Best Friends Swap Men And Women’s Halloween Costumes

Best Friends Swap Men And Women’s Halloween Costumes

– Me and this man are
about to take a journey into this inflatable banana. No, women don’t get anything.
(crickets chirping) (upbeat music) – Today, we’re gonna try on stereotypical opposite gender Halloween costumes. – Sexy Halloween costumes. (kisses teeth) – We’re gonna look great.
– Spooky. – I went to an all girls school. At school, I’d wear the
fun guy-ish kinda costume, then when I went to a party I’d wear the sexy lady kinda costume. – Halloween is a time for people
to full express themselves in ways that may not be
achievable during the year. – It’s a holiday that’s
all about unlimited candy, death, and horniness. So, what more could you want? – I definitely think that guys’ costumes are way more conservative. – I feel like gay guys
are like let’s slut it up. – Oh, I’m gonna enjoy this a lot. – This will be fun. Get to try out new outfits. You know, might find a
potential Halloween costume. – Okay, mine’s called under arrest. What’s yours called?
– Dirty cop. – I thought that the pants were attached. – Accessories sold separately. How are the pants an accessory? – Oh, are these supposed… Oh, that’s clever. – [Chantel] They’re little baby handcuffs. – The handcuffs are what
clips the fishnet on. – I like when men struggle. – Am I supposed… The costume looked different. – I actually got changed in record time, but we’re still waiting on Ify. – Oh. – Your accessory not
included are the fishnets whereas mine is pants. – It’s essentially the same. I’m all about gender equality, okay? – I guess, these, I’m just
gonna let them dangle. – Why are you jingling? You look great! – Oh, you’re under arrest! – You can handcuff my pinky to you. – Put your hands behind
your back, young woman. – I feel like I got some
nice arm action, you know? – This is good to show off the pecs. This is like, hey. – I have a fashion crime to call in. First of all, if you’re dressing
up as a cop for Halloween, that’s your first problem. – Read the room. No one is really lookin’ for a costume that’s called dirty cop. – Or under arrest. – Why would you dress
up as someone’s real job and try to make it sexy? – I don’t mind the sexiness. I love that. See, but this just seems kind
of poorly thought through. – I would like it to be equal opportunity. I need some more sexy accountants. I need some more sexy librarians. I think librarians…
– What about the sexy Buzzfeed producers, guys? – One redeeming factor about this is that there’s a sexy option
for both men and women, and it’s marketed to both men and women. There still is a lot more revealed on the women’s side of things. – There’s a definite
lack of pants for both, so that’s encouraging. However, I actually prefer
it without the pants. It’s long enough that I’m
rockin’ this dress look. – You know, in reality, you
can wear whatever you want. You don’t have to go by the
person that’s on the package; however, not everyone
is accepting of that. And so it’s like, oh, you’re the woman, you buy the woman package. You’re the man, you buy the man package. – It felt like there was
at least an attempt to be kind of like a cop with this outfit. – Here we go.
– This is like the Sailor Moon version of a cop. – If cops could transform
like Sailor Moon… – Let’s go!
(laughing) – Yes! Oh, yeah, baby. Get me some scrubs. – I’m the head nurse! Alright, I’m movin’ up in the world.
– You’re the head nurse! I’m just a dashing doctor. – I wish they would be a little more creative with these puns ’cause you could be Nurse
Ratchet, but ratchet. – If someone came in as a nurse like that, I would call for help. I’d immediately think
that I’m in Kill Bill. – It really feels like one
quick pull and I’d be pantsed. – Where’s DJ? He’s taking too long. – If they took the
scene in The Dark Knight where joker was the nurse
but switched it with Bane. – So, you feel like
Bane in a nurse outfit? – Yeah, you were merely
born in the medical field. I was molded by it. – Aw, you look so cute. I see you’re wearing pants. – It was really hiking up a bit. I don’t want an HR violation,
so I’m putting my pants on. – It’s definitely tight.
– Yeah. – I feel like that’s the point. Packs everything together
and you’re like pa-pow-pow. Check it out.
(laughing) – It’s a little breezy. I’ve never had my arms exposed like this outside of a basketball jersey. – I mean, I feel like people
who buy this are like, you know, maybe somebody will
think I’m really a doctor. You’re at the Halloween party, it’s like, oh, you’re a doctor? Nah, I just came from work. – My mom is a nurse. Her stuff looks a little
bit more like this, not anything like that. – I don’t really think you could
administer proper treatment in a costume like this. – I literally feel like I’m going to bed. It’s a very soft material,
but also kinda of just okay. – When you go and you look
at these Halloween costumes, it’s all of these womanly positions– maid and female nurse, but
there’s not a female CEO costume. – It seems like they’re really pushing something towards one audience and pushing something
completely different to men. – Exactly. Oh, I can’t. Well, here I am. – I have to give the
costume producers credit. They can find the sexy
angle for any costume. Recently, this company got
in trouble for making a sexy Handmaid’s Tale outfit, which
first of all, problematic, but you’re also tardy to the party. I had friends who were in red
speedos with the white caps and the capes last year
and didn’t bat an eyelash. Were problematic before anyone else. – We don’t have time to
unpack the privilege there. Let’s put on these bananas. – Chantel’s like stop talking. (groaning)
– Oh, oh! A little loud there, your costume. – The very small humming noise
really makes the costume. – It’s just like I come
with my own sound effect. – It’s got a motor. There’s also a nice breeze on my butt. – That’s so much cooler than mine. Mine’s like an awkward innuendo. (crickets chirping) – There’s no top to my banana. Oh, I’m a peeled banana. – I feel like this is for the cleavage, and I have the clear straps, which made it a lot easier to put it on ’cause I knew where my arms went. But I still put it on the wrong way. – [Selorm] I love that you
have a loin cloth here. – Wait, so I’m wearing it backwards. – Oh, you are! – So, can someone actually unpeel you? – Maybe not here though. – The thing that I don’t like is just, oh, if you’re a woman, you get that one. If you’re a man, you get this one. And the fact that they
don’t present it as a choice I think is when it’s just like come on. – I just feel happy. This is something that
I would enjoy wearing. – Aside from when you’re using the banana emoji in q sexual context, there’s girl bananas, there’s boy bananas, there’s bananas in pajamas. – That the banana I want. That’s the representation we deserve. – I feel like your costume actually looks like an awesome banana. In my costume, I’m the
banana for wearing this. – Could you imahine sexy
banana in pajamas, though, where is like lacy.
– They would find a way to put that on a woman’s body. – I feel like I’m getting the
better end of the deal here. – I mean, costumes get hot and you have an air filtration system so you never get hot or sweaty. That’s awesome.
– Right? – I guess I took for granted
that as a guy I never really put that much thought
into my Halloween costume. Now, this gives me so
much more appreciation ’cause there’s so much
more that goes into it. – It’s silly how for men
for the sexy part of it they’re like show off your muscly arms. And then for women it’s we’re gonna have it a little low cut, we’re gonna have arms,
we’re gonna have fishnets, we’re gonna have high boots with it. – Halloween is about escaping reality. We shouldn’t have to go back
to the regular stereotypes of the modern day world. I’m trying to make this deep. It’s not that deep, but I
mean, Halloween is dope, so just have fun. – I think there is actually something to romanticizing occupations. There’s something heroic about the cop and there’s something also heroic about people that save lives. I get it. It’s kinda like your everyday superheroes, but I think that this is not necessarily a good depiction of them. – I never thought about Halloween being such a gendered holiday. – I mean, why gender a
costume in the first place? It’s a costume, right? – I like the sexy banana better. – Yeah, the sexy banana felt more you. – I mean, I’m a sexy fruit. (relaxing music) – Do you feel like you can
move around well in that? – Yeah, I… You know, it’s just the jangles.

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  1. One of my male class mates wore a prom dress to school as his costume, it was great, and everyone called him Eugene and that was also great.

  2. They just can't help themselves. They just can't wait to squeeze feminism and gender inequality into every single sentence….

  3. 🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌

  4. In Asia, we try to avoid ghosts during Hungry Ghost Festival. In Halloween we try to look like ghosts. πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’

  5. "why make them [the costumes] sexy anyways?"
    bc sex sells, duh. companies will stop making sexy costumes when women stop buying them to look "sexy" in.

    I personally don't think they look sexy, just cold, and unflattering, that's why I always make my own costume or buy the male versions. but each to their own!

  6. "Why would you dress up as someone's real job and try to make it sexy?"
    Have you seen nurse costumes? Also, they have nurse costumes in the video!!

  7. Did they ever think that maybe a lot of women like sexy costumes with company’s like leg avenue and eye candy that are made for women by women

  8. Buzzfeed is running out of video ideas, so they get annoying femmisnt who turn everything into a bad thing. Like THERE ARE OTHER COSTUMES, even if you want to make it stereotypical. You guys are grown aldults, you guys know that it dose not matter. Just stop making ANNOYING ASS videos then say your oppressed.

  9. β€œI like it when men struggle”

    let’s see what that looks like turned around

    β€œI like it when women struggle”

  10. Course, it's not good that different positions are marketed towards different genders, but goddam. Cis men and women have different parts and proportions. Of course, they'll be marketed towards men or women.

  11. iffy looks good asf, but his elbows so ashyyπŸ˜‚πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ˜

  12. If the try guys were β€œedgy” teens who thought they were deep for getting political in the slightest.

  13. Okay, so that blow up banana 🍌 is for girls guys and other peeps . It’s amazing

  14. I would like Ify to be mine not because of the outfit but because of him…he kinda look like a better Wayne Wayne from A Different World

  15. I really love how they are diving really deep into something that is just eh. They don't say 'men can't wear this' or 'woman can't wear that'. It's just a picture and the sizing. I may be watching this late, but it just sometimes annoys me that people get so offended by this. If you like the men's one, buy the men's one. If you like the woman's, buy the woman's one. Be whatever the hell you want to be, thats the point of Halloween! You have to see what it looks like on someone before you buy on the label for the most part it or you have no clue what it looks like.

  16. The only thing I don't like in this video is that "The fact that they don't present it as a choice" was said. That's marketing. Sell certain things to men and certain things to women but hey you can buy the guys thing if you're a girl or vice-versa and no one really cares. The main point tho is.. Ify……. my man.. dang XD
    Edit: My favorite things said were "It's not that deep" and "I mean, I'm a sexy fruit" XD

  17. The first thing I noticed is that the dude with Kelsey elbows were ashy πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  18. I will say my mother is a doctor and I have stayed at the hospital with her in her call room and the scrubs are very nice to sleep in

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