41 Replies to “Best Halloween Costume of ALL TIME!”

  1. @cashdoggplayer No now it's 77 I'm not I love this costume I think it's the best Bumblebee costume I've ever seen.

  2. ….that would be scary if you had a sign saying "open the door for candy" and when the little kids come up you scare the pee out of them xD

  3. i would go into class and then be in car form and then when class starts get out of car form and scare someone xDDD

  4. This is an awesome job. Way better, in fact wicked awesome if it was made by some random guy and not Hollywood. Right?

  5. My son has been going nuts since he seen this video, he loves it and was practically begging me to get this costume for him for halloween. lol
    He's 5 and probably the biggest transformers fan i have ever seen.
    My opinion on this – AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! absolutely awesome. By far the best bumble bee costume i have ever seen.

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