Best of Jersey Shore Season 1 (Supercut) | MTV

Best of Jersey Shore Season 1 (Supercut) | MTV

20 Replies to “Best of Jersey Shore Season 1 (Supercut) | MTV”

  1. Snooki honestly didn't deserve the stuff she got on this show … I mean she got picked on cause of her weight , punched in the face by a man

  2. It’s hilarious how Snooki got made when Mike call her fat as if they hadn’t been calling girls fat ALL SUMMER… they made fun of other girls about their weight ALLLL the time… like and we’re suppose to feel bad cause it’s Snooki 😑

  3. Sam's a narcissist… She knows she started the fight then played the victim when she didn't get the attention she wanted

  4. Jersey shore will always be the best tv show reality !! Not Acapulco shore or Geordie shore or whatever!!! FATCS

  5. I don't think Sammy's that hot either I agree with Vinny but then he goes to the club and picks up this gap-toothed weird f**** teeth b** and calls her a cougar and is all proud of himself

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