Beyond the Uniform: Paramedic to Pilot

Beyond the Uniform: Paramedic to Pilot

When I was younger my father liked to
take my brother and I to the landing zones whenever the helicopter was landing, so I was exposed to this occupation at a very young age. It was
just always so fascinating to me and certainly something he loved and it’s one
of those really fun and exciting childhood memories and it always seemed
you know really neat but almost one of those unobtainable dream goals you know,
to fly on the helicopter and be one of those people that gets out jumps in the
back of the ambulance almost looks like you know a rock star in the end. I’m Sergeant
Joshua Chason and I’m a trooper flight paramedic with the Maryland State Police. You know you’re not as concerned with the salary it’s the satisfaction of a
job well done you’re out there helping someone and it’s fun to do
while the missions we fly are very stressful and intense and you know it
for us it’s for a choreographed sequence of events that’s very common and
rhythmical for us and and that’s where we really make a difference where it’s
chaos for for the victim and the witnesses and the associated people for
us we come in and it’s just kind of “Okay, we’re gonna organize everything and
we’re gonna get you to the care you need” or you know find the bad guy that
committed that crime or you know hoist you off of that ship all those
things you know we train for we prepare for and when we find get to do it it’s
exciting and very rewarding in the end The majority of our pilots are prior
military mainly because of the demands that we require from them so most of
those people come out of military because it’s very expensive to get those
credentials out of your own pocket. The Maryland Army Guard needed pilots
desperately. A few of us signed on and sure enough we got accepted we took a leave
of absence from the State Police here we are you know nine years later plenty of
flight hours to fly this helicopter and be a flight paramedic, two combat
deployments later and it’s really good to work for an organization that
supports the military that you can live both careers but at the same time we can
share similar experiences You know there’s something bigger than
yourself out there there’s always someone that needs help and you know if
you can help make that bad day a little bit better for someone else whether it’s
just listening for a few seconds holding their hand taking them to the hospital
or whatever you’re doing you know that that makes a difference in somebody’s
life that’s important

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