Best Men’s Jackets And Coats For Autumn/Fall

Best Men’s Jackets And Coats For Autumn/Fall

These are the coats and jackets you should
be checking out this season. Hi guys, how are you? I’m Robin. Welcome back to my YouTube channel and welcome
to this new video. Now, we are well and truly into autumn or
fall. Hi, if you’re in North America. I love it. It’s a chance to get a bit of a new wardrobe
and start to layer stuff up and have a bit more fun with style. So, in this one, I’ve pulled out some of my
favourite styles of coats and jackets that are perfect to be wearing into autumn. Now, there is a full blog article at,
it will be linked up there. I have loads more styles with prices for all
different budgets so you can check them out, but my first one is probably actually my most
favorite out of all of these and it is the most expensive. Now, this one is a western jacket from ASOS. It’s a mixture of leather and suede. You actually get it in black but I really
like the brown and black sort of contrast. I think it works really well and it feels
sort of more autumnal. What I really like about this is the contrast
for the suede and leather. These are two types of textile that go so
well together and then I’ve just paired it with black skinny jeans – an absolute classic
– brown boots – that you’ll remember from that Topman video I did – and then a brown
roll-neck. Also, this sort of whole colour scheme here
is just perfect for these cooler months. I was really pleased with this second look
actually that I found. Again, it’s this sort of western style with
a coach jacket from Weekday. It’s in this really great blue denim colour. You’ve got a spread collar again, but then
you have these pressed studs button straight down it. And actually, what I really do like about
this one is that although it’s true to size, it’s slightly boxier around your frame so
you can layer up your jumper, a t-shirt, whatever it might be and it not look too big on you;
or you can go with something a lot lighter underneath. And then again guys, I have just gone with
these jeans actually, my A.P.C. jeans, rolled them up and then with a pair of brown Chelsea
boots. Again it’s a really simple look but it can
be mixed and matched across sort of various styles. Now, sticking with the same look but just
switching up the jacket. I’ve gone for this Borg one here. Now, I absolutely love Borg jackets. Every autumn into winter I buy a Borg and
I literally live in them. What I like about these so much is that the
light denim feels light and bright enough that it’s not too wintery but the Borg lining
just keeps you so warm. It has a classic point collar, buttons down
the front, functional pockets – which we all need – and then brown stitching. And again this one is linked in the description
below and then there are more Borgs that I found online on that blog article that I’ve
done. This one is so cheap. It’s £55 in ASOS and it’s something actually,
that I’ve taken from last year into this year. Now, my final look is probably the most wintery
of them all, but it’s definitely the most impactful. Now, this is a shearling biker jacket from
New Look. It looks a lot more expensive than it is. This is only £60, which I thought was such
a bargain and also, it feels so great. It’s obviously not real leather. It’s faux leather and they have the faux fur
lining in it. It also has a really interesting shape to
it. It is asymmetrical so it means it will sit
slightly further across on one side with that zip and it feels so soft. Obviously, you can wear the collar down, but
I’m all about pulling that collar up around your face into the cooler months. Again, guys, I have just gone for my autumn
wardrobe staple which is a roll-neck, these black trousers, which I’m sure a lot of you
won’t be into, but these are leather look. They’re from H&M, again linked, and then my
Dolce & Gabbana boots. This is a more sort of biker look. I mean, it’s not really, but it’s a more fashion
look which I really like. But guys you can see that you can actually
take this jacket with the navy roll-neck or maybe even the brown one or just a t-shirt. They can all be mixed and matched but at £60,
£55 for the one before, it’s not going to break the bank and as I’ve said, guys, I have
ensured that I’ve gone through all different budgets. So if you are a bit of a baller and you wanted
to spend three, £400, check that article. And if you want to go even lower, then it’s
all on there. Thank you very much for watching; I really
hope you’ve enjoyed this one. Let me know which of the coats and jackets
is your favourite. I’ll do a poll card up there and also comment
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there, a link to that blog article with all with all these looks plus more there, my podcast
and my Instagram up there. I’ll see you in my next new video. Buh-bye.

60 Replies to “Best Men’s Jackets And Coats For Autumn/Fall”

  1. I think autumn has to be my favourite season. I can't wait for it to get colder… and then I'll complain about wanting summer again. Ha!

  2. So much fast fashion, yet I miss commitment to some classics. Like, autumn and no trench coat or pea coat?
    And the last outfit, even you don't really go wrong with black, the choice of materials made the result look more like one of the village people, way too much leather optic.

  3. my current fall outfit is gonna be mid blue levi 501, red harrington jacket, red and orange cheesecloth flannel shirt, and a pair of black and white converse. and socks

  4. I think doing clothing is great. Have to admit that personally I wasn’t that mad about most the jackets, probably because I don’t feel they’d suit me.

    Also jealous of all the boots as I love wearing boots but as I’m flat footed and wear significant insoles (on top of arthritis) I can never find any boots or shoes to fit any more 🙁

  5. Pea coat reviews would be awesome. I spent ages finding a good quality one only to find it attracts fluff and bits like an absolute bastard and I can’t face wearing it because of it.

  6. My favorite fall outfit is either a grey or black tshirt layered under a flannel with my olive green chinos and brown lace up boots. Gives off a subtle military vibe which I like. On the cooler evenings I'll throw on a denim jacket over that.

  7. I actually saw this jacket on one of your videos and was eager to get it if it’s not too pricey, found it, it’s reasonable and I’m gonna buy it. Thanks man !

  8. Jacket 1 is really nice, 00:55 👚.

    It was so windy today here in London it was picking up my hair and blowing it out of place, I think I might try doing a light natural looking matt hairstyle like you, I'm using too much pomade and hairspray trying to keep it tightly locked into place and it's not looking good. Or I might start using a Gel Spray I have, that won't make it move.

    Also, nice length on the sides Robin, I am growing it to that length to make my head look warmer.

    And what's your opinion on supermarket shop clothes like Tesco, Sainsbury's and Asda. Them three shops and Amazon.UK is all I can afford to shop at. But I do like the prices and the nice plain clothes they have so I am quite happy, it's just the stylish Jackets I might to buy from the better shops.

  9. "My first item is probably my most convenient one, and that's my beige hoodie that my grandmother knitted with tea stains on it that I haven't washed in 6 days, but with the humidy the way it is ATM it really traps all the aromas of my carpet into it, a must have for doing nothing during the day."

  10. Was scrolling through and saw this video and muttered "sweet" to myself…. realized I needed to turn on the notifications Bell 🔔😂

  11. Hands down my favourite channel. Such a great guy with fantastic advice for anybody who’s into grooming and self care. I support absolutely everything you’re doing Robin. Great stuff.

  12. Hey robin what would you say are the strongest and least cheesy trends for fall? Ik there a lot of classics that have been here and that have come back, but what do u think is new???

    cough cough video idea 🤣👌🏻😉

  13. Ah great video Robin!
    Nothing says elegance and style like a nice overcoat, Scarf, Leather gloves and some quality Chelsea boots.
    Also side note- Although it is very expensive, Liam Gallagher’s clothing line ‘Pretty Green’ make some beautiful outerwear. I recently got a wool charcoal overcoat and it’s superb!

  14. You pulled off those leather-look pants perfectly. Rocking a real 70’s look I think.
    To be honest, that outfit was my favorite of the video 👌

  15. Being in California I wont be able to rock any jackets till mid November, it still feels like summer😂 you should come visit one day Robin! I like to think we have good fashion sense out here (though it's not as egocentric as media likes to portray lol). You have a keen eye, I'm sure you'd notice cultural/fashion differences. For example, no one is bringing out their fall or winter clothing just yet. If I see someone wearing so much as a long sleeve I honestly wonder how they survive in this 90F dry heat. Anyway thanks for the video, very helpful👍🏽

  16. You are the only one on YT who says "Roll neck" which it is the correct one. I'm always disappointed when someone called them "turtle neck", which is wrong. Respect!

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