked so irritated when she came out…….. also i think they should let the audience choose the stuff on a live feed with poling

  8. I think Ryann would look a tiny bit better with sexier underwear on. I know you probably can't for the video, but I thought it would look amazing on him. His normal underwear didn't feel like it fit the rest of the outfit to me. Still he looked awesome, all of you did.

  9. These three need to have their own separate YouTube channel they could be like the sister squad but more improved 💀

  10. Joyce scared of the haunted necklace: god ,jesus ,god, jesus
    Joyce in Halloween: sPopkY hOE

  11. joyccelook like she going to a black mamma funeral ryann look like he just came out the shower with a fancy see threw robe and jazz look like she just came home from the club but i like jazz the best

  12. I always wonder why do they order everything online. Isn't it easier, cheaper and faster to go to a physical store to buy clothes?

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