Best T-Shirt Showdown – Spreadshirt vs Design by Humans vs Redbubble (Canadian)

Best T-Shirt Showdown – Spreadshirt vs Design by Humans vs Redbubble (Canadian)

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  1. Hey Gerald!

    Thanks so much for including us in this! You brought up some good points that we'll definitely be looking into. We did have a couple questions of our own and some information we hope clarifies some of your questions.

    Regarding Shipping Estimates:
    Currently if you add an item to your cart and then go to your cart window, there is an option to put in your country and Zip Code to see a price estimate of your shipping costs based on our standard shipping option.

    Re: The Sweden thing.
    Totally understand the frustration here. Our International Economy shipping option for the majority of our apparel products uses what's called a "consolidated" FedEx shipping service. What this means is that they take all our international packages to their distribution center for the service which happens to be in Sweden, before shipping them back out to the rest of the world. When we first launched international shipping this was the cheapest option to get shirts to customers in other countries at about $4. However customs regulations have gotten tighter and we've definitely heard that this service is inuring higher customs charges than it once did.

    This is something that our team is currently working on a solution to, as we know this is a huge pain point for our international customers.

    Re: Consistancy
    This is something we are always working on with our print team. While there will always be very slight differences between products, based on the human involvement we aim to make that difference so small it should be negligible. This is something that we are working hard to improve on and we hope you'll continue to see improved results with this.

    We did have one question, the white flecks you mentioned on the heather shirt – would you be willing to send us a photo on Twitter (@designbyhumans) so that we can take a look at what you're seeing? Heather shirts should have white flecks in them visually as that is an intended part of the fabric, but they should not interrupt the print.

    Thanks for letting us know about the enable/disable bug in the uploader, we'll definitely have our dev team take a look at that!


  2. what i hate about Redbubble is… you can't change where the print of the hoodies goes and their prints on the hoodies (especially zipped ones) are way too high and not where the print should go. they are cheaper for the hoodies… but with Design By Humans, you can place the design on the back, this is a MASSIVE plus as you can transfer patches on to the front and have a image on the back. the location of the designs of the zipped hoodies on the front are also better… one downside, their designs may be better, there isn't a lot of them for the franchises i like. looking at K-On!, CardCaptor Sakura and HyperDimension Neptunia, there is like nothing.

    i looked at Teespublic, they have good designs, slightly more expensive (a few AUD), but from the look of it, their "black" zipped hoodies look like Heather and not completely black making the designs look meh compared to Design By Humans.

  3. Wow, thank you so much for this! I wasn't looking for a review, but you came up in the "Up Next" list because I do watch a lot of videos about various POD platforms. I'm so glad that I clicked to watch. I have a RedBubble account with a few designs, but I have just been looking at Spreadshirt for the past two days trying to find their image requirements, and learn more about how they work. I wanted to open my own shop, and initially looked at PrintAura for that. But their image requirements are so much more complicated. So many of their products require you to use a template to size things exactly right before you upload them. That would mean that I would have a ton of different size images for every design. Too much work. So then I was looking into Spreadshirt, and was going to go with them to open my own shop and sell from my website. After your review I'm not even going to try them. You've just saved me a ton of time and effort, and potential embarrassment when people order their crappy quality products. I'm going to look at what else you've got on your channel now. I hope you've got a video about how you set up your website to display and link over to your products on your RedBubble account.

  4. Thanks for your reviews, very interesting, I trying to make my choice, before promoting my Youtube, Free Revised CGI Comic Book Series. Red Bubble seems a better choice for Canadian, Again, Thanks.

  5. Investigating different t-shirt companies as well, also after a long time Spreadshirt user. You hit the nail on the head regarding their interface; I've been using them for close to 10 years for different projects and although they've made some changes to the design, the product builder is still clunky and a chore to work with. They have streamlined the pricing a bit.

    I'm looking at Designs by Humans now and have ordered a test shirt to see the quality. No experience with Red Bubble.

    My only nitpick with this review is that you glazed over one massive pro of using spreadshirt and that's the multitude of t-shirt brands and printing types. If you use the standard t-shirt option and the digital printing method, it's going to be cheaper than DBH or RB. It sounds like you used the Premium Shirt, Flex Print (plasticy feeling) for SS and digital printing for the other two, so that would explain the big cost difference. Although in my opinion for simple designs the Flex Print is AMAZING. Yes, it's kind of plasticy feeling, but the colors never fade. I have 8 year old t-shirts that have been washed so many times the t-shirts (american apparel) have holes, but the Flex Print looks like the day I recieved it. The Fuzzy print and Glitter print options are awesome as well.

    My gripe with SS is that they no longer offer American Apparel (at least the brands aren't mentioned in the picker) and they offer so many different t-shirt options it's overwhelming to know which to use and it's a tedious process to do multiple shirts and items. You can use the "use design on all products" option, but then your store turns to a fustercluck of options for your visitors.

  6. Can you please add the link to your Redbubble or current store? … btw, This is an awesome review, but perhaps it may need an update? Because I just tried them in January to March 2019, and yes, Redbubble is really good at responding to questions from buyers and potential sellers through their chat window, BUT in almost 3 months they have never replied to any questions about why my fantasy and sci-fi art or cartoons don't show up in any of their searches, despite using up to 50 keywords each… Nor how to supply them with a W8-Ben form from the IRS so they only need to take 5% tax instead of 30% (rates depend on your country).

  7. redbubble colors are washed out. I've gotten 3 different red t-shirts and 2 wrong sizes out of just 7 test orders. Plus it doesn't sync well with Shopify.


  9. The DBH tee and Redbubble tee shown in this video are exactly the same product. DBH have removed the tag and printed their own label, that is literally the only difference in terms of the t-shirt pre-print.

  10. Awesome breakdown! Just discovered your channel and now your newest supporter. Inviting you to discover our channel too friend x)

  11. Would any of these be good if I am trying to make shirts to promote my mechanic services? my cousin and I are trying to bring more business and wouldn't hurt to look more professional/organized.

  12. my experience with the spreadshirt support is quite good, i have knotakted them only 5 times so far, but they always answered within 24 hours.

  13. Thanks for doing this review. Have you tried using Threadless? I'm considering them to launch an apparel shop with their Artist Shop platform.

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