Best STYLE TIP Every Woman Needs To Know!

Best STYLE TIP Every Woman Needs To Know!

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  1. This makes so much sense. I work on my outfits all the time. I wear structured clothes with a twist…here I did not know my twist was the flow part. I am somewhere between a pear and hourglass…I don't tend to wear suit jackets but I bought a BCBG Max Azria black jacket with split sleeves…and I was like…this works for me…now I know why. Great Video…makes shopping so much easier Thank you

  2. I really liked your tips. I would love to see more on this topic..maybe examples from your closet? I cannot wear straight lines either. I get lost in them and end up looking bigger than I am. Bigger hips and thighs are my biggest problem..with no bust and a petite waist! Dressing is never easy!!

  3. Love the structure and flow visuals you included! I'm a petite (5'1", 150 lbs, small shoulders, busty) hourglass shape and the peplum style top/jacket is what always works best. I try so hard to make a basic suit blazer work but it never looks right and accentuates all the wrong stuff 😉

  4. This is the best video ever! I'm turning 42 this month and it was really helpful because of your examples. I understand that you have a target public on youtube channel but this video is for EVERYBODY. I wish you all the best! thank you very much!

  5. Wow this video explains alot, never really thought about before. I have known I look best in straight up and down, but did not know why? Thank you

  6. This was really interesting to me. I am curvier and tend to gravitate towards structure as it holds everything in. However, this can tend to make me look quite 'butch'. But too much flow on my heavier body makes me look frumpy. This video has raised my awareness about the need to consider how best to combine the two elements. Thank you.

  7. If you are ewer 50 buy the best quality clothes you can afford,the same for the accessories ,good scarf dos the miracle, don't follow trends so much,just colors but opt for more neutral shades and go with color matching scarf ,crisp white shirt ,and don't ,wear tight clothes

  8. 6:02 Now I know I don't feel right when I wore my denim jacket like this one, so straight. And I am 4'11, 53 yrs old and petite. I had one denim jacket that has curves at the back and loving it. Thanks for sharing new sub here.

  9. Great concept. Is there a formula to adding a balance of these two looks in the same outfit for balance. For example I wore a Moto jacket skinny jeans and a button down blouse. It should have been a successful outfit but it wasn’t. I felt stiff and uncomfortable. What could I have done to hit that balance. Thank you!!

  10. A 50+ year old can wear flowy outfits if thats what makes them happy!!! Age doesnt dictate style. Personality does. Anyone watching this, especially us older women, go look up Iris Apfel!!! Wear the clothes that help reveal who you are. Its that easy!

  11. It is hard to take you seriously while you are sporting those huge cheap looking earrings and ORANGE lipstick. Yikes.

  12. I've never really had a problem with choosing clothes BUT, thank you for pointing out "structure & flow", because this has really clarified things for me. I am 5'5" and right up until my 30's I was no more than 9 stone naturally, but after both of my children and hormonal problems my body changed from hardly any bust to a 36DD and more curvy shape, which at first I found very hard to deal with. Now at 56 I have learnt to dress appropriately for my age yet remain fashionable, but we're never too old to learn something new…I'm cool toned so avoid warm colours as they make me look 'blotchy' if worn next to the face. I love pastels of all colours, especially blue, blush or aqua and this for me is what casts a very flattering light onto my ageing complexion ☺️ The structure/flow rule really does work as it balances out proportions, when placed correctly, so it enhances the good bits and draws the eye away from the not so good bits. I love your videos, because they truly are inspiring for a slightly more mature lady, and who wants to let themselves go at any age, we're probably more confident in our skin armed with all that wisdom, gleaned from mistakes in our youth, so we should celebrate who we are. Thanks for injecting sophistication and glamour into middle age and beyond x

  13. No my style has not changed in years for me it’s shift dresses , court shoes, loafers , nude tights, well fitting jeans, white t shirts, white shirts , blazers I navy I black , leather blazer, real jewellery, Expensive handbags for day wear clutch bad for evening , nice makeup expensive perfume and perfectly cut bob hairstyle weight has not altered in over twenty years a UK size 10 ! I only use Estée Lauder skin care and makeup !

  14. I have a jean jacket…one of my favorites, that has the structure of a waste and is actually just at hip length. I've had it for such a long time, but I get it. I FEEL good in that jacket, and now it makes sense why!!!!

  15. I'm delighted to have found your channel and have happily subscribed. What a helpful video. Thank you for all that you do.

  16. We don’t have that body type be cause most models are not females. I know sounds crazy but really look at their anatomy

  17. Yess! So true! I am tall and angular and suits and structure look great on me—whereas super flowing (skirts especially) look awful. This is from trial and error.

  18. Schellea. Thank you. This explains why i dislike structured jackets. Now I know why! Having trouble finding a white jean jacket that has some shaping, and available in Australia or ships to Australia. Any clues? Could you please do a post about wearing flats and not looking frumpy. Would be a great help. 😁

  19. Thank you for the clues. Only one observation: Aren't structure and flow principles to be generally observed, I mean even before and after 50's?

  20. I’m one of those who can’t do the straight boxy look but I also appreciate I can’t be all frills and soft either. Finding clothes that are fashionable and and the basic shapes I need is challenging. I feel the clothing industry dismisses women of my age and body type – short and curvy. Length of tops, sleeves and hems are ridiculous. Speciality stores are pricey.

  21. Aly Art (another YouTuber) does a fantastic job of sharing this very concept which comes straight out of "Metamorphosis", a book by David Kibbe published in the 1980s. His concept of balancing Yin and Yang according to our body type has been the most helpful style concept in my whole life. I recommend it.

  22. Really helpful video. I never thought about structure and flow before. I am 63, 4ft 11 and a very chunky apple 🍏 shape. I hate clothes shopping because nothing seems to look good on me. But I’ll try to remember these guidelines for future shopping expeditions.

  23. I love your videos , but those are not things I'd wear daily. Can you do one on how to style jeans, shorts and tops? I'm 53 and I still wear short shorts because I like my legs 🙂 TFS 💐

  24. Great tips, Me. Fowler! Thank you! I've had depression most of my life, but I feel like I'm coming out of it. I want to dress fashionable without looking frumpy and old ladyish…You know, like the stereotypical grandma. Even though I am a grandma, I want to put my best foot forward…and I realize I really haven't done that. So, thanks so much for this video! I'm so grateful I found your channel!

  25. I don't have a curvy body, I was sort of straight up and down, but now, with menopause, I am straight up and down, but with a "curvy" midriff and tummy! It's difficult to not look masculine in the angular pieces of clothing, but in flowy clothing, I look sort of PG. Help is needed!

  26. Am new to your site and I've found it really interesting I have a big bum and size 20 but want to be size 18 at most, going on cruise in September and want to look good so please help. Thanks sue.

  27. I really appreciate all of your tips. You do so with such kindness and is really appreciated. Might I just suggest changing lipstick color – perhaps another shade would work for you.

  28. Schellea, could you do a video on how to determine what Style (clothing) you are? I’ve watched a few on youtube but I value your info & your opinion of different topics so I would love to see a video from you on this. Thanks & have a wonderful day!!

  29. Just found your channel and making my way through your videos..I'm almost 53, I love the look of off the shoulder…should a women over 50 be wearing off the shoulder?

  30. So iformative. Have known for sometime I needed to add some flow to classic jacket look, now I know how to do it! Thanks so much,

  31. I’m 5’9 140 lbs. hourglass figure. Really tiny waist. What’s the best Iook for me. I just wear what i like.

  32. Thank you, perfect content. The squiggly and straight lines are the easiest way to understand this topic.

  33. Everyone makes money telling us about our body shape through online quizzes and such. But this concise explanation of straight and flow is SO much better! I could have saved so much money over the years. Sent 3 kids to college for design one for women’s clothes…never heard any of this. Thanks for being so insightful. 😁

  34. I thought your video was very good being curvy i realise now why i am attracted to clothes that have more flow and dislike more structured clothing it just wouldn't suit me

  35. Useful? It’s fantastic! It made so much sense to me. Now, I’m more confident clothes buying. Have given away a lot of clothes to Salvy that doesn’t feel good anymore.

  36. Hi, can you please tell me what kind of body type looks good in a denim jacket? I have several but a few don’t look right on me.

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