Beyond the Uniform: Navy to NASCAR

Beyond the Uniform: Navy to NASCAR

Most racers, most professional drivers;
A lot of them start their racing careers as early as age four or five years old.
I didn’t start racing wheel to wheel against people until I was 27 years old. Crowd: (I haven’t seen you since orange show) I’ve been racing I’ve been all over the place. I just decided that I wanted to
go in this crazy journey while still being in the Navy and racing NASCAR,
literally 2015 was like when my story when everything really this
journey started. My name is Jesse Iwuji and I’m actually lieutenant in the Navy I went to the Naval Academy and played football there for four years. and while at the Naval Academy at academics, I had football, I had our other military duties that I had to attend to while being there so there’s a lot of time being taken up
by that stuff and then you do still have free time, so I managed to, on my free
time be able to also pursue my hobbies and my passions and things like that. You know I’m gonna have football, racing, military stuff and racing was the one that really got me. Once I graduated from the Naval Academy, I was on two different ships from my first four years, deployed with both of them. In
between all of that, on the weekends that I didn’t have any duty or anything like
that that actually had a full free weekend, I spent it trying to find some
way somehow to get to some type of track to do something that was car or motor sports related. Being in motorsports and racing now and just you
know being somebody who’s in the service still and also doing that, you know I’ve
gotten a lot of love and a lot of support from our vets out there, people
who are still in the service whether they’re in the reserves or active duty
and it’s been cool to see that support from them and and it’s inspired a lot of
them to also go after their goals and dreams. I think it just shows them that
you know look at this guy who’s going towards something that everyone would
normally think is impossible to go after he’s going after it and he’s achieving and
he’s just making it. He’s continue to grind every single day, every year to
continue to move up. You know, why can’t I do it myself.

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  1. You can join the military and then become a race car driver. Not really but it's better than the reality. Military propaganda is gross.

  2. Military's version of you got either a wicked jump shot or you can sell crack rock. Military ruins generations of Americans

  3. All military kids should do 23 and me. At least 30 percent of you have different biological fathers than your mother admits. Yeah thank the troops and their families

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